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Almost halfway done!



Today is my 6th day on my pre-op diet, and it has been the easiest so far. While I still find the shakes and vegetable concoctions in my recipe book nauseating, mentally I am finding it easier to get through it. I have no more sugar cravings or cravings for any junk food, which to me is a miracle. I never thought I could stop eating sweets so quickly. I am craving food, but mostly protein, like chicken and hard boiled eggs, and I would kill for some chicken broth!


I'm not saying it's easy now. I'm still counting the hours until my surgery. Today I feel the best mentally that I have in months. My head feels clear. I'm not in a fog. I wonder if it also has something to do with cutting out the diet soda. I am using sugar free syrups in my shakes, but that's nowhere near the amount of artificial sweetener I consumed drinking 3 or 4 cans of diet soda every day.


I know why I'm doing this. I have my goals in the forefront of my mind. Eight more days of revolting shakes and nothing else...I can do it!


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