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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. I honestly don't know what month mine will be. I have seen Nut (twice) and psych and need to see psych and exercise specialist in March. I have no idea what will come after that. Any ideas? Lol
  2. When month do you think you will be having surgery?
  3. How did you belly do after weight loss? Skin shrink up nice? You look great!
  4. thank you for being so positive for me... I think that's one of the things I am afraid of.. I know what the right choice is but how do you get yourself to actually make that right choice? Make sense? Sounds silly to even me... but I think that is what my problem is.. I know what the right choice is but why am I not making it and how do I start to actually pick the right one? Something that is seems so silly and easy to me is my biggest obstacle. When I have the two choices in front of me I always go with whatever I want in the moment no matter what.. can't seem to either emotionally or mentally slow down and pick the one that is the one I should be eating... I'm sorry I hope I am making sense.
  5. wow ladies you totally just made me cry with the beautiful support you just gave. Thank you so much.. truly thank you!
  6. I think I am way worse off than I thought I was mentally with food. I literally can't wait for my psych appointment. I want this sleeve more than anything and like a lot of you I was living on this site. Went to see the nutritionist and she told me other things that I should be trying, gave me some tools to help me out. She had some great ideas. Just told me the it doesn't matter how much I lose even if its just a couple pounds. Now I am going crazy doing the complete opposite. I feel like I can't eat enough.. eating bad things that wasn't even a problem for me before I seen her. Never was a sweet eater and now I am going out of my way to get "junk" food. Portion control?... what's that? Why am I doing this to myself... I feel like I can't stop. I know its wrong and I shouldn't be eating like I have been but I still do it and then feel awful for doing it so I eat some more!!! Help me get Control!!! PLEASE!!
  7. JenSul

    Make sense?

    Oh no!! Good Luck!!
  8. I'm sorry I think you misunderstood. I don't have surgery the same day. But how GREAT would that have been. I'm hoping for November. I have my first Nut appt tomorrow. I have no requirements from my insurance so hoping it will go by quick.
  9. well your mind is def. in it! Good for you! I have to prepare for things like this too.. my house WILL be spotless... whatchya drinking?
  10. Leapyear- Mac man is very helpful. Helps me a lot! Good luck! What insurance do you have? Do you have a lot of requirements from them?
  11. Hey Leapyear! Going to Umass myself. Are you?
  12. Haven't had surgery yet. Just preparing mentally
  13. Ow were your results? I'm 5'4 and 210. I know it's not right to compare but I keep hearing with lower BMI or with less to lose it's a lot slower of a process. Some feedback on your experiences would be feet! Thank you!
  14. This is great! Thanks so much! Always looking for good condiments that are good for you!