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  1. law8486


    I never wanted to eat for the first 3 weeks. I lived on popsicles cuz the thought of anything else made me nauseas.
  2. law8486

    Got A Date Band To Bypass

    I had mine in april. Im down 60lbs. No complaints here. Just dont set your sights too high cuz now im at a stand still. Its tough. And deff not an easy fix.
  3. law8486

    Downtime From Band To Bypass

    I had my conversion in april. One surgery. I got pneumonia after. No fault of my surgeon. Hes amazing. I didnt go back to work til 6 weeks cuz i was sick.
  4. law8486

    What Would You Do?

    Go for RNY. I had my revision done in april. Totally worth it!! good luck!
  5. law8486

    Diet Programs?

    Well I didnt have much of a liquid diet before surgery cause my surgery was scheduled at the last minute. I found an app last night on my phone called Noom. Its awesome. It monitors your calorie intake and constantly reminds me to exercise and drink water. I highly recommend it to anyone needing a jumpstart. I find it much better to track my food intake.
  6. law8486

    7 1/2 Months Out....need Help

    Thanks. Besides my morning coffee, I usually only drink water. I found a new app on my phone called NOOM. It's awesome. It helps you track your calorie intake and it reminds me to exercise. I started a challenge to lose 10lbs by Christmas.
  7. Almost 8 months out and im struggling with losing more weight. Ive heard of "resetting" my pouch by liquid diet again. Does that really work? I know i cant be the only one thats struggled. Im happy with the 60lbs ive lost but id be happier with at LEAST another 20. any suggestions?
  8. law8486

    7 1/2 Months Out....need Help

    Thanks. Only problem is I dont have insurance right now so I cant see my doctor :/ Have you done that "reset" thing? Does that actually work? And I didnt have much of a preop diet...just like 2 days of liquids. Ive had a bad back for 2 weeks....so my exercise is limited. I was thinking of doing weight watchers or something.
  9. It's been a while since I've been on here. I hope everyone is well. I am now almost 8 months out and have kept off 57lbs. I can't really complain cause I no longer have any pains and I am fitting into a 14 HOWEVER, I have learned that not everyone "dumps". I did the first few months when I slipped up. I no longer have an issue with small amounts of sugar and fat. If I eat too much bad foods I do get sick to my stomach but I don't dump. I know it comes down to self control...which I haven't had much of lately. Please don't freak out at me lol. I NEED support from people who have struggled with their weight after surgery. I know not everyone drops 100lbs right away. I just need a kick in the you know what cause I have almost NO restriction when I eat. It's pretty discouraging. :/ Any replies of comfort or advice would be appreciated. You can reach me faster through my email at law8486@hotmail.com Thanks! -Laurel
  10. law8486


    If ur job requires physical stuff I would get put on light duty wen u get back. My doc told me not too lift anything over 50lbs til 2 months. Trust me the ffirst time u try to do sumthin physical its not always comfortable
  11. law8486


    I didnt overly prepare lol. Ive had wls surgery before and I prepared the same way and had no complicarions. Its the luck of the draw. A month in the hospital was worth it to be down almost 60lbs in 4 months
  12. law8486


    I did months of mental prep and reading positive books and statements. Did alot of praying. And had the doc read positive statements to me while i was under. And i still had complications. I am a perfectly healthy young adult. They were shocked i had all the problems i had. But i still dont regret it.
  13. law8486

    100+ To Loose

    Yea my doc never gave me a goal weight. He said thats up to me. Im 199 now and ive gone from a size 22 to a 14.. Id be happy at 150 rny 4/6/12 <br />hw 255/cw 199/ gw 137
  14. Well thats unfortunate. My bf is the same way but hes never relapsed. Hes like the poster boy for aa and church lol. Hes a much better person and bf than he was 3 yrs ago tho and good luck to ur mom and her siblings one day at a time! rny 4/6/12 <br />hw 255/cw 199/ gw 137
  15. law8486

    100+ To Loose

    Yea i think 120 is a bit extreme. You want to look healthy not sick lol rny 4/6/12 <br />hw 255/cw 199/ gw 137

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