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  1. Sorry you're having a rough time. It does slowly get better. No really!!! I was dealing with a tummy ache long after my surgery and it was determined that I developed an ulcer after surg.... Oh boy I have had many days that I felt weak and hit a 2 week stall and questioned if I made the right choice (absolutely 100% I knew I did) but I just didn't feel good. food was nasty I got tired of liquids and everything mushy...lol BUT, I pressed on and realized that I wasn't eating enough and once I got the meds for my ulcer and started feeling much better I started eating regular foods, but far less of it. Yes, I do watch my calories and Proteins, etc. Today I stepped on the scale and voila~ it moved down 3 lbs, so worth it!!! I'm am finding that there are things I use to like that I no longer like or have a taste for, and that freaked me out.. but it's a good thing because obviously the things I used to like are the things that probably got me in the shape I was in..lol I am 8 weeks post op and down 38lbs from the date of surgery (not including my pre-op weight loss). I am wearing clothes I couldn't fit and boy that is a great feeling... Sorry for the book, just wanted to let you know it will get better.. Hang in there!!!!
  2. Congratulations indeed!! You did it.. You made a huge decision and now your are reaping your benefits and rewards of your determinations and sacrifices!!.. This is your time to shine. So amazing.. You rock and you should be so proud!!! Thank you for sharing!!
  3. Missbaisah

    August post op sleevers: Check in

    This is stuff. I use a saucer and I leave food on it... I get full really fast and I don't I start off with a lot of food.. I can do leftovers for one day, but not over and over and over...lol
  4. Missbaisah

    August post op sleevers: Check in

    I was sleeved on August 13th and did very well the 1st two weeks I was home and then BAM... I starting having the worst tummy ache ever. Every single day!!!. Nothing helped, until last week I contacted my surgeon's office and after going back and forth with the emails, they ordered Prilosec twice a day and Sucralfate 4 times a day for an ulcer. Today, is the first day I feel halfway decent. I even cut back on my soft foods and started back with the liquids. Other than the lack of energy and having to take Miralax everyday (whew). my heads spins just thinking about it, lol. I finally think I'm going to be okay. I am down 33 lbs from my surgery date. So I feel good able that, and those doubts of getting better have gone away.. This is early on and what a journey it has been. I wish each and every one of you going through your journey all the best!!! I can now say "This too shall pass"... I enjoy this site and I know I am not alone, and some are suffering worst that me, but in the mist of it, it doesn't feel like it.. I'm almost ready to do my "happy dance" feeling better... Happy Wednesday everybody :-)
  5. Missbaisah

    August post op sleevers: Check in

    Wow 4 weeks out and still struggling with my water..(gag).. I have been having tummy aches from day one but since it's not getting better I thought I'd put a call in to the Dr's office and after going around and around they finally called in 2 'scripts to my pharmacy for stomach ulcers??? prilosec and something else sufra something. I did write it down to look it up. I was told to take the pills for one month to see if it helps my tummy. Other than that I'm am down 30 lbs and can't wait to get all of my energy back... I wonder if anyone else is struggling with stomach pains that are not getting any better. BTW I had my gallbladder removed 2 yrs ago..
  6. Missbaisah

    Protein powder

    I use beneprotein and it comes in 8oz can sizes and packets (like sweetners) it contains 6oz of "extra" protein when I need it and I can carry them with me. I am 3 weeks post op today woowhooo!! Eating soft foods but struggling with my liquids. Nothing tastes good anymore.. Good luck!!
  7. Missbaisah

