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  1. Also i am very happy with my sleeve!! Sent from my SM-G960U using BariatricPal mobile app
  2. Im 5 years in Oct and when i had the endoscopy before surgery i had a slight hiatal hernia.ive always suffered from heartburn on and off but everything was ok.until 3 months ago when i had my 3rd endoscopy and was told i had an ulcer(my biggest fear with this surgery) and my hernia is alot worse.so i was put on carafate for 3 months and had my hiatal hernia repaired 5 days.another endoscopy was done right before surgery and showed ulcer healed but i had a massive amount of scar tissue from acids in my stomach.also my stomach is still very irritated and i just got back from check up today and i have to be on pureed foods for 4 more weeks and still on protonix for 2 months more(ive been on protonix since my sleeve,5yrs!)also have to get another endoscopy in 6 weeks!omgg,this acid needs to stop already!anyone else been down this road??? 10/6/2014-214lbs 7/15/2019-149lbs Sent from my SM-G960U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    My Doctor faked my surgery!

    believe me I also had a very easy recovery too!i had one incision thru my belly button.surgery on Monday up and out driving by Friday.hitting crs all weekend too!i had no problems getting liquids,soft foods or water down.it was portions that I couldn't do.couple teaspoons here and there.you will suceed.consider us very thankful that we had no complications!!
  4. so very very happy that I have made my goal.not to bad of a struggle but the best thing ive ever did!!woohoo!!!
  5. thanks all for your compliments!!I really do feel!its been 10 yrs since ive been at this weight!ive always struggled with diets.up and down like a roller coaster.praying that im off the roller coaster for good!!portion control is what its about.protien, first then veggies, then a carb that I can never meake it too!
  6. I started at 219,i lost 80 lbs!!
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    From the album: robga999

  8. im doing the wraps.my boyfriend did one and what an amazing difference!i have 3 months on order for myself!!im using itworks.my friend sells them!
  9. yep looks like mine!minus the incisions.i had single incision thru my belly button,no scar at all just loose skin and stretch marks!
  10. I had my first glass of wine 1 month out.took me a few months to get to a full bottle!!im a white wine drinker and I have no problems.the sugary drinks make me feel sick and oh how I love a pina colada in the summer but after 2 im sick!!
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    4 months

    4 months out
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    From the album: 4 months

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    From the album: 4 months

  14. my sister who I barely talk to does this to me all the time in front of people I don't know.and believe me its not like shes complimenting me and telling me I look great either.its always yelling acoss the way from me"how much weight did you lose"?or what are you going to do about loose skin?i really cannot stand her and shes the only one who says it.
  15. robga999

    Surgery with spouse

    my gutyhad it 2 months after me,he got to his goal in 5 months!im 6.5 months out and 12lbs to goal!smh men!
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    Memorial Day Challenge!

    2 lbs away!!!
  17. look at the side affects for Lexapro.it does make you gain weight.i know ive been on it for 5 yrs and I gained most of my weight on it.i almost went off it a few months ago because I thought I was losing to slow but im at the normal speed for losses so im staying on it!
  18. mine was 35 mins and that included removing my gall bladder
  19. robga999

    Memorial Day Challenge!

    cant remember what my goal was for memorial day!!!but im 3 lbs from my dr goal and 13lbs from my personal goal!!!oct 6 2014 was my surgery so I am 7.5 months out!!luv my sleeve!!
  20. robga999

    Good hydration tracker apps?

    love the aqua alert!
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    mine was removed with the sleeve surgery.what a relief to get it out.it had been botherg me for years but not to the point to have it removed,i did have small stones so my doc took it out too!
  22. robga999

    Clothing size

    im 6 months out and started at a tight size 14 and now im in between a 4 and 6!!!hooray!!!
  23. robga999

    Memorial Day Challenge!

    please count me in also!start weight 164.memorial day hoping to be 150!