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  1. pvechiola

    Hair Loss

    I use a light brown hair spray concealer on my hair to cover any thin spots and it works wonders.
  2. pvechiola

    Someone help please!!!

    Sounds like your gallbladder.
  3. I think its great that she is finally taking pride in her appearance. She looks great. No matter what wls surgery you have, if you've damaged your body by weighing over 460 pounds, you are bound to have some body damage that cant be fixed by surgery. I never liked her myself either but she looks like she's taking pride in her appearance and I applaud her for that. She never said it was a 123 quick fix. She is also trying to teach her whole family to eat right . I think she looks great and is now healthy , isn't that what we are striving for not just the physical attributes.
  4. pvechiola

    Checked In and Waiting

    I'm so jealous, good luck you'll do great!
  5. Anyone going to Dr. Chand with Loyola Gottlieb Hospital? Wondering how to get my omeprazol in without it tasting so bad, also anyone taking Seroquel? [emoji171] Help please!
  6. Awesome job you look beautiful I can't wait.
  7. pvechiola

    Finally seeing results and Happy!

    I can only pray that I look that good after my surgery, awesome job!!
  8. pvechiola

    Holy Hair Loss Batman!!

    The hair spray is My Secret hair enhancer by Regency Cosmetics 1-800-241-5800 Duluth, GA, It's an awesome product.
  9. Mommy said knock you out! You look great!
  10. pvechiola

    My story - lost 120lbs

    You're working it girl! So great to see the outcomes of these surgeries. You look amazing! I am so jealous I want to buy clothes so bad, but skinny sassy clothes.
  11. pvechiola

    My story - lost 120lbs

    Awesome job! I really can't wait, my paperwork needs copies of some tests I had done and off to the insurance company, I'm very excited to get my body back!
  12. pvechiola

    Sleeved March 27th

    Thanks for sharing I am waiting approval and diet date. Getting excited.
  13. pvechiola

    61lbs down 3 months post op!!!!

    Your stories are amazing I just finished all my prerequisites and my paperwork goes to the insurance company hopefully very soon I would love to just lose 25 lbs to fit into some of my old clothes, but I'll be happier if I lose the whole 80-85 lbs. I am very scared and excited at the same time but it's a good scared.
  14. pvechiola

    My journey into VSG world

    Very motivating thank you I needed exactly that! You're so right put those bad habits away and start kicking fat in the ass literally. I know I want my body back, I'm 55 and I'm looking forward to feeling fit and fabulous. Thank you.
  15. pvechiola

    Bipolar 2

    I am also bipolar and they told me that's why I had to get the sleeve. I can't understand why they are being so dramatic about bipolar medication. I'm pretty sure we aren't the only two people to get this surgery and being bipolar at the same time. You should definitely ask them directly what is their position on this or if they have a problem with your medical issue. My doctors have been very supportive and knowledgeable about being bipolar.
  16. pvechiola

    Holy Hair Loss Batman!!

    My mom's hair is thin but she's 73, she turned me on to the color hairsprays that she uses and I fell in love with it! I use the light brown spray about 6" away from hair so it looks natural and it comes out looking like highlights. It is my miracle spray.
  17. pvechiola

    My 600 lb life

    I feel the same my sw: 238 lbs My cw:208 I am only 4'11" so I believe my bmi is about 41 or more and if I don't take care of this I can see myself hitting the 300 lb mark, thats what makes me have the courage to keep pushing forward.
  18. pvechiola

    My 600 lb life

    That's a good thing and knowing that surgery will help me with cravings and hopefully I will think about every thing I put into my body before I eat it.
  19. pvechiola

    My 600 lb life

    That's a good thing and knowing that surgery will help me with cravings and hopefully I will think about every thing I put into my body before I eat it.
  20. pvechiola

    My 600 lb life

    I watch this show also to see that there really are people in a lot worse situations than I am in and it actually makes me pretty sure I can do this.
  21. pvechiola

    Can a Smoothie Count as a Liquid

    what do you mean "following?"
  22. pvechiola

    Sip Sip Sip ... Not Me !!

    What other kinds of liquids are you getting in if you can't drink water?