    August Sleevers Check In

    Good luck and Godspeed Galaxy Girl!
  8. Missbaisah

    August Sleevers Check In

    I hope everyone is doing well pre and post surgery!!!
  9. Missbaisah

    August Sleevers Check In

    Oh my I am one week post op and it has been a journey. I don't know how much I have lost because I refuse to get on the scale, but I do have my post op appt. in the AM to have my staples removed.. I stayed one extra day in the hospital because of my blood pressure. I was okay by the time I came home late Friday night. I felt pretty good. I was able to get my liquids in. However, since yesterday I have slowed down. Feeling weak and lightheaded. Having a hard time getting all my liquids in but I do get at least 32 oz in... I don't have the energy to walk so I haven't been outside. I'm trying to walk around indoors. I am taking Vitamins, and trying to get as much Protein as I can. I am on the full liquid diet, so I am drinking a variety of zero calories drinks, unjury chicken broth, tomato juice (who knew I would enjoy that:-), Protein Drinks, I also have SF Jello & pudding as well.. This seems like a lot and was doing good but I am having stomach pains that I thought was gas but now I think it's hunger pangs...OMG!!!! These pains wake me up in the middle of the night. Anyway, I wish everyone well on their journey and remain hopeful that this too shall pass!!! I wanna go sit on the "losers" bench in the winners game ...lol I will post my weight loss after my weight in tomorrow (although I still feel bloated)...
  10. Missbaisah

    Surgery tomorrow!

    Good luck tomorrow. Sending prayers up for a speedy recovery!!
  11. Missbaisah

    August Sleevers Check In

    Well the countdown is on... I should be sleeved within the next 48 hrs. August 13th in the AM... when I left work today and had the well wishes from my co-workers I got emotional.... Tomorrow I will finish shopping (not too much) and pack.. Not sure what to take..I am planning to be in the hospital for one day and back home on Thursday. This has been a very long journey thus far and I'm ready for the next chapter...
  12. Missbaisah

    Calling all August Sleevers!

    Good luck to all my fellow August Sleevers... Prayers for all. I'm scheduled for the 13th and I must say the 1st week of my 2 week pre op diet was truly a test.. No carbs, no sugars and I manage to stop drinking coffee. But I know I will be able to have a few amount of good carbs and maybe coffee again (it's the cream & sugar in the office that was doing me in). Anyway, I guess I will pull out my overnight bag :-). I won't know what time ta be at the hospital until they call me on Tuesday.. This has been one heck of a journey... The positive note is that with all the pre-op testing they didn't find any other major health issues (other than the ones I have now...HBP, Sleep Apnea). I think the one thing that worries me is that I'm really anemic and hoping I don't have to have a transfusion. Oh well, at least I'll be in the hospital. I think I have a good start on the things I will need right away. I didn't want to go overboard on the protein shakes because I don't know if Ill even like the same flavors post surg. I don't like jello, popcicles or pudding but I think I will pick up some SF versions today or tomorrow, just in case as I'll probably come to love them...lol Thank you all for all of the positive posts with info and experiences. Good to know we are definitely not alone!!
  13. Missbaisah

    August Sleevers Check In

    August 13th , right around the corner...
  14. Missbaisah

    Pre-op Liquid Diet

    I am being sleeved on Aug 13th as well:-). I am on my pre-op liquid diet as well. I get 3 shakes (meal replacements) and a lean cuisine type meal a day...It's not too bad. I like the AdvantEdge chocolate flavor drinks. I did buy a variety in case I get bored or feel like I need a change of flavors. Today, I went to see a Hypnotist for a little reinforcement...We'll see if that works :-) Good luck... Here's to hoping that the time flies by...
  15. Welcome. I did the same. I came & continue to come on this site everyday. I started this journey last August and went through enough red tape to last a lifetime. (lol) I finally got my date (same as yours) August 13th. I also live in WA state and having my surgery at Overlake in Bellevue.. At this point I am so beyond ready. I'm hoping I'm as successful as many here on this site. A couple of years ago I had my gallbladder removed and I was so stressed out but it was a piece of cake. And can remember thinking that was the best surgery ever. easy recovery and NO more attacks!!! I am really trying to stay focused on the positive and I'm sure I'll be a bundle of nerves when I walk through the hospital doors.. I have a great support team and I think that is helping me a lot and remember to just keep my eye on the prize (my end results). Wishing you all the luck.. Please keep us posted on your journey!!!

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