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  1. TurboToo

    I'm on day 11... No energy at all.

    I agree major surgery, it will take a while. Personally for me, it was 4 weeks before I had energy again. You will get there soon, keep drinking Water and protein!
  2. TurboToo

    I miss salad?

    I am 7 weeks out and have a couple bites of salad. Love it, that too was one thing I missed. But with that being said you should alway follow doctor and nuts orders.
  3. Pinterest had great bariatric recipes and the web site theworldaccordingtoeggface.blogspot.com has lots of recipes. She had RNY but the recipes are same for sleevers. Best of luck. Chili is my go to food and I am 7 weeks out!
  4. Yes, rapid weight loss can lead to gall bladder issues. My doctor put me on Actigal for 6 months. I am 7 weeks post op and so far so good. But time will tell. Wishing you the best.
  5. TurboToo

    Stool softener

    I just had a horrible bout with constipation. My doc recommends 2 Colace (sp?) a day until regular then go down to 1 a day. Also to add fiber to the diet. Hopefully this helps, I am trying it now.
  6. TurboToo

    3 1/2 weeks post-op

    I am also about 31/2 weeks out. I agree Protein drinks are sooooooo sweet and gross. I have learned from a few people to make them as cold as possible even blend with ice. I get mine very cold and Premiere protein is the least sweet to me. I am only drinking them because I know I have to have the protein and liquid. It is a struggle to get them down as I am not hungry and nothing sounds good. I have also used unflavored Protein Drinks mixed with Crystal Light and that works ok. The lemonade is the one I like the most. You can also add unflavored to Soups, cream of wheat and so on. Hope it gets better for you.
  7. TurboToo


    I believe it is your personal business and you can tell who you want, when you want. I have told only a handful of people. Surgery for me is tomorrow. Once I start loosing weight and people ask I will be honest, but not until after my surgery, I do not want any negativity and rudeness. My husband and adult children and a couple close friends are what I need right now. Best of luck, you will do well even if people learn you are or have had the surgery!
  8. TurboToo

    2 days to go.

    Best of luck to you all! My surgery is Monday as well! Didn't sleep well last night and upset tummy today. I am sure nerves and anxiety.
  9. TurboToo

    Tommorow is the big day

    I am tomorrow as well! Best of luck to you! Yay for us!
  10. @@MissRobin Sorry to hear about the pain and vomiting. My surgeon mentioned that I had to ask for anti-nausea meds. Hope they can give you something for it. Walking should help, it will get things moving. Keep your chin up, you are doing great.
  11. TurboToo

    Hazy pre op focus

    It is funny how our brains work(head games). They really want us to have our bad habits. I understand. Try to stay focused and motivated, this site and others you may have will help. I just started my pre-op liquid diet today. You will get there, hard work but it pays off! Fitness pal is a great app for listing what your eating! Can also put exercise in to see the calories you are burning! Best wishes and you can do this!
  12. I too am Sept. 14. Oregon! Best wishes!
  13. TurboToo

    Consult on Tuesday

    I too have only made a few posts, but reading and listening to what people have to say is a great way to gain a wealth on knowledge! I have my surgery on the 14th! Lots of hard work to get ready, but a lot of help and info from this board! Best of luck!
  14. TurboToo

    Surgery date 9/14 who else?

    I am Sept. 14th as well! Nervous and very excited. Pre-op liquid diet 7 days prior to surgery. My pre-op appt. is thursday! This is starting to get real! Good luck every one!
  15. TurboToo

    Sept date I am all set

    Sept. 14th! Yay, excited and nervous! Good luck all Septembers!
  16. Best wishes to all Sept. sleevers, I to am set for Sept. the 14th. Excited and nervous!
  17. TurboToo

    Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!

    Best of luck and keep us posted! I am on the 14th, understand the nervousness!

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