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  1. Shannon Mcmanus

    Mixed feelings

    I would send him a copy of what you wrote above... let him know how you feel and then it's in his hands to get in touch, if he does you can work on your friendship, if not you need to move on! good luck!
  2. Shannon Mcmanus

    will my story ever stop?

    stay strong and keep doing what you have to do!!!! Shannon
  3. My PCP was no help at all, so I got a new one.....
  4. Shannon Mcmanus

    Anyone else covered in tattoos?

    I would wait just to be sure...but you could also talk to an artist ans see what they think
  5. Shannon Mcmanus

    I have a 10 month old baby

    My younger son was 18 months when I had mine, and a BIG bpy. hubby did almost everything for the 1st wk (he stayed home from work), but after that I was on my own and just had to be carefull!
  6. Shannon Mcmanus

    anyone regret having WLS?

    you can loose the weight, we all can...BUT can you KEEP IT OFF????? that is most people's problem...... good luck w whatever you decide!
  7. Shannon Mcmanus

    Migraines amd RNY

    maybe your not absorbing the Rx....check with your Dr, you might need stronger/diff meds
  8. Shannon Mcmanus

    Should I bring my son?

    I wouldn't. there is nothing for him to do and you will be all loopy and poo in pain, he doesn't need to see that. plus if he wants to cuddle, you shouoldn't let him for a day or two, just in case...it would be really hard!
  9. Shannon Mcmanus

    My surgeon won't operate because I complained

    I would call and speak to the practice manager or the Dr himself.....might not do any good, but you have to try everything! and it's January, how are they full for the yr?
  10. sounds like the meat is to dry. meat thats is cooked in sauce (chilli, soup) is easier for me to eat
  11. Shannon Mcmanus


    I would guess it's all the stored estrogen/hormones being released from your fat cells shrinking! should level off in a couple months....
  12. Shannon Mcmanus

    Taking care of kids after bypass

    my hubby took the wk after my surgery off, we have 2 boys 1 and 7. It would have been hard the 1st few days w/o him!
  13. I would deff go to the ER and get checked out! let us know how it goes... (I'm 3 months out and have had no real problem...knock on wood)
  14. Shannon Mcmanus

    Sept POST OP

    9-26 was mine! down abouy50-52 but I cheated a bit over the holidays... back on track now! it really has more to do w how much you have to loose (100-110 for me)... the more you need to loose the faster is goes at 1st! good luck and don't get discouraged! Shanon
  15. people need to mind their own business!
  16. last time I was at the Dr they told me "no milk"...not even skim, they want ALL my liquids to be 0 calorie! (it made me sad...I was craving milk at the time) shannon
  17. Shannon Mcmanus


    sometimes we are our own worst enemy!!! no matter why you are doing it...STOP!!! you know you need your Water...DRINK! you know you need your Protein...GET IT!!! you know you need to exercise...GET OFF YOUR BUTT AND DO IT!!!! good luck, you got this! Shannon
  18. Shannon Mcmanus

    food and celebrations

    Be the change you want to see!!! Come up with your own traditions that don't center around food. Spend some time volentering or something! before long that will become your "normal" and food is not at the center of it! good luck! shannon
  19. Shannon Mcmanus

    Low blood sugar

    my Dr said the same...don't do juice, do more protein! good luck!
  20. Shannon Mcmanus

    11 Months Post Op

  21. Shannon Mcmanus

    Finally in Onederland!

    Congratulations! I had mine 9-26, highest weight was 258.8....I am now bouncing around 211-213. Hoping for ONEderland by mid January......but I am almost to the point where I have lost more then I need to lose! shannon
  22. Shannon Mcmanus


    I have a friend that gets Iron infusions, but thats all I know...
  23. Shannon Mcmanus

    Rehab for fitness

    We don't make much $ and are a family of 4, so it's cheaper... and only about 7 min drive! good luck findingg a place, it really is important!
  24. Shannon Mcmanus

    Rehab for fitness

    nope, but I just joined the Y. sliding scale I pay 35 a monrth for a family, I know you can find cheaper, but they have a pool, classes, machines , and (most imp) childcare! I have been x2 and I love it and so does the baby! Hubby and I share a car so I can only go doys his carpool buddy drives but that is every other day so I should be able to wk out 2-3 days a week, plus I do Roller Derby 2-3 times a week... I may just get healthy...LOL

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