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    beenee got a reaction from CLN.BK in You know you lost weight when   
    Purchase a top and there is no 'x or xx or xxx' on the label
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    beenee reacted to cindi gant in Before and After Pics   
    I don't exactly meet your specs but I am replying anyway! I hope you don't mind. I am 5'7. SW 350 CW 200. Revised to sleeve December 2013. Still losing but very slowly now. I lost 100 pounds in 6 months.

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    beenee reacted to SnOwCrAsHeD in Before and After Pics   
    82 lbs lost!

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    beenee reacted to Dizzeepinkee in You know you lost weight when   
    Wait, you can get short, sleeved? (Pun intended) I can deal with hair loss, having to buy new clothes, small meals, liquid diets, but I refuse to get shorter.
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    beenee reacted to naturegirl in Before and After Pics   
    6 month before and after.

    Work headshot, before and after.
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    beenee reacted to DaisyAmy in Before and After Pics   
    I'm only 7 weeks out and haven't taken any full body progress shots yet, but I think you can really see the difference in my face!  
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    beenee reacted to Boscogirl in Before and After Pics   
    It's been awhile now since I have posted any progress. The first 3 are at my heaviest weight and the last was taken today!!! Down 105 total from HW and 82 from surgery 9/3/15.
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    beenee reacted to ABTexas1984 in Before and After Pics   
    Feeling good today so I thought I'd post my latest progress pic

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    beenee reacted to hmf005 in Before and After Pics   
    I'm four months out and down 70 lbs.
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    beenee reacted to lizsal77 in You know you lost weight when   
    For me it was yesterday my husband took me out shopping for my birthday and I tried on a size 8 pants and it fit me. I did the happy dance can't remember when I was able to do fit in a size 8. Also I just realized that I am a short in pants I was,never able to fit in short size pants I always got regular or long. This was the best bday gift I gave my self doing the sleeve. :-)
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    beenee reacted to quakergirl in another reason I think the RNY is too drastic   
    I recently heard about Zonegran, a new drug that may help with weight loss. Here's an article about it and another drug called Axokine that makes it sound promising:
    Now obviously, these weight loss drugs are still too new to be sure if they will be useful to MO patients. I'm surely glad I got the band! But such developments give me hope that in 5 or 10 years there may be some amazing advances in curing obesity without surgery. Perhaps something that will make it easier than it is with the band. If that is the case, I will be grateful that I chose the band instead of the RNY or DS. If some easier method of weight control comes along in a few years, I have the option to get unbanded and will be essentially back to normal. Reversing an RNY or DS is far, far more complicated and risky.
    So, it really makes me feel bad for all the young people out there who are going for the RNY. That is such a drastic, permanent choice to be making. The band makes sense as a first choice. The RNY and DS are only justified as last resorts, in my opinion.
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    beenee reacted to work2Bskinny in Before and After Pics   
    Before 233...after 140

    Feeling great! Doing great!
    Sleeved June 8th 2015
    Good luck everyone!
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    beenee reacted to Sharon1964 in You know you lost weight when   
    Pics or it didn't happen!

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    beenee reacted to mdslc in Before and After Pics   
    SIX month surgiversary today and feeling good. 40 more lb's to goal weight and can't wait.
    Good job everyone, keep up the good work!!
    Also, thank you for this forum, it has been a great resource with lots of good people on it.

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    beenee reacted to BigViffer in Before and After Pics   
    Your stomach looks great! Mine is a mess... I'm betting it is because I am older and don't have the elasticity of you young pups!
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    beenee reacted to joanne keeton in You know you lost weight when   
    I went from a size 22 to a 16 in 5 months. I can cross my legs. I can pick up things on the floor. I can put on socks and tie my shoes. Still hard. But Im felling great.
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    beenee reacted to nicksmommy in You know you lost weight when   
    great feeling I went from a 20 to a size 10 in 6 months! Husband always affectionate but can't keep hands off me now!
    That's great - hope to get there too!!! (Size 10 AND "happy" husband!!)
    **one of these days, I'll learn to "quote" reply properly.... grrrr
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    beenee reacted to boog0820 in You know you lost weight when   
    Can were knee high boots now because calves are skinny!
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    beenee reacted to jordanian sue in You know you lost weight when   
    When you can cross your legs without struggling
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    beenee reacted to CharlotteWebb in You know you lost weight when   
    Collar bones!! I can see and feel my collarbones for the first time in almost 18 yrs!!
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    beenee reacted to BohemianBeauty in You know you lost weight when   
    When people say, You're pretty, instead of, Your Face is pretty.
    When you can put your feet up on the dashboard in the car. ????
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    beenee reacted to choosehope in Where are all the 50 something bypass patients?   
    Cheri-J. I am also 56. I'm dreaming of a world of no arthritis! While I know that won't happen, I know my
    flexibility and movement will increase and my pain level decrease.
    So, for all of you, what do you think the biggest advantage of being 50 something when you have bypass is? Biggest disadvantage? Biggest struggle?
    From my pre-op perspective, I think the biggest advantages are that I'm mature enough (theoretically) to know what I'm committing to and that while I do want to look and feel better in my body, my driving motivation is health and living the second half of my life well.
    Disadvantage - I spent so many years in physical and emotional pain and bondage- always fighting with my weight and losing. There are ways in which I've done irreparable harm to my body.
    Biggest struggle - this will probably change after surgery but right now it's probably that investigate and analyze and over-investigate and over-analyze.
    Best wishes to all you 50 and 60's wherever you are in your journey. Let's stay in touch. Sometimes I feel like the majority of people here are getting sleeves (which makes me over-analyze! Lol) or are half my age! Love learning from them but also treasure insight and support of others who are in my situation.
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    beenee reacted to Rogofulm in You know you lost weight when   
    For the first time in 48 years, my New Year’s resolution is not “lose weight”. Forty-eight years!!! I love my sleeve! For those of you on the front end of this process, keep the faith, follow all the rules, and always try to make good choices. You can get there too! Happy and Healthy New Year!!!!!
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    beenee reacted to goddess977 in Before and After Pics   
    August 2015 vs Early Dec 2015... Sleeved 11/11...down 46 lbs today!!

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    beenee reacted to kozyjozie in You know you lost weight when   
    I started this journey at 227 pounds. Today I weigh 160. That's a total weight loss of 67 pounds. WooHoo!

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