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    ppressey24 got a reaction from LivinLyf44 in I'm terrified to give away my fat clothes now that I'm tiny!   
    I agree. Git rid of them damn clothes

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    ppressey24 got a reaction from LivinLyf44 in I'm terrified to give away my fat clothes now that I'm tiny!   
    I've given away all my clothes....all of them. I don't want them around ever again

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    ppressey24 got a reaction from Sosewsue61 in Having vsg Sept 8 2017   
    Gazebo, I've just finished reading all your post and I must say you've had a ride....lol possible pregnancy, while going through the pre op liquid diet, I think I would've been a wreck. Well, I'm Pam, and let me tell u my story....
    Former flight attendant for 18yrs, my roommate died on sept 11, on the 1st American flight that crashed so I've been emotional eating since then. Have 2 sets of grown twins so I've always maintained a 145lb weight. I'm 5'8.
    7yrs ago working a flight we hit some horrible turbulence and dropped 500 ft in the air and I was thrown. I broke my back and neck and have been disabled since the surgeries. They found out I have multiple sclerosis also. Then, arthritis, depression, fibromyalgia....to name a few other things set in and with all the steroids they were feeding me, I ballooned up to 303lbs. Within 15 months. I went from traveling the world, to walking on a walker.
    I live in Pensacola FL., and there's the most beautiful, gentle, patient staff of nutritionists, and drs where I was referred to that they feel like family. My dr even gave me his cellphone number and said to call him if I ever just needed to VENT.
    I went through the 6 months process of relearning how to eat right. I lost 15 lbs cutting back to 1500 calories, 65oz Water and my Protein Shakes, and oct 4,2016 was my surgery day. That morning I weighed in at 289.
    The liquid diet wasn't my hardest thing because I lost my appetite for food. Once I put it in my mind that I wanted to get this weight off, it melted off. When I went for my 3 month, I had lost 65lbs. My walker was gone, the pain in my knees was gone. The dr had to look back at my last photo to make sure that was me. He literally cried because I came to him almost dead. I wanted to die the way my life had changed. I never thought I'd see myself under 200lbs again and like you, I didn't set a goal weight. I wanted to get to whatever looks good to me. And I have stopped at 160. I like me curves.
    My breast had gotten up to 52DDD. But now my dr has referred me to a plastic surgeon for a reduction and lift because of back and neck pain and insurance is paying. That's my only issue now and I'm done. We all have stories and you will to. It maybe hard for the next couple of days. My surgery was quick, he repaired a hernia I didn't even know was there, but painless. My ONLY complaint now, which is the biggest 1, is I've developed chronic constipation and it is horrible. I've been to specialists and they've tried almost everything. Nothing works, and I may need a corrective procedure. But everyone is different.
    You're in my prayers tonight. I am in Paris at the moment, and it's 250am here. I know without this surgery, I would've never gotten the chance to travel again. God's got your back. Bless you

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    ppressey24 reacted to jenlynn3324 in Pain after surgery   
    My worse pain was from gas pain in my upper back. Incisions were sore but bearable. I got Tylenol 3 and only used a few times. My best advice is to walk walk and walk some more!! It really does help

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    ppressey24 reacted to MBird in Moving along smoothly   
    Three and a half months and 65 pounds down!
    Yep, almost halfway to goal.
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    ppressey24 reacted to Berry78 in I'm terrified to give away my fat clothes now that I'm tiny!   
    Well, how I see it, is a size 10 today was a size 12 in 2000. I WAS a size 10 in 2000 (size 8 in today's sizes) and that was a good, average, healthy size medium on my 5'7 frame.
    So, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend keeping up to size 8. Donate or sell the 10's, 12's and 14's. That's assuming the clothes are of the modern sizing.
    If the size 8 start getting tight, it's time to start paying attention. After all, 3 sizes equals about 30lbs, and that is plenty of flex-range with which to be working, no?

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    ppressey24 reacted to Ldyvenus in I'm terrified to give away my fat clothes now that I'm tiny!   
    I'm on the fence with this one. What if there is some sort of mind set that allows you to get back to size 10, because you know you've got them laying around?
    I had a hard time getting rid of my first round of clothes and I don't even have fancy stuff.
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    ppressey24 reacted to TheRealMeIsHere! in I'm terrified to give away my fat clothes now that I'm tiny!   
    I can totally understand the fear of regain and needing to buy larger sizes again. Especially after yo-yoing for so many years. I was the same way. Held onto clothes for several years before giving them away.
    Maybe some therapy would help get to the root cause of re-gain and help prevent it?
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    ppressey24 reacted to Boomqueen in I'm terrified to give away my fat clothes now that I'm tiny!   
    Try consignment of your clothes post sz 10.

