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    Im 36 years old and i am enjoying my journey to a healthier and happy me! I'm married and have five beautiful teenagers that keep me on my toes.
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    reading and writing romance novels
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  1. Thank you so much! 15lbs until I reach my next goal.
  2. leanora27801

    The Gym

    I started out walking for the first two weeks after surgery, then once my surgeon cleared me, I worked out lightly and gradually worked my weights and intensity back up.
  3. I have finally opened my eyes to all the progress I have made. I was still seeing the 439 woman I use to be. I'm down to 266 currently. The second photo is my earlier months progress and the first photo was yesterday while I was out with my family.
  4. I've been on a stall myself, and it seems like I'm stuck between 278 to 276. I'm hoping i can break through this stall soon.
  5. I use myfitnesspal and Noom. I love both of them. Noom tracks steps and workout as you do them or you can log it later. I breaks you food up into green, yellow, and red foods so you can see what you intake and need to work on. Noom also gives you task each day based on your personal weightloss goals.
  6. leanora27801

    Calories intake Vs. Calorie outtake

    On the treadmill I do an incline on 12-13, and my speed is 2.9-3.0 for an hour. I normally burn 1200. Then I get on the elliptical and i do the cardio workout and i burn 750-800 for an hour. If i don't hit 2000, then i do a few minutes on the stationary bike to hit my goal.
  7. My heaviest at 439, then 3 months out 347, and now at 7 months, I'm 278.
  8. leanora27801

    Jeans and Sizes

    You are doing great, and i love your positive attitude! I started at the same point as you. My hw was 439 and the day of surgery on December 15, 2015 my weight was 382. Now 7 months later I'm down to 278, and I'm going shopping for new clothes soon, and I have no idea where to start.
  9. leanora27801

    How about some NSVs!?!?

    Yesterday and today, I decided that instead of wearing baggy clothes to the gym, i decided to wear a sports tank top with the bra it and workout capris. I would have never worn something like that showed all my curves, but after all my hard work, it time to show it. Plus the top was a XL, when i use to wear a 4X just 7 months ago.
  10. I intake about 850 to 900 calories a day and I burn about 2000 to 2100 during cardio exercise not including what I burn during weightlifting. Can anyone tell me if I'm intaking enough to not send my body into starvation mode!
  11. I'm 6 months today and my HW was 439, SW 382, and today I weigh 287. I haven't weighed under 300lbs in 18 years.
  12. leanora27801

    African American RNY Sisters

    Hello everyone, I'm from Clayton NC. Hw. 439 Sw. 383 Cw. 314 Gw. 160 My surgery was December 15, 2014
  13. leanora27801

    11 weeks 48 lbs gone

    Congrats on your success!
  14. leanora27801


  15. I'm so proud of us! As of today at 3 month, i have lost 62lbs since surgery, but since my journey started in January 2014 I've lost 119lbs. This is only the beginning for us!

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