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I will be forever humble and never forget my past...



This is really a repost of something I said yesterday but thought it was worth a blog entry


Watching my 600lb Life on TLC can be inspirational, aggravating and downright annoying. Many times I want to reach through the TV and slap patients but more importantly the non-supporting people in their lives. I will admit I have only seen a handful of episodes.


One thing I can tell you from being a 5'6 488 pound morbidly obese person is it was just a struggle to wipe my butt and it was to a point where I showered after to make sure I was clean and the shower alone was a task because of the aches and pains in my muscles and joints. Walking from my car to my office even with the use of an elevator took a lot out of me. I would last 10 minutes walking the grocery store with my wife and would end up going out to the car and wait for her to finish because I was out of breath and legs ached so bad.


I don’t recall eating food and gaining weight simply because I was lazy or didn’t care about myself. I didn’t eat with the intent of becoming morbidly obese to a point where I couldn’t do those simplest of daily life tasks. I have a serious junk food addiction and I loved it. I ate from the moment I wake up to the moment I went to bed.


I am not making excuses for myself or anyone else but keep in mind you’re watching an edited reality t.v. show. Do we really know what is going in these people’s lives? They edit the crap out of these things to create the draw and because everyone loves a train wreck and more often than not they will put those things front and center.


One thing I am certain about is I will always remain humble and will make sure I never become like the people who used to judge me. I was a terrible mess physically and eventually mentally and I am lucky to be where I am today. I absolutely refuse to forget my 488lb self. Sometimes I wonder why me? Why was I successful? Just because someone doesn’t care about themselves doesn’t mean they don’t WANT to care about themselves.


Hope is a very powerful emotion and it can make or break you


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Jim you are so right.. I was so aggravated with Penny on the 600 lb life show.. I wanted so much to see her succeed. I know about being obese (not morbidly) and I know she has a very difficult and long road ahead. I sometimes forget that I was also in denial and did not want to follow the rules . Being humble is a good thing and thank you for reminding me. I think I want everyone to have the best outcome with their WLS. I am praying that they have a follow up segment where Penny gets it and is on a path to success...

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Old saying goes you can lead a Horse to water but you can't make them drink it. It has to be on the individuals terms. For me personally I was so lucky because yes I was very very large and I had no health issues aside from Sleep Apnea which I had a machine for and a touch of arthritis in my knee. For me it was enough knowing the the path I was going down it was enough to scare me and make me act.

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The saying if you build it they will come , well we are building our selves as bandsters to a better us health wise , also we have to remember we are not all the same , but some of us have or had many issues, weather it be health, mental or addictions , I know personally I went through a lot when I was younger , but now I look at the positive instead of the negative , when I watched the show my 600 lb, life the one wear the Husband was being t wanted to take the woman aside and ask are you wanting to do this for you or for some one else as if we are not right with us , then we can not help our selves , as we bandsters are doing and I got to a point I was fed up and wanted to not to have to go to the Doctors almost every week for this or that because I was not healthy and it was affecting me , and Really where are the Physcs, to evaluate these people, to ask them all kinds of questions so they can understand why they are this or that way , if they Really think they can put in the work it takes to have wls, you are doing you as I am doing me and I think we are doing good , you just keep on your journey.

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