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    Hollyhock got a reaction from carlychloe2 in Trying to decide   
    I was conflicted about sleeve vs. gastric bypass and my doctor spent over an hour showing me weight loss v complication stats for someone my gender, age and race. He showed pictures of both operations and potential complications. He was extremely detailed. We also discussed all my fears regarding malabsorption. The other members of his team also spent a long time with me talking about the pros and cons of each surgery. In the end I opted for the sleeve.
    I spent two days in the hospital since I live fairly far. I was really glad as I needed the push pump for pain meds the first day and the staff was extremely supportive. It seems really, really strange to me that your doctor was so terse, and I can't imagine doing a procedure that has potentially serious complications on an outpatient basis. I think you should look up the doctor's rate of complications and successes. My doc had a well below the national average rate of complications, and he also could tell me the average weight loss of former patients in my demographic.
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    Hollyhock reacted to Cindi_Augustine in Yep, Still an emotional eater   
    There's a few obvious strategies, of course, like not having the problem foods in the house if possible. But that's not always something we can control. It really is about the proven neurological effect sugar, salt, and fat has on our brains. Once I understood that, through books and documentaries, I had better coping strategies, because, let's be honest, willpower never works alone.
    Some people go cold turkey off those things, others wean themselves off, and some learn how to portion them in a way that doesn't trigger cravings.
    Add that to counselling, and you have the psychological tools to go with the physical one of WLS.
    Keep posting here, and keep moving forward. You can do it.
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    Hollyhock reacted to AnneElliot in Yep, Still an emotional eater   
    The mental struggle is so absurd. I am compulsive and emotional eater.
    I attended my first oa meeting today. It's so sobering to hear others speak of their struggles.
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    Hollyhock reacted to Pazza in Yep, Still an emotional eater   
    This post is just to share and help me process/be aware. RS
    RNY almost 11 months ago and overall things are tough but this has been a great thing.
    This week I've had a lot of stress, some from good things, some from negative/bad things. Thursday I blew my calories and found myself doing some emotional eating. Finding way too much happiness in peanut butter.... Friday I worked to correct it and still am today. It is difficult some days!
    I just need to remind myself, yes I do still turn to food sometimes. I need to be careful of that. I need to stay aware and make myself use other coping skills. Have to keep trying to change my mind/thoughts/behaviors. Probably always going to be working on this and I need to remind myself that is ok.
    One bad day doesn't undo all the good. Just need to learn from it and not run from it. Needed to get this out and think it through, admitting and owning up to it.
    If you have any strategies that help you, I'd love to hear them!
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    Hollyhock reacted to _Kate_ in Anxiety   
    I am hopless with IV's so I asked for medication prior to going into the pre-op room. They gave me a little gas too and I was out before they put the line in. You could check before hand if they could do this for you too
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    Hollyhock reacted to tizv123 in Anxiety   
    My surgery is 4 March and I am having some serious anxiety...I am also terrified of IVs. Hoping they can give me something before the IV.....but oh my god this anxiety about the surgery and Mexico.....I don't know which or if it both.....hope I don't back out...
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    Hollyhock reacted to erikshappywife in Feeling kind of betrayed   
    LOL, the first two were VERY unlucky finds...except for the 3 wonderful kids i got from them (the first gave me a son who is now an EMT, HE MARRIED HIS CHILDHOOD sweetheart whom he had been with since they were 10. They gave me 4 grandbabies: a girl 11, a girl 9, a girl 5, and a boy 2. We also had a daughter who married a wonderful man she met at Purdue while he and i were students there. They have given me 3 grandbabies: a girl 7, a girl 4, and a boy 2...so even though husband #1 turned out to be a monster i have to be glad i met and married him, if i hadn't i wouldnt have my 2 birth children or my 7 grandchildren. Husband #2 turned out to not be much better but one good thing came from our marriage, we adopted a baby boy together. My adopted son is now 20. Husband #3 is so wonderful. He is so patient and understanding and loving. He fathered my kids as if they were his own. He and my oldest son are best friends and he is the only father my adopted son has ever really known, my husband has been his dad since my son was only 3. We have been together 17 years, married 16. My husband is totally blind and hearing impaired and absolutely (almost) perfect...i am VERY lucky now...but had to go through 13 years of hell to get here. For me 3rd times a charm i guess [emoji5]

