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  1. I hit so many stalls along the way and was convinced EVERY time that that was all I would lose. I'm at almost 10 months and have lost all I want to lose. I passed my lowest goal - 145 and I'm at 143 now. Now my goal is to up my calories in a healthy way. I have always been weight-loss resistant so this is huge for me!
  2. NewAdventure2016

    Hair Loss Question for Post-op Low BMI'ers

    Starting about 5 months out I started losing it and am now at 8 months and still losing (hair). I don't think there's much you can do to stop or slow it down. Biotin is good because when the time comes and the old has stopped falling, you will have already pushed out some new growth. Seems to be working for me.
  3. NewAdventure2016

    Am I broken?

    Don't stress it .... even eating 3 oz you'll be losing just as fast. Some days you will be able to eat more and some days less. Just take it a day at a time and stay consistent. You got this!
  4. NewAdventure2016

    Dr Borland - Louisiana

    That's great!
  5. NewAdventure2016

    I'll eventually be able to eat more, right?

    This is so encouraging. Although I have definitely found my slider foods, I still work hard to not indulge too much. I have been so afraid that I would eventually lose the restriction in how much I can eat.
  6. Yes, I'll look into that!
  7. NewAdventure2016

    Dr Borland - Louisiana

    How did everything go? Are you back home yet or still at hotel? Fill us in! We want to hear everything!
  8. NewAdventure2016

    Dr Borland - Louisiana

    Good luck tomorrow!!! Check in and let us know how you're doing! You are about to start the Great Adventure. Don't get discouraged during the rough times, because there will be some. Expect it and just look forward to the rewards that are to come! Saying a prayer for a quick recovery!
  9. NewAdventure2016

    Dr Borland - Louisiana

    I remember packing Protein Waters and not drinking them. The first 24 hours I barely got anything down. I would try to sip, but that was it. Seems like hot water went down easiest. Don't carry much with you. You really won't drink much of it. I think I brought 6 and couldn't even get 1 down in the 3 days I was there!
  10. I'm finding that most of the weight charts for women are so skewed and although I will select a weight that fits me best I would like to see a reasonable chart for a good guideline. Recommendations? I'm 5'6" with a medium build and the ones I've seen lean toward the 130 pound range. I believe I would look like a skeleton according to what the charts tell me I should weigh!
  11. NewAdventure2016

    Dr Borland - Louisiana

    I haven't needed iron and yes I forgot, I do take biotin and a probiotic,
  12. NewAdventure2016


    Going great! I am down 52 pounds since August 2016. I'm working hard to learn new habits and not allow anything to happen to make me regain all my weight. I'm hoping my fears will keep me in line!
  13. NewAdventure2016


    NSV - Pre-surgery I would put on an outfit and look in the mirror and first question was "does this make me look fat". Now, 7 months later I can just about put on anything and not look fat. All this hard work has been worth every second,
  14. I'm blown away by that formula. I'm 5'6", medium build. I've lost 52 pounds and am at 146 pounds and wear either a Small or Medium too and about size 8 pants. My friends and family have lovingly told me I'm getting pretty thin now and to start maintenance. I can't imagine losing 16 more pounds. Personally I would be a skeleton!
  15. But be sure your brother didn't forget to tell your SIL that it was a secret. Guys can forget those important details.