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    Ro Rookes reacted to MommyOnTheMove in Bowel Obstruction   
    I was wondering if anyone has had a bowel obstruction corrective surgery and what their experience was in recovery? I had an open exploratory surgery 5 days ago to correct a bowel obstruction. The cause was scar tissue from my gastric bypass that was 10 months ago. I'm still having cramping and not sure if that is recovering from the surgery or something more. Any experience shared is much appreciated.
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    Ro Rookes reacted to sharkeatyou in Gastric bypass revision/reversal/takedown   
    Has anyone had a gastric bypass revision? I have read (although not much is available) about gastric bypass revisions. I was wondering if anyone has had a RNY converted to a VSG. It would be similar to a duodenal switch procedure, but without the biliopancreatic diversion. I already have way too much malabsorption and do not want any more.
    I have such severe postprandial pain and nausea, that I am developing an aversion to all food.
    I see my surgeon tomorrow, but am up all night wondering/worrying about tomorrow (surgeon is great, but a bit of a meany)
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    Ro Rookes reacted to crocodoxie in Non-Surgical Complication! Random Oddity.   
    I healed beautifully from surgery. Two weeks out, feeling great...then it hit me. I have an intercostal muscle pull! Rib pain hurts!!! I have NO IDEA how it happened. It just went, BAM! Goes from my spine all the way around to my side.
    I went to the doctor, barely able to move. They sent me to the ER immediately to double-check it wasn't a lung puncture issue or blood clot, since I was hunched over in so much pain and so tender to the touch. After bloodwork, a CTscan and Xrays of my chest, I was cleared that yes, this was what I told them I thought it was! I appreciated their precaution either way.
    So, now I'm dealing with this. Getting over surgery was easier than this rib pull. My goodness, has this been kicking my rear! They say 3-6 weeks. Surgery only knocked me out for a week. I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry, so I did both.
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    Ro Rookes reacted to NickM in Reversal   
    Mbrock. Did you have any long term complications from your reversal?
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    Ro Rookes reacted to cheyenneboyer6483 in Holy Acid Reflux!   
    I know how you feel I have very bad acid reflux and I have had from 11 to 12 ulcers in the past 2 1/2 years it has been 4 years when I had my surgery I have done everything that I was told to do but I still keep getting them
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    Ro Rookes reacted to akaet in Vbg problem s   
    I just had a revision to RNY on 6/17/2017 from VGB 3/1994
    I had leakage and secure GURD. Good luck.
    Pre-op 194.3
    SD June 16th 2017
    HT 5' 3"

    "You may see me struggle but you will never see me quit"
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    Ro Rookes reacted to FitBeth in Anyone here?   
    Surgery Aug 8th!!

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    Ro Rookes got a reaction from spindoctor in Its an ulcer!   
    I never feel hungry at all . Do you.

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    Ro Rookes reacted to Seahawks Fan in Anyone here?   
    I have yet to get a response on here & to be honest I'm not sure I'm posting/messaging correctly. Is this app still active?
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    Ro Rookes reacted to Jude1966 in Buddy...anyone?   
    Hello. Just keep trying and don't listen to others. I everyone loses at different paces. I had surgery in January and feel like I am not losing enough either. Plus having back, leg and knee issues that worse than before I lost the weight. I will be your buddy

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    Ro Rookes reacted to juliorodz in Going to the emergency room finally   
    I'm curious anyone who expirienved blood clots, did you have to I jet blood thinners 3xs a day for 2 weeks?... I have to do that. I wonder if that'd why my surgeon makes his patients do that... when I mention it to other people who have been sleeved they only get the blood thinners at the hospital. Humm mmm I wonder