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    Hollyhock reacted to Soyounique in Feeling kind of betrayed   
    How do you find 3 husbands?? I can't find one!! Lol.. ?
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    Hollyhock reacted to erikshappywife in Feeling kind of betrayed   
    Some men can just be so oblivious...they dont mean to be, they just are. It doesnt mean they dont care, they just dont think....
    I am so blessed to have a man who is attentive and who waits on me hand and foot since ive been so ill...he is amazing...it only took me 3 marriages to find my Mr. Right...
    I hope your man starts paying more attention to detail or that you find a man who does
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    Hollyhock reacted to Julie norton in Feeling kind of betrayed   
    My take is Let him take them to work... that might sink in more.... and promise him something "special" for the next holiday. Easter? If there are no candies involved. He might remember that!!
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    Hollyhock reacted to sleevinpops in Feeling kind of betrayed   
    Get rid of the chocolates! All of the work, changes and sacrifices you have made, yet you don't want to hurt his feelings! I think you need to asses your priorities. YOU SHOULD COME FIRST! Though he may not have all the "details" of your surgery, is he that ignorant not to hear your comments and requests before hand? And when asked to say it was stupid; No, he he was stupid!

    Let him see you trashing them, it will show that you mean what you say. If he has a problem with it, that's his problem to deal with.
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    Hollyhock reacted to blizair09 in Feeling kind of betrayed   
    I'd either give them away or just put them in a drawer somewhere and forget about them. And, more importantly, I would have a serious conversation with your boyfriend about your surgery, how you eat, and all of the assorted extraneous details. If he is a serious part of your life, he should know everything about your journey; otherwise, it isn't completely fair to hold him accountable for being sensitive and informed. (That being said, he should have known better in this case...)
    Good luck!
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    Hollyhock reacted to clc9 in Feeling kind of betrayed   
    A- Give them away, take them to work, ask him if he wants them back, but get them away from you. Who gives a rat's patoot if he sees you??
    B- Give some hard thought to why you feel bad giving away something you explicitly told him you can't have because it makes you sick. That is the behavior of a people pleaser who wants to please others at the expense of herself.
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    Hollyhock reacted to kehl in Feeling kind of betrayed   
    You darling have to put yourself first and you are the one that went through surgery and it's your responsibility to be selfish now and make sure your new self is respected, don't feel bad and take them into work or to friends and just say to him that it would take you ages to get through them as they make you sick unfortunately! Next time a card and a cuddle will be a wonderful gift, and say if you continue to bring me chocolates I have no choice but to give them away, I would remind him everyday once a day that you cannot eat chocolates till he gets sick of hear it, it's your health don't accept that behaviour.

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    Hollyhock reacted to elliekay in Feeling kind of betrayed   
    Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this, I'm not sure exactly where it would go
    So with Valentines day being earlier this week, I had reminded my boyfriend the week before that I couldn't eat chocolate, which he should know regardless because it's something I've told him plenty of times--he doesn't know all the details of my surgery but he knows it affected how I eat, and I've complained to him a million times about how sick chocolate makes me now, and also he knows I watch what I eat like a hawk, so you'd think he'd know better...
    His "big valentines present" for me was a giant box of chocolates. Like 30-something pieces of chocolate that I can't eat. (also I planned literally the entire evening and bought him like $50 worth of presents but thats not the point lol)
    Idk what to do. I've spent the last few days feeling really shitty about it, like it almost feels like a personal attack even though I know it's just him being oblivious. When he gave it to me I was just kind of like "Oh... thanks....!" and then later in the evening brought up how it felt like he didn't listen to me and he went "yeah, that was stupid of me" but otherwise it hasn't come up and I've just had this box of chocolates sitting in my room because I can't eat them but also feel bad giving it away--especially since he's been here in the mornings so he would see if I brought it to work with me I was just gonna let it sit in here but chocolate is a total trigger food for me and last night I opened it, ate 2 of them, and ended up puking sooooo... it needs to go.
    Anyways idk I guess I'm just wondering how you guys handle situations like this. I feel betrayed but also feel like that's a way overreaction over a box of chocolates on a holiday meant for chocolate. I'm not sure if I should bring it up again or just trash it or take it to work even if he sees me doing it or what.
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    Hollyhock reacted to AnneElliot in Trying to decide   
    I would do lots lots of research before you agree to the DS. The malsorption is serious..from what I understand.
    I find it kinda odd that your surgeonis explainin it in such simple terms, it's your body and its not an upgrade.
    Also do not do this as an outpatient. Both sugeries are very serious. I was under supervision for four days!
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    Hollyhock reacted to vannababyy22 in 4 month surgaversary for me!   
    I am feeling incredible! I cant believe how amazing this journey has been, best decision I have ever made! I am down 138 pounds today, I can not wait to see what the next 4 months has in store for me. how is everyone else doing on their journey? Show pictures, I like to see everyone's progress.
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    Hollyhock reacted to STBSkinnySuzi in 3 months surgiversary...43 lbs ⬇️   
    You look great! Keep it up! My surgery is this coming Wednesday....so nervous! [emoji854]

