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    greenbaymichk reacted to Babbs in Bingeing after the sleeve   
    You need to seek professional help to work through your BED. I'm concerned you will continue to struggle without support from professionals like a counselor or therapist or even a psychiatrist. There's no shame in that. I'm actually very impressed with your success so far dealing with that disorder. You're a rock star! But like I said, there's no shame seeking some extra help to ensure you're successful with the rest of your weight loss journey and beyond. Good luck to you!
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    greenbaymichk got a reaction from Alex Brecher in Products to make life easier!   
    Small mason jars - I use them to make mini-meals (still on purees, so it's mostly egg custard and refried Beans for the moment) but they are perfect for 1/2 - 3/4 cup sizes of food.
    They are oven safe, and the ones with straight sides are also freezer safe.
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    greenbaymichk got a reaction from seesuzyshrink in Pureed stages   
    Baked Egg Custard
    1 cup skim milk
    6 tbsp powdered milk
    1 can skim evaporated milk
    4 eggs
    Stevia and vanilla extract to taste
    Blend together and pour the mixture into small oven proof dishes (I use Mason jars - jelly sized.) Fill 8 jars and place in a 9x13 casserole dish - add about an inch of hot Water for the dishes to sit in. Bake at 350 degrees for 30-40 minutes.
    10 gm Protein. 11 gm carb, 122 calories.
    I can stomach this when I can't eat anything else.
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    greenbaymichk got a reaction from VSGAnn2014 in How accurate is your calorie counting?   
    I mix 3 tbsp of fat free powdered milk to 8 oz of skim milk = 14 grams of Protein and 8 oz of Fluid. I add a touch of Torani Syrup for flavor - caramel, hazelnut, etc.
    My surgeon recommends this twice a day - I wouldn't be anywhere near goal if not for this. Surgeon does not recommend Protein shakes - most have too much sugar.
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    greenbaymichk reacted to daveintx in I really love these forums because...   
    People aren't afraid to help and answer questions. Seems to be that all of us are humbled due to our struggles to this point and beyond so there is a lot of help.
    I also love this place mainly due to the sense of humors and just plain funny things. If you have been obese like I have most of my life, we learn to laugh and be funny. To the point that it's funny and not really gouging at someone real hard. Really makes me smile reading some stuff.
    I love the light heartedness of a lot of the contributors!
    I also love the fact that if you ask...most likely. You are going to get told like it is. No candy coating, cotton candy wrapped or bacon infused BS. Greatness!!!
    I am new here and hope to be here during and AFTER my initial journey. My sleeve was done June 29, 2015...gotta a long road ahead of me but with these forums, it will probably be like cruising down to the coast with good conversation from great people.
    Ok...that's all the raving I will do right now, I usually won't type stuff like this and I've been a moderator for several business and automotive forums....just nice to see a definite change in personalities! (for the better!)
    So anyways...Hello!
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    greenbaymichk reacted to PChayy05 in Bleeding gums, Can't sleep   
    I would call surgeon first, then doctor. Could be a Vitamin or nutrition deficiency. Hope u figure ut out!
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    greenbaymichk got a reaction from mtraverse in Lost my mind!   
    I hope he has learned his lesson! If he is over 10 years old, he should be able to make his own eggs…he is over 10 years old, right??
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    greenbaymichk reacted to Healthy_life2 in Lost my mind!   
    Eat in a room away from him..lol He should put his big boy panties on and get up and get his own meal.
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    greenbaymichk reacted to Debbieduck4 in When did you get hungry?   
    Today is my 7 month "Surgiversary" and I still don't feel hungry in the old sense of the word like I used to. I feel like I want to eat something because it sounds yummy, or I get shaky and headachy when I have gone too long without eating so I know I am hungry. But without the hunger hormone Grehlin anymore, I don't have that gnawing hunger that used to drive me to eat (and caused me to become so overweight). Now, I find that I can plan my meals, make healthy choices, and eat sensibly. When I was at your stage, I got really tired and bored of just drinking liquids pretty quickly and wanted something solid, so when I could have soft foods, I was super excited! My first foods were an over easy egg, cottage cheese, and greek yogurt. And they were delish Good luck on your journey!
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    greenbaymichk reacted to SharonTX in June Sleevers!   
    Greek yogurt pureed with sugar free jam or sugar free vanilla ice cream pureed with your favorite flavored Protein Powder, then I refreeze it for an hour. I use Matrix PB - tastes like yummy Peanut Butter ice cream. Refried Beans with grated cheese (melted). I have had Rosa's (if you have one near you, but don't know if they are vegetarian, I've read Taco's Bell's is.) I also have a recipe for refried Beans I am going to try. I also have hummus on my list with unflavored Protein Powder. Haven't tried that yet.
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    greenbaymichk reacted to emtscott54 in Pain Meds After Sleeve Surgery   
    Speaking as an actual recovering addict, I say this. Know what you are medicating. If you can't honestly look yourself in the eye and say that you are doing it for the pain, don't do it.
    The problem with addiction is that in many people it is a sleepy little monster. Once it wakes up, you got problems. Mindfulness and awareness are keys to staying safe. If you start chasing that delightful relaxed feeling, stop.
    Transfer addiction is real and can set in quickly. Most of us had an addiction to food. Once we can no longer have food, it is extremely easy to subconsciously find another way to feed our addiction. I'm not saying that this is true for everyone but there have been plenty of documented cases.
    I'm sure some people will say that I'm over-reacting, and that's fine. I just know from my own personal life experience and years of actually studying addiction that these things can happen.
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    greenbaymichk reacted to finediva in I wish I knew.....   
    I wish I knew and believed that I would reach my goal and continue to lose before my one year anniversary. I wish I knew that when I was crying and frustrated at three month post surgery, because I had not lost a single pound in 30 days.
