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  1. DavidOso

    Hunger normal?

    I had a sleeve. The part of my stomach that sends the hunger signal, was removed. Brain hunger is a very real thing. I am 3 years out. My stomach can growl now, but I still really don't feel hunger.
  2. DavidOso

    Vitamins during post op!

    Gummies and sub-lingual is the way to go for awhile. It was for me.
  3. For me, at this stage, I used a shot glass or the little cup that comes with liquid cold medicine. I used a I cup glass measuring cup as a pitcher. This way i could track intake, and also pour just a shot easily. I would take me 3-4 sips a few minutes apart to finish a shot. Good luck.
  4. DavidOso

    Keto at stage 3?

    Let the sleeve do it's work. You will burn fuel differently for quite a while. Keto will be a year or two out, much closer to goal weight.
  5. DavidOso

    Drinking post op

    I found that it tasted VILE!!! I had half a glass of champagne at a brunch 9 months post op. TERRIBLE. And in minutes I could feel a really big buzz. I did not like it at all. So I no longer drink. Be careful. It will be hard on your stomach and lots of calories. But if you enjoy it, use it as a treat.
  6. My best lesson to share with you is this, you won't be able to eat much, so make sure it tastes Delicious! I love condiments, salsa, curry, etc. A bit of tuna and greek yogurt, think tuna salad. Maybe only 1 T of each...Go slow. There is nothing worse that feeling Too Full. You won't feel it in your stomach, but your shoulder may hurt. I know, weird. Good luck.
  7. DavidOso

    Did water slides yesterday!

    How FUN!!! I love the fact I can walk into a room and not look around for a chair that will hold me or that I will fit in. Yes, the water slides were fun. Now I need a roller coaster or 2!
  8. DavidOso

    Any Chicago sleeve parients here?

    I did the UIC program. They were great! 3 years out next month. Southern suburbs.
  9. I'm 3 years post sleeve. Was doing quite well(lost over 200#) had vein and hernia surgeries. Fell off the gym wagon. Started taking steroids for shoulder issues. BLEW UP LIKE A BALLOON!!! Craving sugar. This was new for me. A friend suggested "Eat for your Blood Type". I have read it. Much of it speaks to me. Any thoughts???
  10. Keep to your portion sizes!!! Try foods as you can tolerate. Raw veggies or hard fruits are a few months away, but you have plenty of options. Good luck, the most difficult part is over.
  11. DavidOso

    Protein shakes

    I have used Aldi's Elevation. A scoop of chocolate + 1 T instant coffee, YUM. the price is right...I am having some challenges with sugar so I found another GENEPRO II. Micronized medical protein. 30 g. protein, 0 sugars, 50 calories, about 1 T in volume. A little over $1.25 a serving. I wished I'd known about this product 3 years ago!!! Look around online, many sale prices. I have had good luck with EBay.
  12. DavidOso

    Hernia repair

    I had a sleeve. I also had an umbilical hernia. My surgeon said to loose a good chunk of my weight, THEN have the hernia repaired. Less stress on the body, less anesthesia needed, and the stomach wall closer to final shape and less chance of the repair needing to be "Repaired".
  13. DavidOso

    Hoping someone can tell me about chia seeds

    As with any seeds (flax, chia, sesame etc.) it is best to grind them first. I use a $10 coffee grinder that is only for seeds. The outer shells are pretty tough, and most of the nutritive value is wasted, if not ground. A little soak doesn't hurt either. Make your smoothie and 10-15 mins later the seeds have soaked and also slightly thickened your drink. About 1 Tbsp. a day is a good place to start.
  14. DavidOso

    It's my SURGIVERSARY! With photos

    Congrats! Keep finding new goals...activities, trips, fitness, getting into a little black dress. Keep the momentum in your life.
  15. DavidOso

    Dehydration after surgery

    Whether you like water or not, your JOB after surgery is to sip, sip, sip. I kept a 1 C. measuring (pyrex) cup and a shot glass next to me wherever I was. You really need to push the fluids, especially right after surgery. Try the flavor, see if it works for you. Good luck!
  16. @@KristenLe, I agree. Probably the gas they fill your abdominal cavity with to perform the surgery-the more you move, it will pass, literally. HOWEVER, take no risks, call your Dr. just to make sure.
  17. DavidOso

    The smells OMG

    I actually vomited the first time I pumped gas. Diesel, cigarette smoke, a roof being tarred, super sweet smell driving by a bakery. I'm about 14 months post op, this has diminished somewhat, but not totally. NOT IN THE BROCHURE!!!
  18. Great moments! Fit in the booth. No seat belt extender. Too small to shop the Big and Tall store anymore. Sit on the floor AND get up without a crane. One more carrot I'm chasing...graduating from my CPAP.
  19. DavidOso

    Guys who started over 400 lbs.

