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  1. Congratulations, and continued success. I had my ups and downs but still doing well
  2. jfc193

    Banders #7

    I use Pedometer++ for Iphone, gives you something to work for every month. Pedometer++ is one of the most highly-rated step counter apps on iTunes, with over 8,000 positive customer reviews. It lets you keep track of your daily and weekly step counts without draining your battery. It quantifies metrics such as steps taken, calories burned, and distance walked, and rewards you once you reach your goals.
  3. Terrific, Life indeed is good
  4. jfc193

    2008 bandsters

    Had my Band September 2007, Not too many of us still on this site. Still doing well
  5. jfc193

    15 year survivor

    I also believe that the band has saved my life. No doubt I would be over 400 lbs by now. My quality of life has greatly improved these last 12 years.
  6. jfc193

    Banders #7

    Finally after almost 12 year the scale finally showed 170 which was my long term goal weight on August 29, 2019. For me the Band though not always my friend but a tool to remind me to keep going.
  7. jfc193

    Disappearing lapbanders

    Finally after almost 12 year the scale finally showed 170 which was my long term goal weight.
  8. jfc193

    Disappearing lapbanders

    I agree with wish to be slim everyone’s experience is different. I will have my 12 year band anniversary in September so not very long. I have the original 4 cc band with only 1 cc. Any more than 1 cc for me is too much. From my experience getting the band was the best decision for my life Good lucj as you begin your new adventure
  9. jfc193

    Disappearing lapbanders

    Here is a checklist that I use from time to time when I reach a Plateau WL Plateau Checklist.xlsx
  10. jfc193

    Disappearing lapbanders

    I too am very pleased that I took the chance on the Lap band back in September 2007 With my wife on the a Dinner cruise on the Star of Honolulu
  11. jfc193

    Disappearing lapbanders

    Still feeling good about my recession to have the Lapband. Keeps me humble. Just need to keep making more good choices than bad choices.
  12. jfc193

    Banders #7

    Back to 178 so pleased to have my lapband as a tool but I still have to watch what I put into my mouth and keep up an exercise program and check in once in awhile on this board. Seems that if I do all three then either hoping to reach my elusive goal of 170 this year
  13. jfc193

    Banders #7

    I do walking inside my house early in the morning since it is still dark, and while traveling either in my motel room or in the hotel. Walking is my exercise of choice and have over 440 days in a row of 10,000 steps or more.
  14. jfc193

    Should I or shouldn’t I get Lap-Band

    Do not know if you had the Lapband surgery or not. I had my 4cc Lapband surgery in September 2007. I still have the Lapband and have just over 1cc of fluid. My wife and I had the surgery done at the same time. About 3 years ago she had it removed mostly due to accident reflux. She had the Lapband removed fixed a hernia unrelated to the Lapband, and the sleeve done. She still has to take a pill for acid reflux. I have kept off over 100 to 130 pounds for the majority of the 11 years. Wish you success in whatever choice you make.
  15. jfc193

    Still Happy!

    Terrific and congrats. I have never regretted my decision to have the lap band. Though I have had a love hate relationship it helps keeps me in line.