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    I'm a happy person! I am young at heart (that's what my name means!) and I generally love life. I'm also a Christian. (ragamuffin! lol) I work part time as a Nanny and truly LOVE kids!
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    Outdoor adventures, photography, anything to do with animals and kids!
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  1. I'm getting the sleeve surgery on the 20th of February! I'd love to join the group.
  2. Kool_Jul

    "The Crown"

    Woo Hoo! I'm glad that I have something new to look forward to! I'll start it tonight! Thank you! P.S. Has anyone watched, "This is Us"?? LOVE it.
  3. Kool_Jul

    Tomorrow is the big day!

    How exciting!!! I hope you can get some good rest/sleep tonight. I am new here and don't have much advice as of yet. But you are on your way to a new, healthier you and you ARE worth it! Stay connected, as I've heard it mentioned over and over, it'll help. Best wishes for 2017 and beyond!!!
  4. Kool_Jul


    Woo Hoo!!! How exciting!! You have got to be on cloud 9!
  5. It is now on my grocery list!! Thank you!
  6. Is anyone out there?

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      Welcome aboard.

    3. ProudGrammy


      hi newbie - peek a boo- i see you !! welcome to the neighborhood - kathy

    4. BayougirlMrsS


      yes... we are here

  7. Kool_Jul


    Hi There,, I recently had to have my band (and port) removed due to slippage. I was throwing up, had major heartburn all the time, and could hardly eat anything that wasn't "slippery". I was freaked out, too. I had lost 65 pounds and did NOT want to gain any of it back. I decided to have the gastric sleeve done right after the band was removed, but when I woke up, they said they were unable to do so because of the damage done from a hiatal hernia repair that was done when my band was put in 5 years ago. (something about some mesh that was used and it looking like "hamburger" by the time they removed it all) Anyway... I am steadily gaining weight and NEVER feel full. The scale is going back up and up and I"m trying really hard not to get depressed. I love that I don't have heartburn though. I am scheduled for the gastric sleeve in 4 weeks, and I can't wait!!! (meanwhile, I've had to purchase a bigger bra, underwear and stretch pants. NOT WHAT I PLANNED 5 years ago!!) Deep breath. This weight gain in only temporary, right? If you remove your band, replace it with another form of weight loss is my suggestion.

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