    @@Thucydides, I use "Insta Slim Muscle T" It's a tank top. I have had issues with sleeves, too tight in the pit area. Ebay has them, not very expensive. I'm 6'0'' and the shirts come down to pelvic area. I suggest getting the same size as a dress shirt. I wear 2X dress shirts, so 2X. I do have a XL, it is VERY squishy on me now. Maybe in 20 more lbs. These are a bit of a bitch to get on but comfortable afterwards. I wear them to the gym too, so I'm not a loose skin version of Baywatch on the treadmill!
  20. DavidOso

    Guys who started over 400 lbs.

    @@sgc, I too have the same problem. I often, but not always, wear a compression T (sleeveless). I am currently wearing XL stretchy shirts(polos, T shirts) but wear a 2X in a button up cotton dress shirt. I fit in a XL button up shirt AS LONG AS I STAND UP. Sit, and it pulls across my stomach- even with 240 lbs lost! Even as I lose my last 60 lbs, I think I will always have the same issue until plastics takes care of my extra middle. Having started with 5 X's, I am thrilled with just one X (0 X's will be even better). Keep up the good work.
  21. DavidOso

    Guys who started over 400 lbs.

    @aggietop@sgc I don't know but does water help to flush the causes of gout out of your system? By losing so much weight, maybe the irritants are flooding into your system and causing flare ups??? An increase in daily water may help to wash away the gunk. Again don't know, just a thought.
  22. DavidOso

    Guys who started over 400 lbs.

    I went in for my first colonoscopy ever and they saw I was in the approval stages for a sleeve. Yup...they had a camera going in both ends that day. Joy, oh joy. I had an umbilical hernia repaired 2 months ago. Everything went fine, surgeon glad I had lost so much weight, much less chance of recurrence, BUT have had a hard time getting back into my exercise routine post op. Still get some minor tugging with certain exercises, and haven't gotten back to lifting yet either. How long does the repair take to heal before there is no tugging? It is the laparoscopic sites, not the mesh that tugs. Muscles moving over scar tissue I'm told.
  23. DavidOso

    Guys who started over 400 lbs.

    @@sgc, Just a quick update...had my one year yesterday, dietitian said that at 1 year I should bump my calories to 1000 per day with lean protein, non-starchy vegetables, and SMALL amounts of beans and whole grains. I also asked about my goal weight of 185 (set by my original surgeon), both the weight loss doctor and my new surgeon said right around 30 bmi. That puts my new goal at 215. I was hoping to make it to "one-derland", that might still happen with 10-20 lbs of skin removed with plastics...but that is still at least a year away. Keep up your hard work, the weight loss gates will open for you.
  24. DavidOso

    Guys who started over 400 lbs.

    @@sgc, I'm 2 days shy of my one year "surgiversary" and am just now hitting the 850-950 calorie per day mark as per my nut. I might have a splurge day that gets me to 1200-1400 cal, but that is rare. From my experience, 1000 calories, less than a month post op, is kinda high. The 70 g protein seems about right, though. (A trick my nut taught me was one gram per inch...we are both 6 foot, 72 inches=72 grams. This should be the minimum per day, and will slowly increase over time.)At the year mark, I am between 80-100 g, averaging in the low 90's. At the 1 month mark I was averaging 675-750 cal per day and about 5-6 lbs a week. I think it was the six week mark that I started exercising. I started with water aerobics and just walking laps in the pool (harder than it sounds!). As always in these posts, your experience may differ and ALWAYS follow your surgeon's advice first. Good luck.
  25. DavidOso

    Deviled egg ideas?

    *refried beans(w/yolk),hot sauce or salsa, queso fresco. *smoked salmon(puree w/yolk), tarter sauce, fresh dill. *tuna salad(w/yolk), capers. * and a party favorite- puree a small bit of peas with the yolk, add mayo and some chopped parsley. Fill whites, then top with an "X" of julienne strips of good ham...Green Eggs & Ham!

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