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    Mands15 got a reaction from Clara Moretina in Just Curious about cc you were at for green zone.   
    I got my third fill on Wednesday. I now have 5ml in my 10ml band. Not at the green yet..
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    Mands15 got a reaction from jfc193 in Regrets   
    I've been banded for 8 months and I have no regrets at all!
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    Mands15 got a reaction from JustWatchMe in February 2015 Bandsters --ANYONE?!?   
    Can I just add that I'm LOVING not looking 9 months pregnant ... Being that I'm not pregnant at all. The pic on the left was taken in April 2014. I was heavier on the date of my surgery. The pic on the right (I'm standing with my aunt) was taken almost two months ago.. I've lost about 3kgs since then.
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    Mands15 reacted to KateP in Where do the Veterans go ?   
    Good gracious! I don't see negativity, I see support from all sides. I see the sharing of experiences. I see the honest expressions of differences in outcomes and in eating behaviours.
    Example. You keep your band tight. I don't, a tight band works for you and you tell people that. A tight band frightens me and I tell people that. Our experiences and therefore our posts are different,
    People reading aren't morons. They know neither you nor I, nor anyone here is the expert!
    If you really want to see negativity, go on the other main Wls board (dont think we are allowed to post links to other boards) - there there is not just negativity but downright hostility to bands. Virtually all the banded people there are actually ex-banded! That's why I have started spending time over here. I have lots of long term friends there and so still post but not about band issues as none of them still have bands.
    Sharing problems s just as supportive as sharing trouble-free experiences.
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    Mands15 reacted to JustWatchMe in February 2015 Bandsters --ANYONE?!?   
    I was banded a year ago. I just wanted to tell you you're doing great. This is the hard part. At the right fill level it becomes so much easier. But creep up on your green. Don't overshoot it.
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    Mands15 reacted to Mommyfrid in February 2015 Bandsters --ANYONE?!?   
    I was banded on February 6, 2015. I've read so many threads on here since even before my surgery and it's been so helpful. I just haven't really connected with anyone that was banded around the same time as me as I'm interested in others progress and if mine is normal. I started my pre-op diet on January 27th. As of April 27 (3 months), I've lost 48.5lbs. I have a lot of weight to lose, so even though I've already lost 48.5lbs, I have another 150lbs to lose. Im definitely not in the green zone as I feel very little restriction in my band. I just have exercised the pounds off. What I've done so far I could've done without the band bc it wasn't really helping me any until after I had my second fill 2 weeks ago. I started to feel some difference, but there's no way I'm there yet. The dr said i have 5cc's in a 10-12cc band. When I go back in 2 weeks I plan to request another fill. I'm still able to eat way too much food than I should be eating and I'm not eating until my stomach feels full, just until I'm satisfied and that's something I'm working on learning every day. I've pretty much cut out the between meal snacking. I struggle the most in the evening and at night.
    Anyway, just curious about other people who are near my banding date. I'm interested in other experiences and I'm always open to new ideas and advice too!!
    Started 1/27/15 - 409
    4/27/15 - 360.5
    I will attach a pic of my progress.
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    Mands15 reacted to B-52 in Sliders - a word.   
    I'm a Bander, so I cannot talk about other surgeries, and that is why I'm posting this under the lap band section...
    A lot of people talk about the fear of overeating by going with too much "Slider Food" The theory is, at least the way I understand it, is that no matter how much restriction you have, these type of foods will pass right through easily, thereby cheating the band, and eating around the benefits of having the surgery in the first place.
    Yes, I get it...makes perfect sense to me....but there is something people fail to mention, and I remembered it the other day when I sat down in front of the TV with a pint of Ben and Jerry's "Cherry Garcia" Ice cream....
    Over time, we loose all the weight, loose all the belly fat, exercise and get those rock hard ab muscles back, and in the process, from eating so little food for so long, our actual stomachs shrink in size!!!
    So sitting there with the pint of ice cream, I would have polished off the entire pint, but I couldn't....just as the band prohibits me from overeating regular solid food, the fact that my stomach has gotten so small makes it impossible to overeat slider foods that get past the band with no problem.......
    1/3rd of the way in, and I started to get a good old fashioned "belly ache!" I HAD TO STOP! As a matter of fact I felt a little miserable for a hour or two afterward....
    And just like lessons learned with the band, I've learned another lesson, and unless I like like pain and feeling miserable, I won't attempt that anytime soon....behavior modification!!
