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  1. I put unflavored protein in my carnation instant breakfast shake in the morning and if I am in need of more protein at the end of the day, I might add some to jello or hummus. I never notice it in the foods that are a little bit thicker, but I did notice it in the soups I tried to add it to. For me, it didn't change the flavor of foods that had good flavor to begin with but I could tell a difference with blander foods and texture. I like the unflavored though as I too got sick of my chocolate protein mix after 3 weeks. I was also curious about cucumber and hummus so I'm glad you asked. I can't really eat it plain either so it will be good to hear more about other people's experiences with it. Sounds like you're doing great, good job!
  2. @@Pac-woman thanks so much for the follow up! Yikes, a pencil?!? Well no wonder. I'm still on full liquids so shakes and liquids for me too and I still have one more week....boo. I'm right there with you - ready to move to the next stage and use any type of utensil and my teeth! Thanks again for sharing, I know I'll pull your post up over the next week and reread all the useful info and to remind myself to keep on the right track.
  3. @@BeagleLover no worries. That's what I figured after I read the other posts. Have a great day!
  4. @@BeckyNC my surgeon said 4-6 weeks. Good luck!
  5. @ beagle lover I'm not sure what you're replying to, I didn't mention the amount of protein I get in my post? I'm getting 60 grams daily per my surgeon and NUT
  6. @ Pac-woman, I am in the EXACT same boat as you. Same surgery date of 1/12, same 15 lb weight loss and same 3 day, no weight change (well, 4 oz down) and still on full liquid diet. I too am having trouble with my daily Fluid intake although I have managed to get the Protein part in for the last 3 days. Thank you for your post, it really made me feel like I'm not alone in this and everybody's encouraging replies are really helpful to stay motivated and keep doing the work. Hope your Dr. appt tomorrow goes well and please do share if he/she has any helpful tips for moving past this "stall". Take care.
  7. My sleeve date was 1/12/15, still on full liquid diet, and I'm still struggling a little bit with getting all my liquids and protein everyday. I'm almost there ( 50 G protein and 58 oz liquids yesterday) but I have been having a 4 oz protein shake around 9:30, before bed, to try and reach my daily goal. Is it bad to have this protein so late at night? My NUT wants me to have 6 "meals" of 10g protein each, every day. I usually hit 4, maybe 5. I feel like my whole day is spent tracking liquids and trying to time everything right so I don't get sick. Is it okay to have 4 "meals" @ 15g instead? I go back to work tomorrow and will have to get it together so I can plan ahead and hopefully get some work done! Thanks for any advice and I hope other January peeps are doing well out there!
  8. I'm 12 days post op and I started on 20mg omeprozole and was bumped to 40 after the first few days of bad heartburn. I take one pill first thing in the morning and the 2nd mid-afternoon and that has really worked for me. Hope your doc can help you out, I had it bad those first few post-op days and it was no fun so I sympathize.
  9. Ashy76

    January 2015 Buddy Group anyone?

    I am also a January sleever, my date was 1/12/15 and this is my first post! So happy to find this site and all the great advice/support it provides.

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