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    greenbaymichk reacted to Navymanswife in I wish I knew.....   
    I wish I knew how hard it really and truly is to make good food choices. It sounds easy, the menus offered look easy but there are so many "hidden" things in foods that eating out is a challenge. Because I travel a great deal, i'm constantly battling menu choices and options for high Protein, low sugar foods that can be eaten on the go. A person can only take so many Protein Bars.
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    greenbaymichk got a reaction from KeepOnRockinMe in Pain Meds After Sleeve Surgery   
    I am 2 days ahead of you and still need narcotics at bedtime - I have one spot that is still tender.
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    greenbaymichk got a reaction from valcatlett4 in What is one thing you use the most post-op   
    Pill crusher and "baby spoon."
    Crushed tylenol tastes awful...
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    greenbaymichk got a reaction from Alex Brecher in Products to make life easier!   
    Small mason jars - I use them to make mini-meals (still on purees, so it's mostly egg custard and refried Beans for the moment) but they are perfect for 1/2 - 3/4 cup sizes of food.
    They are oven safe, and the ones with straight sides are also freezer safe.
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    greenbaymichk reacted to anaxila in How accurate is your calorie counting?   
    I track everything in MFP, but not always to the exact quantities. I cook a lot from scratch, and cook by "feel" rather than recipe, so it can be a challenge at times. In the 6 months since my surgery, I've done slightly more measuring than usual, just to make sure I'm cooking like I think I'm cooking, if that makes any sense. I think it matters on the big things - big carby / starchy stuff, butter and other fats, etc - the ones that really "move the needle" from the okay range into the danger zone. All that really matters is that my Proteins stack up at the end of the day and my fats and carbs don't get too out of hand, so I try to keep that in mind when I start to obsess.
    I use my kitchen scale to weigh everything at home, especially when I am making food on the weekend and packaging it up for lunches for the week. I keep reasonably good track of what's going into the recipe, then monitor portion size more closely as that's where I always used to get into trouble. I've gotten pretty good at eyeballing things that are hard to measure (condiments, shredded cheese), but will still weigh them on occasion just to make sure I don't drift too much. I'm from Wisconsin, so cheese is my kryptonite and has a tendency to creep up if I don't watch it closely.
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    greenbaymichk reacted to S(he) be(lie)ve(d) in How accurate is your calorie counting?   
    I do not count calories at all. The way I eat follows they Paleo style of eating. I eat about 5-6 times a day. The only 2 things that I count are my Fluid intake and Protein amount on a daily basis. At this point, I am only 8 lbs away from my goal weight. With myself, I have to keep it simple or I won't stick with it. With 3 kids, it was the only way to go for me. I am the healthiest that I have been in 15 years. For me, it works.
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    greenbaymichk reacted to ShrinkingPeach in How accurate is your calorie counting?   
    Once I have something, it is on my list in MFP. I am not obsessive about it yet but who knows how I will feel at 6 weeks out and I can begin introducing more foods. I agree with @@Babbs, as long as I am losing and I can't eat very much at this point anyway.
    I do keep a close eye on fluids and my Protein daily.
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    greenbaymichk reacted to Shustar in How do I hoist these girls up!?   
    I was chuckling at all the gals who love their Lane Bryant bras. Remember the day is coming when you will no longer fit into Lane Bryant sizes! They start at 36 C which may be too big for thee gal who started this thread! What a concept! Way to go Chunkylover! Looks like you are getting close to goal!
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    greenbaymichk reacted to gowalking in How do I hoist these girls up!?   
    Getting measured is out of your comfort zone but surgery is not? With all due respect, let me please assure you that these women are professionals and have seen it all. I have 'breasticles'. Useless hanging flesh that sits on my chest and not between my legs. I got measured and spent quite alot of money on very good bras. You wouldn't believe how good the girls look sitting in those very expensive boulder holders. Obviously if you want surgery, go for it honey, but don't rule out a way less invasive option.
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    greenbaymichk reacted to Vaness7578 in June Sleevers!   
    I'm having a real problem with the antacid that we need to take. It makes me puke, no matter what I try to take it with. Having to crush it, is horrible!
    My info, I was sleeved on June 25th and on that day I weighed 215 and today I am 205. So 10 lbs 6 days post op. I am pleased with that. But my attitude is awful. I'm disliking everyone. And I am HUNGRY!! I made the mistake of running out of my favorite unjury so it is being delivered today. I'm hoping that helps with the hungry/angry part of my problems. LOL Other than that the incisions are doing great, no issues there. I'm getting in a good amount of fluids, and taking minimal pain medication. I am exhausted though, I'm hoping again that the Protein will help with that part too.
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    greenbaymichk got a reaction from catfish87 in What fitness related EVENT are you training/preparing for?   
    Bellin Women's Half Marathon
    September 26th 2015
    Planning on walking the distance, as I will be 3 months post op at that point. gives me a reason to get off my a@@ and out the door.
    The course is lovely - a paved path along the shores of Green Bay, during the peak of fall colors. Hoping for cool and clear, but will do it if it is rainy/snowy/hellhot or whatever!
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    greenbaymichk reacted to jane13 in My Sleeve journey   
    I have to ask both of you @ @greenbaymichk and @@AnniLou - did you get any sleep if you stayed the night post-op? Or did you get woke up all night (about every 45 minutes) by a nurse sticking a thermometer in your mouth, blood pressure cuff on your arm, etc? Love you guys, my son's an RN, but I wanted to sleep and not think about the thirst!
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    greenbaymichk got a reaction from Susan Quincy in Will we have to low carb for ever?   
    Only as long as we want to maintain our hard won weight loss.