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    26 yr old mom of a beautiful 17 month old girl. Always had a problem with my weight, but it was never as bad as it is now. Need the energy and health to be the strong, fun mommy my beauty deserves.
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  1. Thanks everyone. I have an appt w my pcp so I'm hoping he can prescribe me something. I gained about 50lbs being on meds for a year. Then i would drink or smoke cigarettes to get my nerves in check. Now i have none of the above and the stress has not gotten easier or gone away... I'm not to the point of hurting myself or others- but i can't take the always crying and wanting to stay in bed feeling. When I'm ready to quit my job and turn off everyone around me, it's been my cue over the years to get help
  2. I have a history of Major Depressive Disorder and Anxiety. Even with the stress of pregnancy, and losing my daughter to foster care, and years of relationship issues with her father, I have still managed to deal with life without being hospitalized or put back on medicine. Post op - I feel my world spiraling again. My insurance in NJ doesn't cover psych - so I would have to go to a hospital and do the outpatient interviews. My PCP is booked for a while, and my surgeon thought cracking jokes about him not practicing psychiatry in this country would go over well. I don't want to battle the meds that cause me to gain weight again - hence why I had the surgery to begin with. Anyone who went through or is still going through this that can shed some light and advise me where to turn or how to handle this?
  3. Same! I'm less than a month out, but should have had mine on April 2nd.... Just making sure it's normal - thanks!
  4. Shell88

    8 days out and feeling rushed

    @@dar81 I'm sorry you had such a hard recovery - it does make me feel better to know it's not just me. It was really difficult going from feeling really well the first few days to being dehydrated, severe side pain, and now lactose intolerant. I'm trying really hard to re-situate my diet plans and remind myself to drink enough while getting prepared to return to work next Monday since I've already been out for 3 weeks. Any advice or tips from your journey post op?
  5. It'll be harder to take it down quick, but you have a one up on is non liquid people - you won't get dehydrated! Continue loving your liquids... I wish i did
  6. Shell88

    8 days out and feeling rushed

    I'm losing weight really quick but i think it's negatively effecting my body. I can't keep anything in. I'm also getting some back drip from my sinuses. But currently at the hospital again. Couldn't get in touch with my surgeon. They are shooting me up with liquids- they put it on the pump so i get them quicker
  7. Shell88

    8 days out and feeling rushed

    @ Elode no I've tried Powerade, Water, chamomile tea, and ice pops. I was able to get about 4oz in this morning - but I'm still feeling really awful - the water is causing some massive gastric reflux, and the headache won't go away. And of course I can't get in touch with my surgeon's office - mail box is full.... go figure.
  8. Shell88

    8 days out and feeling rushed

    @@Elode I'm beyond dehydrated. I got sick on an ounce of pureed crab Soup yesterday and wasnt able to keep any liquid in all day. Woke up with a migraine, itchy skin, dry mouth, and pain in my back. If i can't get anything down this morning, i may need to go back to the hospital for IV fluids- I'm just avoiding it like the plague. I guess I can't handle crab
  9. Shell88

    8 days out and feeling rushed

    It's gotten a lot better.... it's a dull discomfort of know there's something not the same - no longer an ache or a pain. At 10 days I was hospitalized for dehydration and pain, but by yesterday - I feel about 85% which is a huge jump! Waiting for this glue to come off on its own even though my surgeon wants me to take it off myself. I just feel better not playing with it lol
  10. Thank you!!!!!! @@B-52 !! Newly sleeved and still healing, so questioning my choice until reading this - many reasons why I will be glad I did this. And adding:: Getting on to theme park rides with my very young daughter without being kicked off for not being able to use the safety belt!!!
  11. Shell88

    Does this look normal

    Mine aren't as dark, but they have been popping up sporadically around the same area. Not directly on the incision, but below and to the left of the largest incision. It's not even on the indent that is below the big incision. But they are cascading down my abdomen - it's been the most uncomfortable part and range from brownish purple, to greenish yellow.
  12. Shell88

    8 days out and feeling rushed

    @@ProjectMe @@JamieLogical Thank you guys so much! I really do appreciate the positive feedback. I just want to get the most out of this and know I'm not hurting myself in way with what I'm doing. I think I am going to go back to liquids full time and just know that I can handle the purees, but that I'm not ready to totally incorporate yet. Definitely need to find a way of sleeping though. The body aches are making it very difficult.
  13. Shell88

    8 days out and feeling rushed

    I'm proud of myself for not overdoing it and feeling nauseous or vomiting - I think I am going to go back to liquids and slowly bring in my Protein shakes - I am definitely not ready for much more yet. The pulling is mostly when I'm sitting or looking to get up from laying in bed. It's all at the point of the bigger incision and indent that pulling my stomach had left. It definitely feels better when I hold on to that part of my stomach when I go to stand up - almost like I'm helping it stay in place as I'm moving the rest of me.
  14. I am 8 days out and my doctor has already put me on pureed foods. I feel like it is impossible in a single day for me to get my 48-64 oz of liquid plus 1200 calories, 100 grams of Protein. I'm able to choke down almost a whole Protein shake with powder added to it over a couple of hours, and about 6-8 ounces of food pureed throughout the day but that's still bringing me to about 75grams of protein and 600-700 calories with 30 ounces of liquid. I'm taking all of my Vitamins too. I am off pain meds and only taking the omeprazole now. I am also finding myself to have a lot of soreness, and what feels like pulling, around the area of the biggest incision where they pulled my stomach out of. It just feels like the skin is stretching - no redness, no bleeding, no fevers. Just soreness and like my skin is adhered to something thats trying to pull away. Any ideas what this is and to stop myself from doubling over in pain?
  15. Shell88

    Surgery Prep

    Haha @@Laureadolce i wish it wasn't so valuable lol!

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