    I've noticed this with a few other things also, like beer....,Yes, I drink beer, my Dr knows it, I know how to do it, and I AM NOT saying you should do so either...follow your Dr.'s directions!!!! (you also can't do it if you're tight)
    Anyway, back in the day I could drink beer all day...and I had the stomach size to prove it! Now, one beer and I'm finished....just don't have the stomach for it anymore.......
    So it's a Win-Win situation....the band will help you (force you) to adapt a new lifestyle, and in return with that new lifestyle, many other benefits will follow. Things will develop into a NEW NORMAL.....no more eating like a pig....first because the band won't let you, and then, if you attempt to cheat and eat around the band, your improved smaller stomach won't let you!!!!
    It does not get any better than this!!!! I love my band!!
    And I quess I should say, if you are just starting out, it will take some time of eating very little food before your stomach shrinks....and you get that additional safety net.
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    Mands15 got a reaction from Drband14 in First fill   
    Hi I had my first fill last week Monday. I was so excited to get the adjustment.. I feel like I'm finally on my way. I got 3 ccs put in my band, but still not feeling any restriction at all. I know some people say that they only feel the effects of an adjustment up to two weeks after the actual fill. Its only been 10 days since my fill, but I'm pretty sure I'll have to get another.
    I'm 6 weeks post-op (had my surgery on 9 Feb) and have lost 10kgs (22 pounds) so far, but I've been white-knuckling it... Looking forward to my next fill and ultimately feeling supported by my band, but I like the idea of creeping toward the green zone. As much as I want to feel some restriction (anything to let me know my band is actually there), I'm petrified of being too tight!
    Good good luck!
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    Mands15 reacted to Keeper in First fill   
    Just another thought; another benefit of going slower is that it helps your head and body adjust to all of the changes to keep our weight off permanently. I know that has been true for me :-)
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    Mands15 reacted to Drband14 in First fill   
    I totally agree with you @@Keeper! Slow and steady wins the race. We all know from being life-long dieters that the slower rate the weight loss is (1-2 lbs. a week) will stay off longer than if we lose a ton of weight at one time too fast. @@Mands15, it gets a little frustrating but take it one day a time. We are all here to support each other. Some days are better than others. I have already lost 3.5 lbs since my fill (3 days!). But today my hunger was cray cray again. Just trying to use my will power!
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    Mands15 got a reaction from MCMorgan-Gynn in Banded February 9   
    I had my surgery on the same day, but have am having the complete opposite results. My appetite is not reduced at all. I can't wait to have the band tightened!
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    Mands15 got a reaction from Flygirl123 in 4 weeks post-op and feeling positive   
    I had my surgery a month ago and wish I'd done it sooner! I've had no restriction since my op and am sooo looking forward to getting my first fill this coming Wednesday. I've lost 18.5 pounds so far and have a long way to go still, but am so pleased I've (almost) made it to my first fill without gaining any weight. Now, I just need to start moving my (slightly smaller) ass.. There's absolutely no good reason why I haven't been working out, but I plan to start walking this evening.
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    Mands15 reacted to Lady VS in I want my lap band out!   
    Hi Sunnygirl. Hugs first of all. I'm glad you decided to change your way of thinking in regards to how you view foods. I hope you decide to keep your band for your continued health. Maybe seeing a counselor from time to time can possibly help you with staying focused. I wish you much success in this new year.
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    Mands15 reacted to enjoythetime in I want my lap band out!   
    I'm glad you're going to get this issue looked at. It sounds to me that your band has too much Fluid in it and you could use an unfill. Great job on keeping a food diary! I know this helps me alot, just to see what exactly I'm putting in my body!
    Here are my thoughts/advice regarding your food diary:
    I think the portions you're eating are too large. So for instance for Breakfast maybe only do one egg, 1 maybe 2 slices of bacon and 1/2 slice of cheese in tortilla- or try skipping the tortilla all together.
    There shouldn't be a need for Snacks. If you're eating your protien first, you should be full and it should satisfy you for atleast 4 hours, which is typically when your next meal is, so I would cut out Snacks all together. The other thing I noticed is your choice of beverages. I was instructed to STRICTLY cut out ALL carbonated beverages. II'm not sure if you're drinking during your meals but if so, that could be another reason why your food isn't staying with, it's washing your food through the band too quickly. So no carbonated beverages and wait 1 hour to drink anything after a meal. Three slices of pizza?? I'm not sure how you could possibly get all of this down especially if you're band is too tight, that's alot of food! I don't do pizza at all because it's not got any of the nutrition in it we need. The greek yogurt is a great choice if feel you need a I think the dinner choice was good too, but maybe try weighing your meat on a scale vs. by the cup etc. you should only consume 3-4 oz of Protein per meal not sure what that measurement comes out to by the cup. I believe if you make these small changes you will see a HUGE difference in the way your food stays with you and how your band works. You can do this, you just have to work the band and do EXACTLY as the Dr. have instructed you to do! Good luck! I hope everything works out at your appointment!
