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  1. SnOwCrAsHeD

    CPAP: Small Victory

    1 year after the Sleeve I got a new sleep study and good news I was told I could ditch the CPAP. Anyways I stopped using it about 6 month ago anyways.
  2. SnOwCrAsHeD

    Bay Area surgeons?

  3. SnOwCrAsHeD

    Guys, what do you consider your ideal pants size ?

    I'm now a 30/30 at 5'10 same length (Inseam) as waist! Used to be a 40/30...I'm nearing 140 pound range from 239 high. I have lost slow and don't seem to have any lose skin?! I wear medium shirts and had the sleeve procedure.
  4. SnOwCrAsHeD

    Nutrition Facts

    Sugar under 10 grams per serving, high in Protein. I look for little else and target 50-75 grams of Protein per day. Lost nearly 85 lbs, and don't count calories (or fat) and don't exercise other then 1-2 miles walking/day. Down to 154 lbs today, 5'10" at six months out from sleeve. I ignore total carbs for the most part, just focus on sugar, but up to you! Be smart!
  5. SnOwCrAsHeD

    Bay Area surgeons?

    Dr. Zare - the best!
  6. SnOwCrAsHeD

    What can I do with...cottage cheese?

    I mix it with non-fat, high protein, greek yogurt and never looked back! Otherwise I could not eat it without black pepper when plain.
  7. SnOwCrAsHeD

    Before and After Pics

    you all look great!
  8. SnOwCrAsHeD

    Progress Pictures ☺

    82lbs pounds lost here!
  9. SnOwCrAsHeD


  10. SnOwCrAsHeD

    Veterans: Question RE: bowel movements

    I'm the same way, pre-surgery 3 times per day, post surgery one every other day, but I don't use a laxative. I think this is due to all the Protein I eat. It took my nearly 10 days to go after my surgery and they scared me, but I'm ok with every other day and I don't feel any worse for it and don't feel constipated in any way, so go figure.
  11. SnOwCrAsHeD

    I'm eating like a prisoner on death row

    My GF makes that for me but in a high Protein version. I eat about 3 oz and I'm full. The rest are for leftovers.
  12. SnOwCrAsHeD

    So What Do I Order @ A Bar?

    I can't do carbonation of any kind :-(
  13. SnOwCrAsHeD

    Sensitive teeth

    My teeth are super sensitive. Can't do cold or hot anymore. I'm down 60+ lbs. No one ever told me about this. My dentist is at a loss too. I take all the supplements also. Have my 6 month with my surgeon next week and just did all my labs for him to review.
  14. SnOwCrAsHeD

    Sensitive teeth

    I have the same issue. 45 days out. Not happy about it.

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