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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to Travelher in I wanna know about carbs... Seriously!   
    I belong to a Facebook group run by a sleever who is a nutritional counselor. She recommends a balanced macro plan for losing weight.
    She suggests: 35% carbs, 25% fat and 40% Protein (just set up your macros that way in my fitnesspal). if you want to go deeper and look at sugar and Fiber the two should cancel each other out ideally. This is total carbs, not net.
    My own dietician says less than 100 grams of carbs is extreme low carb and wants me to up mine. I'm comfortable in the 30-35% range (which usually puts me around 70-75 grams. As I continue to be able to eat more I'll get more complex carbs in (probably mostly from vegetables, maybe fruit) so I will be in the 100 gram range, but still in the macro range she suggests. I have noticed that my memory and frankly, thinking has improved since upping my carbs to the 30-35% range. the facebook group is called recipes for weight loss success...of course it is a great source of bari friendly recipes. she's also doing a month of Keto recipes for those who follow keto.
    I was worried I'd gain or stall when i added back in more carbs (in the form of berries and oats) and I was wrong, did not stall or even slow down.
    Dr. Matthew Weiner has good youtube videos on post surgery diets and has also written a book. He is a big fan of vegetables and talks about the impact food has on resetting your internal thermostat (metabolism) and how some foods raise it and some lower it. He is a fan of legumes and vegetables as a primary dietary source, suggests limiting grains and dairy and some other of my faves (lol). but it all makes sense. I have greatly cut down on cheese since following the macro plan because it drives my fat macros up pretty quickly. other than 1/4 cup of oats with 1tbs chia seeds in the morning I have no grains in my diet.
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to BigViffer in I wanna know about carbs... Seriously!   
    Oh, and I forgot to state for the newbies; I am coming up on my 2 years in February. Down 130 lbs to 198 lbs until I started lifting weights. Now maintaining and struggling to gain any weight past 215.
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to BigViffer in I wanna know about carbs... Seriously!   
    Nice to have you back @KindaFamiliar. 12 grams of carbs is insane! You must feel pretty damned lethargic without something in the tank to burn. Carbs are nothing to be afraid of when they are eaten properly. Oats, bran, shredded wheat, sweet potato, fresh fruits; all of these are OK'ed by my surgeon. The key is to only eat the daily recommended amount. Which incidentally is usually about the same as your Protein intake.
    My intake over the last week has been 100 - 200 grams per day. My Protein intake is about the same as well. Of course I am also very active in the weight room and I need those carbs to give me enough energy to finish the workout. If you are trying to lose weight still, low carb is fine. Dangerously low carb is impossible to keep up long term though.
    Are you working out at all? Reason I ask is because I have to really try hard to gain weight at this point. Let me rephrase that, I am finding it difficult to find HEALTHY nutrient & caloric rich foods to help me gain muscle mass. If you are hitting it hard at the gym and keeping your intake the same, those last few pounds/kilos will start coming off again.
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to cdsjjotn in I wanna know about carbs... Seriously!   
    I am over a year out and in maintenance. I do about 100g of Protein a day. While I was losing I kept my carbs under 50g now I keep them under 100g, anywhere from 50 to 80 usually . I've added healthy carbs in only, fruit , veggies , and Peanut Butter.
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to KindaFamiliar in I wanna know about carbs... Seriously!   
    Just a couple of points you've raised @@skinnyjeansatlast
    Firstly, there are carbs in cauliflower
    A quick Google search tells me that there's 5g of carbs per 100g in there..
    There's also 7g/100g in broccoli and 9g/100g in brussel sprouts..
    Yep, they're all less than mashed potato but they're by no means carb-free options.
    Secondly, you say "what do we need carbs for, really"...
    In short, the answer is 'fuel'..
    Yes, there's much more to it than that, but again, a quick Google search of "do we need carbs' will answer that question much more effectively than I can..
    Next, I don't believe carbs are "a slippery slope back to" anything.
    Poor choices and lack of will-power are much more 'slippery'...
    Remember, there are good carbs too...
    And they're nothing to be afraid of...
    Lastly, you're right, there are many "truly yummy things" that can be eaten...
    But carbs is what I'm asking about at this point..
    Thank you for taking the time to reply.
    I genuinely appreciate the effort.
    And congrats on being only 10-15 pounds from goal after just 5 months...
    You must be well pleased..
    Thanx again...
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to KindaFamiliar in I wanna know about carbs... Seriously!   
    Ok, a little about me and my situation -
    Nearly 2 years post-op
    Lost around 120kg (264 pounds) so far
    Well pleased with the result
    No complaints at all
    I still have another 30kg (66 pounds) or so until I'm "happy"
    I've had stalls and fluctuations just like everyone else.
    I keep my Protein up MOST of the time
    I'm just getting back into exercise/gym after a break over Christmas (ok, ok - November and December)
    What I want to know is this -
    Simply put, what is YOUR carb intake like?
    How many grams per day?