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    Mands15 reacted to lisacaron in I want my lap band out!   
    I can see that you are having issues with your band. If you want the band out then you should by all means start looking into that. If you want to work with your band you are going to have to go back to the basics reset and start again.
    What you listed in your meal plan for the day is a lot of food to be eating banded or not banded and the choices of the food are very poor. I understand that part of your condition is making poor choices and texture aversion, and I get that you like to eat meat like chicken and pork and there should be no reason why you are unable to eat the things that work for you.
    If you want to be successful with the band you are going to have to work on your choices and aversions and that means getting counseling and working with your psychologist and nutritionist to do that.
    Some of the reasons you are getting stuck and are uncomfortable right now could be that you are filling up and stretching out with carbonated beverages which are a TOTAL NO NO with the band.
    If you are eating and drinking at the same time you may be pushing the food down so fast it doesn't have time to filter through your band and instead is piling up on top in the pouch and then causing you to have that stuck feeling and causing it to come back up.
    The more things come back up the more trauma you are causing to your stomach, and your band which could have now since you last saw your Dr. in April have caused erosion or slip in the band which is giving you even more discomfort when eating solid foods.
    We are not doctors here and this is only speculations based on our individual observations and experiences. The best thing for you to do is to go back to basics and stick to Protein shakes and mushy foods until you can get yourself to your doctor to find out what's going on with you and your band.
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    Mands15 reacted to serenity55 in My doctor says that gastric banding is a waste of time.   
    Like you, I didn't want anything done to my insides. One of the great things about the band is that it is adjustable. Another is that it can be removed if necessary. I have had my band for 5 years and I would do it all over again.
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    Mands15 reacted to JustWatchMe in My doctor says that gastric banding is a waste of time.   
    Maybe a waste of his time. But not mine. Thrilled with my decision.
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    Mands15 reacted to B-52 in Hate this lying!   
    I told no one...I took a week off of vacation for my surgery and recovery.
    I lost all my weight. Everyday I go about my business like it's just another day.
    And now, 4 years later, it's all old news...people don't even think of me as ever being fat, and new people who I meet never knew I was fat....
    Even my wife doesn't bring it up anymore...the surgery is a memory.
    So who cares if it was easy?? All I care is that I did something to take care of myself and my family. It's done, finished, and since moved on to a (New improved) normal life.
    In the beginning as the pounds were melting away, people did ask me all the time how I was doing it....I told them the truth:
    "I eat less, a lot less, concentrate on high Protein foods, given up certain foods such as red meat, flour based foods such as bread, Pasta, and other things, start the day with high Protein smoothies, drink Water all day, and I go to the gym every chance I get"
    I sincerely turned my life around! Told them I had no choice...Dr.'s orders...it was either that or die (literally)
    Today, people don't compliment me on my weight loss, (old news) Today I get plenty of compliments on what great shape and how good I look for someone my age....my answer is still the same (it's a lifestyle) as it was in the beginning.
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    Mands15 reacted to Bandista in Food not staying down   
    You are either eating too much too fast or your band is too tight. Did you have a primed band (fluid in your band at time of placement?) -- whatever is going on, it is not okay to be throwing up. Put those medical professionals to work -- they are there for you!
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    Mands15 reacted to JustWatchMe in Food not staying down   
    You sound too tight. Our bands don't stay at the same restriction level forever, because we're losing weight. I'd go for an adjustment and I wouldn't wait any longer. Throwing up often is a sure way to invite a band slip. So I've heard. I'm not an expert but that's what I was told. Good luck.
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    Mands15 got a reaction from MCMorgan-Gynn in Banded February 9   
    I had my surgery on the same day, but have am having the complete opposite results. My appetite is not reduced at all. I can't wait to have the band tightened!
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    Mands15 reacted to JustWatchMe in First fill   
    Sure you can. I have to be on liquids 48 hours after a fill. I was on liquids for six weeks after surgery. 24 hours? You got this.
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    Mands15 got a reaction from VickiCat in No restriction   
    I had my op on 9 Feb and have been quite lucky in that I've had very little pain (my shoulder hurt for one day) and minimal discomfort. I started eating soft solids yesterday and am just worried because I felt no different to how I did before the surgery. I ate far far less than I ordinarily would have, but made a concerted effort to do so. I was expecting to feel full or unable to eat anymore after a few bites.. Does this only come after a fill?

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