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  1. SnOwCrAsHeD

    CPAP: Small Victory

    1 year after the Sleeve I got a new sleep study and good news I was told I could ditch the CPAP. Anyways I stopped using it about 6 month ago anyways.
  2. SnOwCrAsHeD

    Bay Area surgeons?

  3. SnOwCrAsHeD

    Guys, what do you consider your ideal pants size ?

    I'm now a 30/30 at 5'10 same length (Inseam) as waist! Used to be a 40/30...I'm nearing 140 pound range from 239 high. I have lost slow and don't seem to have any lose skin?! I wear medium shirts and had the sleeve procedure.
  4. SnOwCrAsHeD

    Nutrition Facts

    Sugar under 10 grams per serving, high in Protein. I look for little else and target 50-75 grams of Protein per day. Lost nearly 85 lbs, and don't count calories (or fat) and don't exercise other then 1-2 miles walking/day. Down to 154 lbs today, 5'10" at six months out from sleeve. I ignore total carbs for the most part, just focus on sugar, but up to you! Be smart!
  5. SnOwCrAsHeD

    Bay Area surgeons?

    Dr. Zare - the best!
  6. SnOwCrAsHeD

    What can I do with...cottage cheese?

    I mix it with non-fat, high protein, greek yogurt and never looked back! Otherwise I could not eat it without black pepper when plain.
  7. SnOwCrAsHeD

    Before and After Pics

    you all look great!
  8. SnOwCrAsHeD

    Progress Pictures ☺

    82lbs pounds lost here!
  9. SnOwCrAsHeD


  10. SnOwCrAsHeD


    From the album: SnOwCrAsHeD

  11. SnOwCrAsHeD


    From the album: SnOwCrAsHeD

  12. SnOwCrAsHeD

    Veterans: Question RE: bowel movements

    I'm the same way, pre-surgery 3 times per day, post surgery one every other day, but I don't use a laxative. I think this is due to all the Protein I eat. It took my nearly 10 days to go after my surgery and they scared me, but I'm ok with every other day and I don't feel any worse for it and don't feel constipated in any way, so go figure.
  13. SnOwCrAsHeD

    I'm eating like a prisoner on death row

    My GF makes that for me but in a high Protein version. I eat about 3 oz and I'm full. The rest are for leftovers.
  14. SnOwCrAsHeD

    So What Do I Order @ A Bar?

    I can't do carbonation of any kind :-(
  15. SnOwCrAsHeD

    Sensitive teeth

    My teeth are super sensitive. Can't do cold or hot anymore. I'm down 60+ lbs. No one ever told me about this. My dentist is at a loss too. I take all the supplements also. Have my 6 month with my surgeon next week and just did all my labs for him to review.
  16. SnOwCrAsHeD

    Sensitive teeth

    I have the same issue. 45 days out. Not happy about it.
  17. I drink one or two cups of coffee per day (work days mostly) and it is fine for me. I've 40 days out from WLS with Sleeve.
  18. Two weeks. Could have returned in one week. Sleeved.
  19. SnOwCrAsHeD

    Shoulder pain

    Same here. Right side only for me.
  20. SnOwCrAsHeD

    Protein shakes

    Same here. They are not that bad.
  21. Two days post sleeve my girlfriend caught me with a small jello pudding (100 cal) and I saw the eyes of my maker and they were not happy. Later I ate the rest in peace.
  22. SnOwCrAsHeD

    So devastated

    I live in Silicon Valley (Mountain View, CA), and the cost of 1 night at the hospital was over $80,000. The cool part is they had actual robots roaming the halls and in the elevators delivering meds and supplies across the hospital. I had no complications (pre-surgery BMI was around 35). I am in good health otherwise but blessed to have a great insurance plan provided by my employer (also in Silicon Valley). Attached is the Hospital Bill only and I have zero due since I have met my deductible. The Dr. billed the insurance separately around $8,000. I'm about 7 days out so wish me luck!
  23. Any advice for clear liquid diet for day before surgery? Some I read coffee with no cream is ok, others don't say. So far I've had one Earl Grey tea and it's noon. Not too hungry but will try sugar free jello or clear broth later tonight. My girlfriend is doing a juice cleanse today to support me. I did the same yesterday since doc does not allow juice cleanse the day before. Only clear liquids and diluted juice. I check into hospital 5:30am Monday! Wish me luck!
  24. SnOwCrAsHeD

    Getting Sleeved Tomorrow 7/20!

    8 hours out. Lots of pain.

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