    What about your protein/fat/carb percentages?
    You see, I've been trying to keep my carb count as LOW as possible
    This has meant that, on occasion, I've been consuming as little as 12 grams of carbs per day
    It's only recently that I discovered how low that actually is
    Obviously, I'm hoping to get info from some folk who are at a similar stage as myself, but I'll take whatever info I can get and will just discard what I don't need.
    I know this is not an exact science...
    That's why I'm hoping to hear ideas from a few different angles
    And don't forget - play nice...
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion; no matter how wrong they may be
    Thanx for your anticipated assistance...
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to 81Kellogram in I'M OVER THIS!   
    If you're not tracking what you eat, you really don't know how you are eating. I'm highly conscious of what I eat, have a great deal of knowledge about how many calories/macros a certain food has, but I still would be way off of my goals if I didn't log every bite. I weigh and measure everything. It's a pain but nobody said it was easy. In fact, all info is to the contrary. Surgery is merely a tool, without serious eating modifications and hard work it ain't gonna happen.
    You can't compare yourself to others. Some people can lose weight without logging, exercising and breaking the rules. It's pretty obvious to me that I can't. But that's okay. Following a "diet" is the least of my problems. When I'm feeling sorry for myself, I think about a friend who has diabetes. Or another friend who has to have a colostomy bag. That really puts my poor pitiful me feelings into perspective.
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to Vinasu in I'M OVER THIS!   
    Start tracking your calories in myfitnesspal.com. Chances are, if you're not losing it's because your calories are too high.
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to tamara2333 in I'M OVER THIS!   
    have you done any exercise? maybe some spurts of exercise will get you going. not necessarily a whole 30 minutes but ive seen and used some pretty good 10 min videos
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to Walter.Sobchak in Denial about my weight   
    Thank you all for the encouraging words. I am feeling better about taking the steps to see if I can qualify for the sleeve.
    Cosmetic reasons aside, I need to get weight off for health reasons.
    Surprisingly I am not diabetic or pre-diabetic but if I don't make changes I could end up being diabetic.
    I do have several other health issues that need to be addressed though.
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to MowryRocks in Denial about my weight   
    Photos of myself pre-surgery reduce me to tears every time. Even when I see them now. Breaks my heart. Keeps me in check, now.
    Let us know how it goes with the surgeon!
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to ready_to_be_thin in Denial about my weight   
    I completely understand how you feel. It seemed like I was seeing the same person in the mirror no matter how much older I got or how much weight I gained. When I saw a pic of myself (which I rarely allowed before), I nearly fell out of my chair. I couldn't believe how I really looked. And even now after I have lost weight, I still see the same person in the mirror. What really helps me is comparing photos from then to now...then I can really see the difference. Good luck with everything!
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to Raymia in Denial about my weight   
    Well I can seriously relate to that.... That's why I'm here! This one picture gave me a reality check out of this world then other events followed of course. But change is here : )
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to Walter.Sobchak in Denial about my weight   
    Yeah, I understand We have to change the behavior that led us to this point.
    It is very challenging.
    I used to attend Over-Eaters Anonymous
    I have looked into food Addicts Anonymous, but can't find meetings in my area.
    I have also researched TOPS, but have never been to one of their meetings.
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to ShelterDog64 in Denial about my weight   
    @@Walter.Sobchak I think that finally 'seeing' yourself is a very good first step to doing something about your weight. Next, it's helpful to figure out just what behaviors got you to where you are. My psychologist has been invaluable while I've been on this little journey. Losing the excess weight is the mechanical part, and the sleeve helps a lot with that...but if we don't explore WHY we got to obesity and how to prevent it, the sleeve is just pissing into the wind, you know?
    Good luck to you and congratulations for the self-realization
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to RunningWithScissors in Denial about my weight   
    I know exactly what you mean. I tell everyone I have reverse anorexia. I think I'm less fat than I really am.
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to Walter.Sobchak in Denial about my weight   
    Hello All,
    I had a realization the other day, I am in denial about my size.
    I do not see myself the same way the world sees me.
    I saw a picture of myself and it was shocking, I am huge.
    In my head I don't look that bad.
    I have always been a big guy.
    In college I was big and muscular and that is how I still see myself.
    However, now I am big and soft and obese but I don't see myself that way.
    I have to get honest with myself.
    I am 420 pounds, I am wearing a 6XLT shirt, waist size 54 pants.
    I am 200 pounds heavier than I was at 21 years old.
    I have my appointment with the weight loss surgeon in less than a week.
    I have received some encouraging responses on this forum, so I thank all of you for that.
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to Sharon Vance in Fitness tracker   
    I've been reading reviews and I've decided to go with fitbit alba
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to Redmaxx in Fitness tracker   
    I am not a FitBit fan. I have a Garmin VivoSmart HR and I love it.
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to Elizabeth Anderson RD in Weight Loss Surgery is Not the Solution   
    Bariatric dietitian Elizabeth Anderson is a big advocate for bariatric surgery--her whole livelihood revolves around it.