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    Ro Rookes reacted to lrob23 in Exercise   
    What kind of exercise are we able to do 4 weeks out?
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    Ro Rookes reacted to janedoe92 in Never thought I'd regret it...but here I am   
    I remember when I got the surgery I was sooo incredibly happy. I'm finally losing weight more than I have doing every diet known to man, but can't find the happiness in it anymore. I've been struggling for awhile with how my life is already changing. I've always been a pretty social person (I'm 24 so i liked to go out often, drink with friends, lunches, things of that sort). I knew that would change and I thought I prepared myself. Now I feel almost alone in a sense. I no longer have that social aspect to my life and it kills me. I still want to go out, but of course people don't want to go out with someone that's not going to drink. The friend I had for support is still supportive, but even she at most times doesn't understand because we had two different surgeries (she was sleeved I had the switch), and it seems like she doesn't get how things can be different for me, so I no longer have anyone to talk to about my journey.
    Now I'm having a complication, which is so frustrating to me. My recovery was so incredibly smooth and I was able to get all liquids and Protein within 3 days. Now I am struggling and have sever nausea. I am in touch with my team, but it's not as easy seeing as I live 4 hours away from them. We're thinking it may be dehydration but I'm hoping not because she said I would have to do a home health stay and get iv fluids. I cannot afford anymore time off work, or school and I am in an internship and can't afford to miss days there either. I feel so depressed about this whole situation, and just wish better days would come where I am not regretting the surgery and can finally enjoy losing the weight
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    Ro Rookes reacted to Smallbites2015 in Anxiety about being almost one year post op   
    The time passes so fast it's been a year for me now and I'm still not done losing. Your weight loss is great . If you've gotten off track take a deep breath and start over. I've gotten somewhat lax but I added my Protein shakes back in and trying to get my Vitamins . This tool is still there just let it work .
    I realize where my issues are and I have to do better
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    Ro Rookes reacted to lrob23 in Post-Op problems   
    I've realized ever since I got out of the hospital that my mouth gets dry really easily. I wake up multiple times at night because it's so dry. I've read that it could be because I'm dehydrated but I'm already drinking so much Water a day. Also, I've noticed that I've had bad breath. Not morning breath or anything like that but I can't get it to go away. Any ideas or experiences with this?
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    Ro Rookes reacted to hannah_621 in Reversal   
    Did you ever find out about Gastroparesis? I have had that condition for a few years now and my GI docs all are pointing at using bypass as a way to help decrease the symptoms. I hope you've gotten to feeling better. This terrifies me honestly!
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    Ro Rookes reacted to Lisa Kasen/UnstapledLisa in Reversal   
    Wow... I didn't know there was a forum for us reversed peeps. I had rny in 2001, reversed due gi bleeds primary, as I was going to die, secondary was long term nutritional deficiencies that caused irreversible neurological/cognitive disabilities, but would've died in 2010 without reversal and I probably was the heaviest person to ever need one and had the labs of a person starving to death.

    My surgeon who is brilliant didn't give me a hard time at my heaviest when I gained almost all my weight back back due to meds, starting at almost 7 years post rny. I was a size 24 again in early 2010 when I begged him for a revision, because if I had to be that sick for so long, I didn't want to be that heavy, even though I had a technically performed perfect rny.

    He refused saying that I was sicker than Obesity could ever be a threat to me and 5 months later when he brought up a reversal to save my life , I was ready and was going to die by then after living with complications for 7 + years that just were getting even worse. And that were going to kill me .

    Reversals ARE a dangerous and risky procedure, by the nature of why they are needed.

    I am not anti-wls and I'm not even anti gastric bypass. But I am around for support which is crucial, when going through this. I didn't know anyone who had a reversal at the time of mine. And even while my wls peeps tried to support me, they didn't know how not knowing anyone else who had one, either.....

    As "L Colendrea" said there is a support group on Facebook, started by my FB bud Misty (who also blogs and vlogs "life in my in my frankenbelly) and I blog , too about my reversal, as well....
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    Ro Rookes reacted to sleevinpops in Nausea in middle of night   
    You may want to try elevating your head in bed, or take the zantac or heartburn relief tablet later in the day to get you through the night. Check with the doc too
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    Ro Rookes reacted to LColandrea in Reversal   
    Yes, they can be reversed. If they can take you apart, they can put you back together. Not to say you still wouldn't have issues. I had mine reversed 15 months ago and ended up with gastroparesis. I have less than 10% stomach function now. I wouldn't let just anyone do a take down though. I would absolutely make sure your surgeon is highly skilled, and has done reversals before successfully. Even talk to some of his/her patients if you can. There is also a group on FB-Gastric Bypass take downs and reverse support if anyone is interested.
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    Ro Rookes got a reaction from My4Brownies in Slipped up on pre op diet   
    You will be fine hun . No more cheating though. Xxxxxxx

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    Ro Rookes reacted to jojo2327 in Looking for someone over 50. Sleeve surgery coming up on the 17th. Tuesday   
    Hi Connie I am 55 from queens. NY I was sleeved on 8/1 best decision in my life I am down 60 pounds. You got this girl [emoji4][emoji106]

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    Ro Rookes reacted to SLIMPICKENS55 in Slipped up on pre op diet   
    Your not the only one that has had those want this ,want that ! Just call your coordinator at the hospital and tell them what happened. You have to be honest with them. Your life may depend on this. They will tell u what to do. I had to call myself today. Over eating celery

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    Ro Rookes reacted to ashethjac3 in Slipped up on pre op diet   
    I started my 10 day pre op liquid diet on Monday the 13th, my sleeve surgery is the 23rd. Today was my birthday and I had such a craving for pizza that stupid me decided it was going to be a really long time before I was able to eat pizza hut pizza again so i went out with my kids and boyfriend for pizza. I had 2 pieces of pizza and 2 breadsticks plus about half glass of sprite. I went straight back to my liquids as soon as I got home and I plan to stick to my liquid diet 100% from now till surgery. Do you think everything will be ok or what do you think I should do
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    Ro Rookes got a reaction from My Bariatric Life in Digestive problems many years after gastric bypass - help needed   
    Do you have doctors name and no please.x Sent from my SM-G903F using the BariatricPal App
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    Ro Rookes got a reaction from My Bariatric Life in Digestive problems many years after gastric bypass - help needed   
    There is so much I should have but don't get. B12 all the Vitamins and no one cares about me as they don't know enough about it in UK. What should I use or take. Xxxx Sent from my SM-G903F using the BariatricPal App

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