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  1. Hollyhock

    Feeling kind of betrayed

    Give them away or give them to him to give away or throw them out. Tell him you appreciate the thought and love him but you can't accept chocolates as they make you very sick. Tell him you'd rather go to a movie or something. I imagine putting others first may be one of the habits you need to work on. At this point, you have to put your own needs first. And it isn't true that all men are oblivious. There are men who will think about what is best for you. Your current boyfriend may become one of those men, but will need your assistance on his journey.
  2. Hollyhock

    Trying to decide

    I was conflicted about sleeve vs. gastric bypass and my doctor spent over an hour showing me weight loss v complication stats for someone my gender, age and race. He showed pictures of both operations and potential complications. He was extremely detailed. We also discussed all my fears regarding malabsorption. The other members of his team also spent a long time with me talking about the pros and cons of each surgery. In the end I opted for the sleeve. I spent two days in the hospital since I live fairly far. I was really glad as I needed the push pump for pain meds the first day and the staff was extremely supportive. It seems really, really strange to me that your doctor was so terse, and I can't imagine doing a procedure that has potentially serious complications on an outpatient basis. I think you should look up the doctor's rate of complications and successes. My doc had a well below the national average rate of complications, and he also could tell me the average weight loss of former patients in my demographic.
  3. Yay! You look fabulous! I had my surgery on January 30, almost three weeks ago. So far I've dropped 22 lbs, and 2 inches around my waist, bust and hips. I feel very happy about it. I hit a plateau a few days ago so I decided to shake up my routine and try different kinds of movement. The best thing is, I haven't had any pain in my knee, which was chronic, for a few weeks. You are inspiring me to keep it up!
  4. Hollyhock

    Two weeks post-op

    I'm in the last few days of my first two weeks and I'm so sick of protein drinks I could scream. I arranged something with an Indian restaurant near my house. They will be making me puréed dishes with no seeds, high protein low carb and fats for the next few weeks. I just picked up some cheesecloth for making paneer (yogurt cheese) and plan to stop at Trader Joe's for some Thai and Indian sauces and tofu. No puréed chicken breast for me!!!! Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  5. Hollyhock

    My story

    I had mine at 250 lbs. I wish I HAD done it at 200! I'm 5' 6. You do what is right for yourself. I'd say fatty liver is a big deal and a good reason. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  6. Hollyhock

    The good, the bad and the ugly.

    I suffered lots of angst over which surgery to go with. I sat down with my surgeon to go over the options. Basically, he told me that if someone has diabetes or serious difficulties bingeing on sweets, he recommends bypass. If they have a history of ulcers, he recommends sleeve. I didn't really fall into either category. We decided on sleeve because there wasn't really a reason to risk complications. I am now eight days after surgery. I've found that I have to work on balance to maintain a feeling of fullness. I'm still on a liquid diet. If I don't make my drinks thick enough and get my 90 grams of protein, I become ridiculously hungry. So far, I'm happy with the sleeve. but it's really too early to make a judgement. I've lost about 16 lbs in 8 days. I can let you know in a few months if I still feel the same.
  7. Hollyhock

    BMI ticker isn't working

    I just changed mine by going to the "together we have lost" thingy on the bottom right hand side of the page and changing my weight there. If you want to get rid of the weight altogether, you can click your name at the top right, then my tickers in the drop down. Then you edit.
  8. How do I add friends on this site? I'm interested, but can't figure out how. Also, how do I add that little running figure to my signature line?
  9. Hollyhock

    Tmrw is the big day 30 Jan 2017

    How did your surgery go. I was feeling like changing my mind and was about to say something as I was being wheeled out, but then the next thing I remember was waking up in the recovery room and asking why things kept exploding. I was hearing bombs. but it turned out I was near the door and it was the sound of the door closing I was hearing. Surgery went well.
  10. Hollyhock

    Tmrw is the big day 30 Jan 2017

    congratulations on your successful surgery! A heads up though...my nurse told me no to Cream of Wheat and suggested I stick with high Protein low carb preparations which made me sad because I love cream of wheat when I'm sick.
  11. When I'm able, I found this recipe for pizza with cauliflower crust. It actually didn't look too bad. I figured it couldn't hurt to try! Sent from my Nexus 6P using the BariatricPal App I made a cauliflower crust pizza about 3 months ago and it was quite tasty. It held together well enough to bring to work the next day for lunch too.
  12. Hollyhock

    Post-op gastric sleeve.

    I'm wrestling with severe constipation today, comparable to after childbirth. So far, none of the usual remedies have helped. If it is not cleared up by tomorrow, I guess I'll have to drop in on the urgent care.
  13. I never used the premium. I did however find specialized therapy very helpful. I spent 8 mos in an Intensive Outpatient Program for eating disorders that included supported eating and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. These two were extremely helpful, and I intend to return for a few months to learn to deal with head hunger post surgery.
  14. Hollyhock

    Post-op gastric sleeve.

    Thank you everyone! @@mylighthouse cram of celery soup sounds delicious right now. I'm starting on protein shakes today but thinning them. We just iput in a wood stove and I'm enjoying the fire. I got a lot of sleep last night since the nausea meds totally knock me out. Thinking about a short walk up the street later.
  15. Hollyhock

    Post-op gastric sleeve.