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    ppressey24 reacted to mom2tess in I'm terrified to give away my fat clothes now that I'm tiny!   
    I completely understand what you are saying. I think most of us are afraid of gaining back the weight. I would probly just let go of a few of the lads are size items and keep the others. On another note, I am stuck for over 5 weeks at the same weight i am afraid I will not reach goal. Can you give me any pointers on how you finally broke through? What is that Keto thing you did? Thank you for any help you can give me
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    ppressey24 reacted to GrrlAnn in I'm terrified to give away my fat clothes now that I'm tiny!   
    Many people do regain some weight 2+ years postop but unless you completely fall off the wagon, you'll probably never be your largest sizes again. If your wardrobe didn't sound so nice I'd recommend 14-6 but since it sounds high end, maybe sizes 14-10 just in case something goes sideways in the next 5-10 years.

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    ppressey24 reacted to itstimealready in I'm terrified to give away my fat clothes now that I'm tiny!   
    Please help! I'm a collector not a hoarder. For decades I've curated a gorgeous wardrobe of flattering elegant clothing at every size for my body from 2 to 14. Now 2 years post surgery I'm a 2 yet again and after a LIFE of yo-yo-ing I'm terrified of donating it all in case it's harder to maintain than I think.
    Whether my weight was going up or down one good thing was I always had lovely things to wear that fit my shape and I didn't have to spend the time or money on a wardrobe because I wear classic pieces that I buy on sale. Of course I always wanted to stay smaller but as we all know that's not always in our control. It drives me crazy when people say oh give your clothes away so that you can't go back to being fat as if we got fat logically instead of emotionally.
    So if the surgery is indeed for life and I'm not going to gain a bunch of weight then I am completely on board for donating all of it if I'll never wear it again but I will be furious if three years later as has happened throughout my life i'm chubby again for whatever reason and have to go buy fat clothes again. I don't have the money for that.
    With surgery I went from 215 to 160 but it took going "keto" (high fat low carb diet) to get to 135 where I am now. (having done the hCG diet multiple times in my life and lost lots of weight I am understandably very nervous about gaining again.) so what do you think the odds are keeping this weight off for life? Thank you for understanding this emotional time for me! (I just moved and can either store or donate as I don't have lots of room. Storing in a "pod" is way cheaper than replacing in a few years. Thank you for your wise encouragement.
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    ppressey24 reacted to Gazebo in Having vsg Sept 8 2017   
    Yes! Thank you, I have to be there 6am tomorrow!

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    ppressey24 reacted to Gazebo in Having vsg Sept 8 2017   
    Day 6.
    Yesterday was my medical clearance appt. My doc was not satisfied with my ekg and scheduled me for another pulmonary and cardio clearance., just to be sure so that there's no hiccups on Friday.
    So, aside from getting kids ready and going to school i had appts to run to.
    Got 2 Protein shakes and 1 cream of chicken. Did not do well with Water so I'm playing catch up dight now. I got the worst reflux pain I have ever had that I'm considering not eating much tomorrow. I literally packed a can and a liquid shake for work tomorrow.
    PS. I am down 10 lbs as of today!

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    ppressey24 reacted to Gazebo in Having vsg Sept 8 2017   
    Day 5:
    Well I was Mrs. cranky pants yesterday. Cravings hit me hard!
    Got my Protein in but fell short on waree..unless tea can count towards it..
    Took the day off today to run some errands and I have my medical clearance appt. I get my test results through my hospital online so I've seen my results and they're not bad. Lets see what my doc says.
    I got my spirometer? Breathing practice on the day of my labs but forgot to practice so I will start today.
    I found out about PB2 (peanut powder) and it is a game changer! My shakes are even more yummy.
    Here are my stats:
    38 5ft 5
    SW 286
    CW 280. :-)
    GW ??? Whatever looks good on me.

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    ppressey24 got a reaction from dreamynow in Halo Top ice cream   
    @@ShelterDog64, we're all new. I thought i could eat 1 of those small little bags that come in the variety pack of different potato chips. WRONG. I wanted to eat another 1 after my fullness ended. Then i felt guilty and i was like omg, if i mention this on here someone is going to bash the hell out of me for eating the potato chips.
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    ppressey24 reacted to AmylouRouxEnY in Rate of weight loss?   
    I have to disagree, the amount of weight lost has nothing to do with how much you weigh. Everybody is different. For instance, my mother was 270 before her gastric bypass, at 5'7" her goal weight is 170. So that's 100 pounds. The fact that you are only 5' your suggested goal weight would be 115 to 130. So technically you need to lose the same amount as her. I don't see how that would make you any different than her. She had gastric bypass in March and she has already lost 80". On the other hand, I have friends who have had gastric sleeve that have lost as much weight and at the same rate. Whatever surgery you choose, it's gonna be hard, but there's no way of knowing how much or how fast you will lose weight. That all depends on how much effort you put in, but you could be just as successful as anyone else. Most people do lose the majority of their weight the first year, but honestly you would have less saggy skin if you did only lose 10 pounds a month. So it's a win either way, lol!
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    ppressey24 got a reaction from Dashofpixiedust8 in LET'S TACKLE FALL CHALLENGE   
    I hate I missed this challenge.