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    Hollyhock got a reaction from jerz_gurl15 in 3 months surgiversary...43 lbs ⬇️   
    Yay! You look fabulous! I had my surgery on January 30, almost three weeks ago. So far I've dropped 22 lbs, and 2 inches around my waist, bust and hips. I feel very happy about it. I hit a plateau a few days ago so I decided to shake up my routine and try different kinds of movement. The best thing is, I haven't had any pain in my knee, which was chronic, for a few weeks.
    You are inspiring me to keep it up!
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    Hollyhock reacted to sondra2368 in Never thought this was possible   
    Dear rydersmama.

    Do you also work full time? I have a very stressful job and I have to be there by 7am and leave work by 5pm.
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    Hollyhock got a reaction from alli.wakefield in The good, the bad and the ugly.   
    I suffered lots of angst over which surgery to go with. I sat down with my surgeon to go over the options. Basically, he told me that if someone has diabetes or serious difficulties bingeing on sweets, he recommends bypass. If they have a history of ulcers, he recommends sleeve. I didn't really fall into either category. We decided on sleeve because there wasn't really a reason to risk complications.
    I am now eight days after surgery. I've found that I have to work on balance to maintain a feeling of fullness. I'm still on a liquid diet. If I don't make my drinks thick enough and get my 90 grams of Protein, I become ridiculously hungry. So far, I'm happy with the sleeve. but it's really too early to make a judgement. I've lost about 16 lbs in 8 days. I can let you know in a few months if I still feel the same.
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    Hollyhock reacted to _Kate_ in A few questions   
    Procedures as signature
    Thigh Lift in October - He wouldn't do it the same time as all the rest.
    Then I can go straight back to my Victoria Secrets Modelling lol

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    Hollyhock reacted to _Kate_ in A few questions   
    I waited until I was at goal for a while. I can understand you wanting to look into it though and hope you get the answer you want ! I was off pain meds after 7 days, longer than normal as I had five procedures done at once. Certainly wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and I am very pleased with the results.
    Congratualtions on the weight loss !
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    Hollyhock reacted to Dashofpixiedust8 in A few questions   
    @Stella S Thanks! My surgeon's office did tell me I could get a consultation at a PS office to see what they say. I have one set up I was just curious if anyone else had it done in between! I'm also worried the pain will be so bad I won't want to get it again!
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    Hollyhock reacted to Dashofpixiedust8 in A few questions   
    Hello, I had my sleeve surgery on May 29, 2016. I started at a high weight of 540 pounds and am currently at 319. Here are my questions:

    1. I already have a lot of hanging skin, did anyone get a surgery in between the end surgery to get rid of hanging skin? It's already giving me trouble on my stomach.
    2. How long did you wait to get plastic surgery?
    3. Did anyone lose the amount of weight I have to lose (over 300 pounds)? What was your skin situation like?
    4. Has anyone had to date before having this extra skin removed? Did it make it harder? I am 30 and am trying to date but it is hard, I am very embarrassed with my body. It's odd, I felt more confident in my body while dating when I was heavier than I do now...

    Thanks for any responses!