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    Been fat all my life. At my highest weight now. Need change for my health/future
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  1. Aribay1

    Did you reach goal in a year?

    OH no now i feel bad for whining if it makes you feel better ill be 191 today but 197lbs tomorrow and i always flip flop.
  2. Aribay1

    Did you reach goal in a year?

    Its so hard! I guess im hard because i read someones post from awhile ago and it was something along the lines that if you dont reach goal within a year your chances for success are slim to none. Not sure if its true but its scarey
  3. Im 10 months post op and i have 22lbs to go. I honestly dont see me reaching it in a year. It took me one month to loose 2lbs. I lost 40lbs my first week post op and after that the other 20lbs were hard to loose and took longer. SW259lbs CW191lbs GW170lbs I exercise 3-4 times a week. Not sure what to do. I cut back on my carb intake and lowered my cheese intake (i love cheese) im trying on my Water (i fail on days im off or when im crazy busy at work) I do (most days) 1 shake a day and get my other Protein through food. I have 89lbs to loose in total and I watch everyone elses journey and people with same stats and they are closer to goal then me. I know everyones different but im nowhere where i want to be. I dont need tough love i just need a hug.
  4. Since this post i actually switched to the pill. I hate having to remember to take it but im not always hungry now so im happy with that. I wanted to do the mirena but because ive never had kids my doctor didnt recommend it and she suggested the implant but i think in two years ill be ready to have kids. And dont want to wait to have it removed.
  5. hahaha i dodnt think i would either some Snacks im like ah forget it i wont but i did. Its going to get some getting use to but i know if i could do liquid diets and the pureed diet i can regular diet too. I need this gut to go!
  6. Hi everyone! So i tracked my normal day and i found out 60% of my diet is fat! This whole time i thought i was doing good but nope im cleaning out the pantry and revisiting my meal prep and "diet"
  7. I know 100% im eating way more then I should be. But I am really excited to try out my fitness pal app! I guess itll take some time to get use to it
  8. Sounds amazing! Yeah my protein has been chicken and shrimp. But noone has ever suggested any of the things youve named thanks! And yeah i was trying to follow a nonWLS friends diet that went well for her but i guess not me Thanks! Thanka for the post im definitely going to keep track now and hopefully this will be my solution.
  9. Agreed. But, also make sure you are getting enough Protein. If you don't measure your food how do you know if you are reaching your protein goal? What does you NUT advise? Only 40 oz of Water a day is too low. Especially if you are exercising. I just emailed her and got it returned so im guessing its a wrong email. Also yeah water is still hard for me to get. Mainly because im always crazy busy at work so water is unfortunately the last thing on my mind. And i have no clue how to even begin on measureing food and such.
  10. Thanks! I know i should be measureing but likw you said its a pain. Also how do I know what i should be eating (measureing wise)i have no clue where to start.
  11. PS my doctors goal is a lower BMI which would be 170lbs.
  12. Ugh im so frustrated and getting upset What am i doing wrong? Actually i probably know what. Okay here we go Im 10 months post op at the end of the month 1 week ago i was 194lbs. Today im 198lbs. I wasn't going to weight myself but i did at the gym scale and i think it was wrong so i weighed myself at my home scale which may be wrong too i dont know but its the one ive been using. Anyway I know it cant be my exercise. I workout 4 times a week. I take bodycombat (a mixed martial arts class) which is a high intense cardio class. And a core training class. So im pretty set on exercise. Can it be that i dont measure my food? I honestly just pack my lunch (a "normal" portion) and i just listen to my stomach to when im full. And i snack in between probably too much 7am i eat half a sandwich (flax and whole wheat bread flats with turkey and cheese) Around 9 i snack usually wheat thins with a triangle laughing cow cheese 12 i have lunch usually a salad. 3 i go home and its all down hill sometimes ill snack on smart pop or nuts or apples sometimes a peotein shake. As im typing this i realized i dint do Protein shakes as much as i should? Should i still be doing 2-3 shakes a day? Any suggestions? What do you eat thats been helpful? My schedule is usually the same. I work 7-3 and i go to the gym between 5-7 and i try not to eat past 7. I have atleast 40oz of Water a day. HELP!!!!
  13. Aribay1

    Anyone ever use Depo?

    Yeah ive been on the pill for about a month and a half and my appitite/cravings has lowered. And im down 2 lbs (took awhile but ill take it)
  14. Ill be 9 months post op july 30th and ive been having the worst pressure on my upper abdomen. Before i would take pre workout and it would happen so i stopped taking it all together and today i worked out and the pain was awful. Its almost like i have to poop but then i try and nothing. Anyone have any idea or been through this before? Also yes i will be going to my doctor to talk about this to him.
  15. So i loooove the quest chocolate chip cookie protein bar but they are pretty pricey so i want to know what else is out there. I try not to eat anything with higher sugar then protein so thats what im aiming for. Im a sweets person so anything sweet is what i like the most.

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