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    Shannon Mcmanus reacted to Jim1967 for a blog entry, I will be forever humble and never forget my past...   
    This is really a repost of something I said yesterday but thought it was worth a blog entry
    Watching my 600lb Life on TLC can be inspirational, aggravating and downright annoying. Many times I want to reach through the TV and slap patients but more importantly the non-supporting people in their lives. I will admit I have only seen a handful of episodes.
    One thing I can tell you from being a 5'6 488 pound morbidly obese person is it was just a struggle to wipe my butt and it was to a point where I showered after to make sure I was clean and the shower alone was a task because of the aches and pains in my muscles and joints. Walking from my car to my office even with the use of an elevator took a lot out of me. I would last 10 minutes walking the grocery store with my wife and would end up going out to the car and wait for her to finish because I was out of breath and legs ached so bad.
    I don’t recall eating food and gaining weight simply because I was lazy or didn’t care about myself. I didn’t eat with the intent of becoming morbidly obese to a point where I couldn’t do those simplest of daily life tasks. I have a serious junk food addiction and I loved it. I ate from the moment I wake up to the moment I went to bed.
    I am not making excuses for myself or anyone else but keep in mind you’re watching an edited reality t.v. show. Do we really know what is going in these people’s lives? They edit the crap out of these things to create the draw and because everyone loves a train wreck and more often than not they will put those things front and center.
    One thing I am certain about is I will always remain humble and will make sure I never become like the people who used to judge me. I was a terrible mess physically and eventually mentally and I am lucky to be where I am today. I absolutely refuse to forget my 488lb self. Sometimes I wonder why me? Why was I successful? Just because someone doesn’t care about themselves doesn’t mean they don’t WANT to care about themselves.
    Hope is a very powerful emotion and it can make or break you
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    Shannon Mcmanus reacted to Cat225 for a blog entry, Almost halfway done!   
    Today is my 6th day on my pre-op diet, and it has been the easiest so far. While I still find the shakes and vegetable concoctions in my recipe book nauseating, mentally I am finding it easier to get through it. I have no more sugar cravings or cravings for any junk food, which to me is a miracle. I never thought I could stop eating sweets so quickly. I am craving food, but mostly protein, like chicken and hard boiled eggs, and I would kill for some chicken broth!
    I'm not saying it's easy now. I'm still counting the hours until my surgery. Today I feel the best mentally that I have in months. My head feels clear. I'm not in a fog. I wonder if it also has something to do with cutting out the diet soda. I am using sugar free syrups in my shakes, but that's nowhere near the amount of artificial sweetener I consumed drinking 3 or 4 cans of diet soda every day.
    I know why I'm doing this. I have my goals in the forefront of my mind. Eight more days of revolting shakes and nothing else...I can do it!
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    Shannon Mcmanus reacted to LadyDiva618 for a blog entry, My 2013 recap   
    Happy New Year Eve everyone! How was everyone holiday?
    I really enjoyed my holiday Santa was really good to me.
    Guess what?
    My coworkers chip in and brought me a FitBit Flex for X-mas!!!!
    How cool is that!!! I love my Fitbit and it sync with my fitness pal account. I am still trying to figure out if I need to track my workout still and use my fitbit calories burn? Or stick with the fitbit? So if know the answer let me know!
    Now for my recap.
    2013 was the year of change for me.
    I change my eating habits and my wardrobe.
    I change my lifestyle and adapted a more healthier lifestyle.
    I change my way of thinking. Instead of thinking about my next meal I am now thinking about what type of workout I am going to do today.
    I change my friends since my surgery I learned who is with me and who is againist me. I let all my haters go. (see ya!)
    I am so ready for 2014
    It is going to be something else. Starting with my first 5K run!
    Happy 42nd Anniversary to my parents!
    God is good
    Thanks for reading!

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