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    26 yr old mom of a beautiful 17 month old girl. Always had a problem with my weight, but it was never as bad as it is now. Need the energy and health to be the strong, fun mommy my beauty deserves.
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    Broadway shows, musicals, concerts, road trips, teaching my little girl the wonders of the world!
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  1. Shell88

    8 days out and feeling rushed

    @@dar81 I'm sorry you had such a hard recovery - it does make me feel better to know it's not just me. It was really difficult going from feeling really well the first few days to being dehydrated, severe side pain, and now lactose intolerant. I'm trying really hard to re-situate my diet plans and remind myself to drink enough while getting prepared to return to work next Monday since I've already been out for 3 weeks. Any advice or tips from your journey post op?
  2. It'll be harder to take it down quick, but you have a one up on is non liquid people - you won't get dehydrated! Continue loving your liquids... I wish i did
  3. Shell88

    Does this look normal

    Mine aren't as dark, but they have been popping up sporadically around the same area. Not directly on the incision, but below and to the left of the largest incision. It's not even on the indent that is below the big incision. But they are cascading down my abdomen - it's been the most uncomfortable part and range from brownish purple, to greenish yellow.
  4. Shell88

    Surgery Prep

    Haha @@Laureadolce i wish it wasn't so valuable lol!
  5. Yeah the mall was definitely too much. Congrats on 11 days post op! I'm hoping the symptoms go away soon for the both of us
  6. @@heav85, on pre op liquid I have lost 12 lbs so far. Total since I started dieting in August with my surgeon and Nutritionist - 40lbs
  7. Shell88


    I'm almost done with my Day 1 ....... surgery is in 14 days.... I think my family is just hoping I don't go postal soon from the hunger and light headedness..... Already hating these shakes, even though they are all different brands....
  8. Shell88

    Any sleevers in Northern NJ?

    @@Newme4113 Hi! how are you liking him so far? (btw I was curious about the origin or your user name!)
  9. I am thankful for: !. My baby girl - I could not have asked for anything more in a child! She's just so wonderful. 2. My parents - have always been there for me through thick and thin 3. My brother - my best friend for life 4. My sister - she's always been the greatest confidante - even being 15 years younger :-) 5. 2nd chances - Life can't be all about just living or making it through - everything will work out eventually!
  10. @@jenmc2404 Congrats on the date! I'll be right behind you on the 11th :-)
  11. Shell88

    Saturday's Positive Post

    My a-ha moment was realizing I'm not the only one. From the info session at my drs office and this site - I see how many people are like me and feel like me and are fighting the good fight against their lifelong weight. For so long I felt so alone in this world of heaviness - and then I met you guys!
  12. Shell88

    WLS is an interest?!

    Thanks guys.... I guess it's just nice to know I'm being heard. That's why I love this site - it's like my get away with people who totally get me and who don't know me, but at least seem concerned about my well-being. I can't even pretend this is something new. Or like I'm going to do something about my unhappiness... It's just nice to get it out.
  13. Shell88

    WLS is an interest?!

    For my daughter.... only answer I've had for 2 years.
  14. Shell88

    WLS is an interest?!

    I need to stop holding my feelings in and just type! I always feel better when I type out my thoughts because it feels like such a release. My fiance and I have been having this argument since we first moved in together 2 years ago.... he wants me to be interested in his computer games and video games and anime and comics, and I want him to leave me alone lol. Last night we had discussion again that we don't do anything together besides errands, and drs appts and visiting our daughter. His response? I never get to do what I want to do. So is it more important to find time together or have time to do your own things? And why do you have to do something that only one person likes? Together time should be watching a movie, playing a game, night out..... not sitting around playing League of Legends.... But he had the nerve to tell me that I should like his stuff because he sits back and listens to me rant about my surgery and this site.... that I include him in my "interests" even if he really doesn't care. Doesn't care about my surgery?! Since when is surgery and my health an interest?! Well, that just proves that it's just as infantile as his games to him. Figured the 'support' and 'concern' was fake....

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