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[size=5][b][u]Life Began On May 19, 2014[/u][/b][/size]
Tonia Lynnette Bailey

May 28, 2013 at 2:03am

I know so many of you have come about face to find Death looking back at you - tell me...how was that for you? Not being facetious at ALL.

I'm putting in a very small nut cap what I'm now faced with this week D=Day plus 10 and counting.

I collapsed unconscious in January and was found in my car in a parking lot - cyanotic, barely breathing and put in ICU with double-pneumonia. I had them release me after about four or five days, I just felt realy tired and run down, nothing that we haven't all felt and had to beat back before, so I thought.

I've never had pneumonia before, much less double, and it'll kill you, quickly and easily. I have a very healthy respect now for my body and how quickly we can be taken inn the blink of an eye. I have been sick for four months now, unbeknownst to me. .I spent weekend before last with my Daddy, out of fear that we didn't have many more times to spend together with health and age - hIS age, I thought, he's almost 80 - and he had to save my life.

Last Sunday, May 19, 2014 WAS my last Sunday on earth as I knew it. But for the grace of God I would not be here. I had less than 2 hours to live when he got me back to ER/ICU in town. Maybe I can share some experiences I had with some of you as I lay dying, if it serves a purpose in your life. Cause let me tell you, That was a fear like I've not had in my lifetime, ever, dying, being in death throes, hearing everything shutting down.

I've been in ICU and hospital for 10 days straight now and thank GOD each and every day for every Breath I have to take.

I have been diagnosed this week with severe double pneumonia.
And the wrong medicine injection into my IV sent me into Anaphylactic Shock, and caused heart failure in the right half of my heart. Then COPD. And have been given steroid-induced DIABETES. I don't know how many irreversivable, fatal diseases I can handle at one time right now! I am still stunned and shocked by this all!

Take your life back. WHATEVER and however you can, get any piece of yourself you can and spread it out to those you love! I don't know how long I am here for now - a week, a month, longer? But it's my time and I never want to lose another minute not holding those I love close to me and feeling their hearts.

[b]October 14, 2013 [/b]- Health Update: So, to add to my collection of health issues, my bloodwork and ultrasounds last week led to a diagnosis of gall stones and NASH (liver disease), which is basically a more advanced form of NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease). In addition, the steroid-induced diabetes never went away nor came under control with oral medications, so I had to begin insulin injections last week, as well..My current prognosis is that I can still be healed of so many of these diseases - Surgery is strongly suggested in the very near future. In order to eradicate the predicted liver failure, I must lose a lot of weight, resume a healthy eating lifestyle and exercise. I'll update soon - I have some very large plans that have to be thrown into action first.PS - I quit smoking cigarettes last May, when I was admitted with double-pneumonia. I'm still a successful non-smoker. .And, I still have a wonderful peace in the midst of all the storms blowing around me! Thank you, God, for that and the people you've placed in my life!
[b] [/b]
[b].January 20, 2014 - [/b]I'm not up to typing much now. My health has rapidly declined since October. The symptoms of uncontrolled diabetes and liver disease are pretty severe of late. I am having a triple-surgery in two days and hope and pray that I can get my life back. First, they're doing a biopsy on my liver. We need to determine how advanced the disease is to help treat it properly and halt or reverse the damage if that's still an option. My gallbladder is being removed, it's full of gallstones and I've been hospitalized 2 times since March 2013 but had 3 episodes. And I'm having laparoscopic banding done. It's recommended if you have liver disease to eliminate appetite and help control what you eat and the amount, to assist along with cardiovascular exercise in getting the internal organs cleaned out and to lose weight. I have already started a strenuous fluid, vitamin, fiber, vitamin C and protien shake regimen to start cleaning my body out. The lap band should help me lose the excess weight I had, along with the weight uncontrolled diabetes and insulin and liver disease have caused in a very short amount of time.I hope to have some positive results and good news before long. In the meantime, I still place all my trust and hope in God the Father, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit. I look to the heavens from whence cometh my help. I'm so tired in so many ways, but He promised he'd never give us more than we can bear, so I cling to the Cross. Love

[b]January 22, 2014 [/b]- Lap-Band, Gall bladder and Liver Biopsy Surgeries.

[b]January 23, 2014[/b] - Ouch. Surgery + 1 day. I'm in tons of pain, but things are good. The surgery ran longer than expected and gall bladder was in much worse shape than they had anticipated. It did NOT burst, but was dangerously close. There were several very large gall stones that were aligned to pass, but couldn't. Dr. Marsden said he had never seen anything quite that bad, from what I hear - I was still unconscious when he talked to my Mom and Husband. He told her how miraculous it was - how my body sent out a protective 'membrane' and encased the gallbladder to keep toxins and poisons from flowing into my abdomen and that it was almost entirely encased. Wow! Now the GOOD news is that from just looking at my liver, it does not seem to be anywhere NEAR as bad as I've been led to believe - he thought it looked pretty good. There are some fatty pockets on it, but appears fairly healthy. The biopsy hopefully will confirm that! He thinks the majority of my health issues were coming from that foul gallbladder. He did put the lap band in, but he did not tighten it yet, because I need to heal, I've been very sick for a long time and if he had tightened it, he wouldn't be able to tell if I was sick from the lap band or sick from the gallbladder. He said I may start feeling better, remarkably better, in just a couple of days! The doctors are very concerned about the congestive heart failure and fluid pills I've been taking. I've actually had two episodes now, and they directed me to get under a heart specialist's regular care.I feel very thankful and very blessed. I know I've been healed to a large extent - and will continue to believe and work for complete healing. I am so very grateful for the hundreds who had me in their thoughts and prayers this past few weeks. Much love to you all. <3

Age: 53
Height: 5 feet 1 inches
Starting Weight: 240 lbs
Weight on Day of Surgery:
Current Weight: 230 lbs
Goal Weight: 130 lbs
Weight Lost: 10 lbs
BMI: 43.5
Surgery: LAP-BAND
Surgery Status: Post Surgery
First Dr. Visit:
Surgery Date: 01/22/2014
Hospital Stay: Outpatient
Surgery Funding: Self Paid
Insurance Outcome: n/a
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