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    ppressey24 reacted to OutsideMatchInside in Rate of weight loss?   

    If your start weight is 220, it doesn't matter what surgery you have, you are not going to lose more than 5 to 10 pounds a month. You will be lucky to lose 10 pounds the first month and 5 each month after.
    You are not going to have rapid massive weight loss with WLS you are not big enough starting out.
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    ppressey24 reacted to Introversion in Rate of weight loss?   
    Why would you be upset at 10 pounds lost per month? Have you ever lost that kind of weight that quickly without surgery via old-fashioned diet/exercise? My guess is that the answer is "No."
    10 pounds a month is a whopping 120 pounds a year. Realistic expectations are important throughout your weight loss journey.
    Since you're a lightweight who is starting out at 220 pounds, I guarantee you'll never be one of those rapid losers who drops 30+ pounds a month, or even 20+ pounds a month.
    My starting weight was 218 pounds on surgery day. Most of my monthly losses were single digit (1 to 7 pounds lost each month). It took me 17 months to lose 100 pounds and reach my goal weight.
    And you know what? I'm dancing on a cloud, but not because of the weight loss. I'm happy because this is the most realistic opportunity I have to keep the weight off for life.
    Good luck to you.
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    ppressey24 reacted to XYZXYZXYZ1955 in Rate of weight loss?   
    With the usual disclaimer: I am not a doctor, I am not an expert--but it seems that if your current weight is 220 you are not going to see the big losses that much heavier people do (such as I may see). But even for those who lose a lot the first month or two, ongoing losses of ten pounds a month seem typical. The questions I'd ask myself are these: 1) how much weight can I lose each month without the surgery? and 2) how likely am I to keep the weight off for the long term?
    Just realize that this isn't magic surgery--it's a tool to help in a longer journey in your life. It's not easy any way you choose, but there's a lot of evidence that it's worth it.
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    ppressey24 reacted to Paigetherage in Scared.   
    You should go right away. Your pouch could be bleeding. Not trying to scare you but someone else posted about bleeding and not being able to eat and that's what she found out at the hospital.

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    ppressey24 reacted to dreamingsmall in Scared.   
    Thank you - *Trying for me* I am having a little conflict here. But I do hope I do go on Monday. The feelings I am feeling are really not nice. The chest in combination with the left side of my LOWER LOWER throat, ( do I even have a lower throat?) Is so strange.
    I am abit scared as the vomit I did/had was so violent and forcefull that if i had staples to pop it would have done so .
    Its so easy to think " your fine , but i realise i am not super human..

    Thank you for responding!

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    ppressey24 reacted to TLC2017 in 3 months post op and still experiencing gas and constipation.   
    It's been 3 months since my surgery (gastric sleeve) and I'm still experiencing gas and constipation. Is anyone else experiencing this after 3 months?
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    ppressey24 reacted to Dashofpixiedust8 in LET'S TACKLE FALL CHALLENGE   
    Alright everyone, here we go again! Please be patient with my updates on the spreadsheet as I have a lot going on.
    This challenge will run from August 25, 2017 to October 20, 2017. This will give us a total of 9 weigh ins. I will do my best to post to the spreadsheet within 1 - 2 day of receiving your weight but I am going to be in 5 classes and working 2 jobs so if it takes me a few extra days I am sorry but I WILL have it updated as soon as possible!! Please note that I will recalculate the figures as soon as I can following the Friday weigh in - so your weight percentages may be a little off...
    I have made these Friday weigh ins because that will allow us to start as soon as possible. You may post your weight at anytime during the week if Friday is not your weigh in day!

    This challenge is for everyone. If you are pre op, post op, in maintenance or looking for some accountability; this challenge is for you! The rules and link to the spreadsheet are below!

    Please Post Your Starting Weight (Weight on or around August 25th) and Goal Weight (what you would like to weigh at the end of the challenge) at the start of the challenge on August 25, 2017. Remember this goal weight is only for the end of the challenge, not your ending goal weight!!
    You can cut/paste this below and fill it in on your post -

    Goal Weight:
    Current Weight:
    Today's Date:

    1. I will be awarding a prize to 2 lucky participants! The winners will be selected at random an the only thing you need to do to be eligible for the drawing is log your weight each week!
    2. Post your weight on this thread every Friday. Specifically 8/25, 9/1, 9/8, 9/15, 9/22, 9/29, 10/6, 10/13, and 10/20
    3. If you change your screen name please let me know.
    4. If you miss 2 or more weigh ins, I will assume you no longer want to participate and your name will be removed from the spreadsheet.
    5. If you miss a weigh in on Friday, no problem. Just post it asap.
    6. We are all here to support each other, if you post a question anyone can answer.
    7. You will know your weight is updated on the spreadsheet once I've liked your post!

    The link to the spreadsheet is below! Have fun, and good luck with this challenge!!!
    Remember we are all here to support each other! I look forward to running another challenge with you!