    Nice to meet you fuzzy1972. I was also sleeved on January 30th and just got home from the hospital about an hour ago. I was lucky...not too much gas pain, although there has been some nausea.. I'm sipping on my first Protein shake. I'm trying to decide what to do next. Nap? Attempt to poop? Burp? The possibilities are limitless!
  16. Hollyhock

    Had my sleeve on 9/21/16

    That's awesome.
  17. I just came home from the hospital an hour ago from a January 30 surgery and am sipping on my first Protein shake. I am using Bariatric fusion. When I drink Water, it feels like a rock falling down my gullet! On the positive side, I've been walking a lot and have only had minor pain from gas. I gained about three pounds from pre-hospital but I'm trusting that that is Fluid and meds. Good to meet you all!
  18. Hollyhock

    surgery tomorrow

    Good luck holly! Your gonna do great! Thank you! On my way to hospital now! Sent from my iPad using the BariatricPal App
  19. I don't know how to answer that but congratulations on the success!
  20. Hollyhock

    surgery tomorrow

    My surgery is tomorrow also and I'm nervous, too. I've just kept frenetically busy all week preparing and also doing some fun stuff. We installed a wood stove and I spent a lot of time getting wood etc., so this way I can think about coming home to a cozy fire instead of worrying.
  21. Hollyhock

    Tmrw is the big day 30 Jan 2017

    @ze_vsg Wow! There are a lot of us. I don't find myself worrying too much about learning I'm not fit for the surgery. I do find myself thinking thoughts like, "Gee this could be my last day on earth and I'm doing laundry." I've just kept really busy doing exciting things for the last few weeks. I went to Washington on a bus with 100 other women, got a wood stove installed, and did a lot of post-op cooking. Today I made chicken soup. Then I went to a movie made about an amazing friend of mine who passed away a year ago, and ran into a lot of people I haven't seen for awhile at the movie. This was much better than staying at home worrying. Yesterday I went out and purchased a load of wood so I could come home to a cozy fire after surgery. I might feel like shit, but I'll have a fire to look forward to! When I was young, there was a lot of anxiety-producing chaos in my life. I learned that if something huge is going to happen, it's going to happen, so I think I developed a strategy of doing lots of stuff to keep my spirits up regardless of what might be coming. I had a mom with mental illness who was in and out of the hospital without warning, and we never knew exactly where or with what relative we might end up living. My surgeon has a great track record with fewer than average complications. He's been doing this for years and nobody has died on him yet. I figure I might as well get the most I possibly can out of today, prepare my house for convalescence, and hope for a speedy recovery without too much gas. sleeping it off also sounds like a sound strategy. I guess I'll see you all on the other side. Let me know how it goes for you.
  22. Hollyhock

    Tmrw is the big day 30 Jan 2017

    I am right there with you. My surgery is tomorrow too and I also feel anxious. I've managed to keep myself pretty busy doing things like pureeing chicken, making frozen protein shakes out of chicken soup, and other preparations. Also, we are putting in my a wood stove. Activity keeps me from getting too anxious.
  23. My surgery is tomorrow and I'm getting really nervous. So I guess I will be weighing in, so to speak, in a few days. I am six days behind you. Eek! My husband has been very supportive. We just bought a wood stove and it will be fully connected while I am in the hospital. So I can sit by a nice warm fire to ease my misery. I made myself a bunch of trays of chicken broth, turkey broth and miso broth blended with unflavored Protein powder, and pureed the chicken from the soup and put it up in ice cube trays in the freezer. I labelled it for the hubby. He doesn't cook so I don't have to worry about bizarre barbecuing behavior. You ladies have my empathy. I think he'll express himself by starting fires in the stove which is fine by me. I would like to have some sleeve buddies too.
  24. Hollyhock

    WLS is the easy way out

    It's sort of like having babies. Your baby isn't better if you had it without a cesarian or without anesthesia. It's just delivered differently. I never understood getting "macho" about how babies are born. The most important thing about the baby is that it is born!
  25. Hollyhock

    Sleeve vs Bypass

    I've been wrestling with a similar dilemma. There was no medical reason compelling one surgery over another since I don't have diabetes or binge eat sweets. The doctor recommended sleeve because there are fewer potential complications. Also, he feels I have a higher than average risk for ulcers due to a previous ulcer. Earlier this week I was panicking because I felt like my diet was deteriorating and maybe I needed dumping syndrome as a tool. I called and spoke to the dietician. She had me read my food diaries to her and told me she thought I was actually making reasonable decisions, and that I would do well with the sleeve. I feel relieved. I think anxiety just increases as surgery approaches. Also, it's hard to make a decision because I don't have any experience of not feeling too much hunger for my body. So I don't know what life will be like if I don't feel that degree of hunger. I can really empathize with your agonizing over which one, especially if two different docs are telling you two different things. My doc's reasoning was: bypass is better for diabetics, people with severe sweet cravings leading to binging, and people with serious GERD. Sleeve is the better option without those indicators, and for people with a history of ulcers. I really trust him a lot.

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