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    TurboToo reacted to kaitlynm in 100 Pounds Down Today!   
    Finally, I hit a big goal and have lost 100 pounds. It feels so good, but I can't decide what kind of reward I should give myself. I'm sure I will come up with something. Now to go after those last 45 pesky pounds.
    Next goal is 11 more pounds and I'm officially not obese. I think that will be even bigger accomplishment.

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    TurboToo reacted to Healthy_life2 in Whats Possible? 43 y/o, F, 5'6 280lbs, medium build   
    Sleeved at age 45 in 2014. BMI 42. I'm 5' 5" Starting weight 254. Current weight 134. Maintenance 1 year 5 months.
    My advice..lol
    (1) Never compare your weight loss with anyone else...It WILL drive you crazy
    (2) It not how fast you drop weight...Its the fact you are dropping weight.
    (3) you can get out of surgery what you are willing to put into it. ( Exception complications etc)
    (4) The only person that has to be happy with your results is you.
    (5) Choose carefully information and statistics you read online. Strive for what success looks like for you.
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    TurboToo reacted to mgarcia4402 in Before and After Pics   
    Here is mine :-) I'm 5mths post op and down 114lbs :-)

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    TurboToo reacted to Jennifer575 in Before and After Pics   
    This is the first time posting any pics. I am a couple days shy of 2 mos post op. Down 46lbs.

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    TurboToo reacted to Losin4good in Before and After Pics   
    I remember being pre-op and my favorite thing to do was look at progress photos and dream
    I am 6 months, 10 days post op and I am down 128 pounds total. This isnt a very great pic since I have been sick, but i still took it because anything is better than my before!!

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    TurboToo reacted to grandmaofone in I can't believe it.......   
    I had my gallbladder taken out last week, on Tuesday. I had only one pair or yoga pants and then one pair of leggings that were to big that I had not gotten rid of yet. I was doing laundry everyday so I would have something that was not rubbing the incision on my belly button. I was talking to my daughter this and she ran upstairs and brought me down a size Medium yoga pants. I held them up but was still very swollen so they looked like they were not going to fit. Today when I got up laundry never got switched so I had no choice but to pull them out. I started to put them on and I was very concerned. But I pulled them on and they FIT!!!!! I was so happy I did a little happy dance and it wasn't to try and get the jeans up!!!!! The BIGGEST NSV for me yet!!!! I can wear a size Medium and they are not like a second skin, I have some room in them!!!!!
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    TurboToo reacted to Clementine Sky in 4 months post op 84 lbs down ! ????   
    You look fantastic! You're glowing with happiness in your picture. Congratulations! That's very impressive. I wish I had already lost that much! I also had the VSG in August but haven't yet hit the 50 pound weight loss mark. I am feeling much better, though.
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    TurboToo reacted to shellyd67 in 4 months post op 84 lbs down ! ????   
    Still have awhile to get to goal, but I'm enjoying a much healthier lifestyle.
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    TurboToo reacted to svasquez in Sloow weightloss!   
    You are so right! I just see all these people loosing so much and it makes me feel like im behind..but you are right...i have not been getting all my Protein and liquids in..in a long time..i will get on top of things this week
    Thank you!
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    TurboToo got a reaction from Dub in I'm on day 11... No energy at all.   
    I agree major surgery, it will take a while. Personally for me, it was 4 weeks before I had energy again. You will get there soon, keep drinking Water and protein!
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    TurboToo reacted to LMolina1987 in Happy   
    So I was sleeved Oct 8 and everything's been good didn't need a drain seriously no pain what so ever my Tylenol is still full all three bottles day of surgery I was 297 before when I first began I was 315 now I'm 277.8. So happy that I've made this choice for myself. And I no longer depend on my cane to walk short distances only have issues walking far distances.
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    TurboToo reacted to wannaBthinsoon in Stalling...uggh!   
    Stalls happen. I just had my 6 month follow up, and Doc put me back on 5 days of liquids (pre-op diet). Sucked, but it broke the stall. I realize now why I stalled, and this may not be why anyone else did, but I was eating mindlessly again. I have a big ol' barrel of pretzels in my kitchen and I would eat a few every time I went in there. No telling HOW many simple carbs I was eating. Lesson learned. AGAIN. It is just a tool, and I am still an addict that has to be diligent.
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    TurboToo reacted to slvarltx in 4 months post op, 72 lbs down, food/life adjustments   
    @trialatty My experience is very similar to yours. At almost 6 months post-op, I hardly think about the sleeve anymore. I get on the scale once in awhile, just to see what is happening. Sometimes it hasn't moved, other times I am down about 5-6 lbs. At this point, I don't really care as my eating is under control, and that was what was keeping me fat to begin with. I don't count calories at all. I DO follow the Protein first, veggies, carbs rule. If I really want some bread at a restaurant, I grab a piece and just pull off a corner and enjoy that one little piece and let the rest sit there. If I get in the mood to "pig" out at night, I usually mix a little PB2 chocolate and milk, and that consistency usually does the trick. I travel a lot for work, and get a lot of "is that all you want" from the wait staff, but I just say "yes, that's it, unless you are buying me more!", gets me a chuckle and they move off. I will eat 2 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, and sliced tomatoes as my go to travel meal. I drink a beer or 2 once in awhile if I am in a social setting. My life has just changed for the better as I am not dragging around an extra 116 lbs. My sleeve reset my body and my mind. It is the new normal.
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    TurboToo reacted to CowgirlJane in How many ?   
    In the early days/weeks many of us could not reach Protein goals - staying hydrated is TOP priority in that time frame. Premier Protein with the 30g of Protein is a great choice to help get there.
    I was given 60g as the protein goal, but based on new research my practice now suggests 80g. I had a dietician (friend) tell me that due to my musclular build she thought I should aim for 80g too.
    Anyway, it takes awhile to get there, it is very helpful to have a guide to cover the stages. Most of us started on Clear liquids, then full liquids, then mushy, then more solid (slowly) and then no restriction except good eating practices.
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    TurboToo reacted to peaceout in Onederland Onederland, Its Beautiful   
    Congrats! Keep up the great work.
    P.S. I don't think you're all that slow of a loser 54 lbs/12.5 weeks= 4.3 lbs per week! I'd say you're rocking it.
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    TurboToo reacted to chrisredjeep in Onederland Onederland, Its Beautiful   
    Apologies to any Simply Red fans out there! Reached the fabled Onederland today, so very very happy to say that, and also have lost over 50 lbs too. Im a slow loser had my op 16th July 2015 but Im so glad I'm a sleever.
    Good Luck to us all
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    TurboToo reacted to CowgirlJane in Before and After Pics   
    There is already a huge long thread dedicated to before and afters.. but it is such a fun topic I don't mind repeating!!
    This is what losing 150 pounds does for you! A girlfriend of mine said the sweetest thing "I didn't know you had a teenage daughter"...LOL. I do feel like I look younger being trimmer.
    Taken within the last few weeks

