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  1. I really miss salads! I Keep trying, but they just don't sit right. I'm 3 mos. out. Please tell me it gets better. I'm ok with cooked veggies, just not leafy salads.
  2. rmgmomma

    Discomfort When Eating

    I'm 8 weeks out & still get the 'stuck' feeling at times too. If I concentrate on chewing more & really moist foods I do better. Doesn't happen with yogurt or cottage cheese, but does with anything heavier. Not drinking with meals is also hard when you get the stuck feeling!
  3. I was having trouble with water too, I'm 4-weeks post op. My hubby downloaded an app on my phone called Waterlogged, $4 for the full version. I thought he was nuts, but now my phone makes bubbling noises every 10 minutes reminding me to sip!! It's helping me change my habits.
  4. rmgmomma

    Exhausted on the ext level

    I'm almost 4 weeks post too. Tired & low energy. I got my first b12 shot on Monday and that is helping some. I take Flinstones chewable vitamins with iron---I can get those down good. Best of luck! We'll get thru it ????
  5. rmgmomma

    Dry Mouth

    Act makes a dry mouth rinse that works well, too.
  6. rmgmomma

    Regretting it already..(day 1)

    I'm 9 days post op, before surgery my cousin gave me the best advice ever--she had RNY last year. "Just make it through the first 2 weeks." My first couple days were tough, but I'm keeping that in my head & sure enough by day 4 things were really turning around. Keep sipping & use pain meds to stay comfortable! We're all rooting for you ????
  7. rmgmomma

    November 2015 sleevers! :)

    I was sleeved on 11/2, still on full liquids till next week, better & better each day. SleevyGirl is noisy thought, Lol! I'm so ready to move to puree.
  8. I'm 9 days post op, still on liquids only till next week. Working on water and protein is my main focus right now. Don't want to get dehydrated! Give yourself time to heal and then we'll figure out the food stuffs. ????
  9. rmgmomma

    Who else had a surgery date 10/28/15?

    I had my surgery on 11/2, still on liquids, slowly increasing my activity, hernia repair too, still a little pain if I overdo. Had dry heaves one time when taking meds---definitely would prefer NOT to do that again.
  10. rmgmomma

    Had surgery 10/28/15

    Had my surgery Mon. Starting to feel better. Sipping the 1oz cups, going down okay, just really burpy!
  11. rmgmomma

    Pre-surgery Jitters

    My surgery is Monday, too, and I'm have an anxious day today with a bit of crying. Just having my 'moment' and trying to breathe thru it! I can totally relate!
  12. You got this! My surgery is on 11/2, too. Liquid diet for 1 week now, it gets a little easier. Keep drinking, Popsicle, jello, something available all the time.
  13. Yep--full liquids. A bit tired of the shakes & Jello, but it will be worth it next week. How are you doing?
  14. I'm scheduled doe 11/2, too. We're on the home stretch!
  15. We have the same date for surgery! One more week. How's the liquid diet going? I'm okay as long as I'm not around delicious food smells, lol!

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