    She goes a little bananas though when people misunderstand this potential game-changer.

    Tori* came to me 200 pounds overweight.
    She listened carefully to all the facts about bariatric surgery’s possibilities and limitations.
    She agreed that to reach optimal success, she needed to begin exercising, changing her eating habits and looking at her relationship with food.
    Tori lost 150 pounds in her first-year post-op.
    She didn’t have to follow any exercise program or deal with her issues with food. The weight just kept falling off.
    She was even able to eat her favorite foods, just a lot less.
    Tori was ecstatic and clearly over her battle with weight.
    At 18 months post-op, the good times stopped rolling.
    Tori was frustrated she couldn’t keep losing weight. In fact, it was getting harder to maintain her current weight.
    By two years post op, she had regained 40 pounds and was frantic.
    I have been as subtle as a mosquito urging Tori to check in with a counselor to better understand why she eats when she’s not hungry.
    Now she was ready to give it a try.
    4 months later she said to me,
    “Elizabeth, this surgery can only take you so far. I thought if I lost the weight I would never regain it, even though everyone I’ve known that’s had this surgery, has regained it. I thought I would be stronger. Now I see that if you don’t face the issues you’ve got and that you’ve used food to self-medicate, all the old habits will come back and you’ll regain the weight.”
    And this is the reason I say weight loss surgery is not the solution.
    Calling it a tool is becoming a cliché; it’s simply the start of a different life.
    It can be a new and better life with healthier eating, daily exercise and taking care of yourself emotionally.
    Or, it can be a Detour, a brush with a healthier possibility that is not embraced.
    Tori says she didn’t think it would be so hard to keep the weight off. She says she didn’t expect all the things in her life to stay the same after she lost weight.
    Now that she’s seeing things with a brand-new perspective, Tori seems more hopeful that the Weight Regain Train is not barreling toward her.
    I wish Tori wasn’t the exception but she is.
    Taking an emotional inventory is the scariest part of full immersion into a new life after WLS.
    But it’s worth it and I’m afraid, necessary for long-term success.
    Whatever you need to do to take the dive, seek it out, today and start to imagine a more peaceful, positive future with a weight you feel good in.
    *client names and features are always changed to protect identity.
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to mylighthouse in Unflavored Protein   
    I use powders?utm_source=BariatricPal&utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_campaign=CommentLink" target="_ad" data-id="1" >unjury too. One scoop is about 4 Tbs. During my pureed and soft food stage, I would usually add 2 Tbs (which is about 10.5 grams of protein) to my food. Examples of foods that I added it to: refried Beans, yogurt, mashed sweet potato. Most of the time though, I use the Unjury in my drinks if I need more Protein rather than in my food. My favorite drink to add it to is Decaf iced tea. Goes down easy. I add 2 Tbs per 8 oz of liquid.
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to Alex Brecher in BariatricPal Policy Reminders – Everyone Please Read!   
    I'm closing this topic. You can PM me if you'd like to clarify or discuss anything related to this matter.
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to Winky7650 in BariatricPal Policy Reminders – Everyone Please Read!   
    EVERY SINGLE POSTER, without exception, who have defended Alex's decisions have joined within the past 6 months. If that doesn't speak volumes about the type of member being courted by this site I don't know what would. Veterans who have met goal do not spend $$ in the store, or support recommended surgeons/healthcare facilities (Medical Tourism).
    Gone is the experience the veterans so freely shared. Sure, their advice was not always rainbows and unicorns, but it was truthful.
    Some of us do NOT want coddled, we want help on this journey. We want information that can ONLY come from those that have lived it!
    Although this is my first post, I have been lurking, reading & researching for over a year.
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    MrsSugarbabe reacted to ShelterDog64 in BariatricPal Policy Reminders – Everyone Please Read!   
    From LipstickLady:
    **I am PISSED that he implied that I was part of any backyard bullying club. Not only would I **never** do that, but I've known for a good year that he was reading PMs so if I was going to do that, it certainly wouldn't be there. I would be THRILLED if one of you posted THIS EXACT MESSAGE in that thread and say that it was from me.**
    Alex, wtf? How can anyone find this place to be a 'safe space' if we're subject to outright lies being told about us? I'm completely bewildered by your unprecedented breach of normal website behavior...since when do site owners a) read private messages and then comment on the content of said PMs publicly?

    I think you've painted yourself into a corner here. What I don't understand is WHY you've done it.

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    MrsSugarbabe got a reaction from pleezeSleeve in The need to eat until stuffed   
    I haven't finished ready all the posts/comments on this thread yet (there are soooo many!), but I saw where you were having a problem with My Fitness Pal. You may have figured it out by now, but, if not, another tracking option is SparkPeople. I've been using it for years and find it much easier (for me) to use than My Fitness Pal was. I track my food and physical activity there and use the recipe calculator to figure the nutritional profile of any recipes I use. It's worth a shot.