    This was taken in December i believe - I think I was 20# away from goal,back when I was a bit curvier. I was feeling pretty good, but, I like how I look better now even if my T&A disappeared since this photo was taken.

    This is my before picture at over 300#. I don't have much to say about it but I KEEP looking at my befores to remind myself how far I have come.

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    TurboToo reacted to dar1983 in Before and After Pics   
    This is me, 7 months post-op..79lbs lost

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    TurboToo got a reaction from lsubabe33 in 3 1/2 weeks post-op   
    I am also about 31/2 weeks out. I agree Protein drinks are sooooooo sweet and gross. I have learned from a few people to make them as cold as possible even blend with ice. I get mine very cold and Premiere Protein is the least sweet to me. I am only drinking them because I know I have to have the protein and liquid. It is a struggle to get them down as I am not hungry and nothing sounds good. I have also used unflavored Protein Drinks mixed with Crystal Light and that works ok. The lemonade is the one I like the most. You can also add unflavored to Soups, cream of wheat and so on. Hope it gets better for you.
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    TurboToo reacted to Margie122 in Did a stupid thing last night, scared myself   
    Now I definitely know better! The pain was just so intense and so scary I hope I never feel it again. I'm certainly more aware of everything I am eating today...taking care to put the fork down....chew chew chew.....and take my time.
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    TurboToo reacted to Daisee68 in Left side pain   
    Sorry you didn't get a response earlier. I hope you are feeling better by now. The left side pain (and shoulder pain) is likely gas but the fever would probably concern me. I hope it has come down by now. Fever after surgery is one of the things they always tell you to watch for. If it hasn't come down or it comes back up, be sure to call the dr office again - even the on-call dr over the weekend. If you are too concerned, don't be afraid to go to ER.
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    TurboToo got a reaction from byebyefat in Tommorow is the big day   
    I am tomorrow as well! Best of luck to you! Yay for us!
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    TurboToo reacted to byebyefat in Tommorow is the big day   
    Tommorow, September 14th, 2015, in exactly 24 hours, I will be sleeved, please everyone keep me in your prayers, I truly appreciate it
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    TurboToo got a reaction from ExcitedNana in Hey there September sleevers! Any one out there?   
    Best wishes to all Sept. sleevers, I to am set for Sept. the 14th. Excited and nervous!
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    TurboToo reacted to funredneckgal in Feeling so unsure.   
    I am pre-op as well. I haven't told anybody yet about having surgery. I do not want yhem to influence me. This is a very personal choice. I will tell my immediate family when I find out my surgery date, but until then, my husband is my support along with all of you fine people on here. Don't let anyone deter you from your goals, this is to help you get healthy.

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