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  1. law8486


    I never wanted to eat for the first 3 weeks. I lived on popsicles cuz the thought of anything else made me nauseas.
  2. law8486

    Got A Date Band To Bypass

    I had mine in april. Im down 60lbs. No complaints here. Just dont set your sights too high cuz now im at a stand still. Its tough. And deff not an easy fix.
  3. law8486

    Downtime From Band To Bypass

    I had my conversion in april. One surgery. I got pneumonia after. No fault of my surgeon. Hes amazing. I didnt go back to work til 6 weeks cuz i was sick.
  4. law8486

    What Would You Do?

    Go for RNY. I had my revision done in april. Totally worth it!! good luck!
  5. Almost 8 months out and im struggling with losing more weight. Ive heard of "resetting" my pouch by liquid diet again. Does that really work? I know i cant be the only one thats struggled. Im happy with the 60lbs ive lost but id be happier with at LEAST another 20. any suggestions?
  6. law8486

    Diet Programs?

    Well I didnt have much of a liquid diet before surgery cause my surgery was scheduled at the last minute. I found an app last night on my phone called Noom. Its awesome. It monitors your calorie intake and constantly reminds me to exercise and drink water. I highly recommend it to anyone needing a jumpstart. I find it much better to track my food intake.
  7. law8486

    7 1/2 Months Out....need Help

    Thanks. Besides my morning coffee, I usually only drink water. I found a new app on my phone called NOOM. It's awesome. It helps you track your calorie intake and it reminds me to exercise. I started a challenge to lose 10lbs by Christmas.
  8. It's been a while since I've been on here. I hope everyone is well. I am now almost 8 months out and have kept off 57lbs. I can't really complain cause I no longer have any pains and I am fitting into a 14 HOWEVER, I have learned that not everyone "dumps". I did the first few months when I slipped up. I no longer have an issue with small amounts of sugar and fat. If I eat too much bad foods I do get sick to my stomach but I don't dump. I know it comes down to self control...which I haven't had much of lately. Please don't freak out at me lol. I NEED support from people who have struggled with their weight after surgery. I know not everyone drops 100lbs right away. I just need a kick in the you know what cause I have almost NO restriction when I eat. It's pretty discouraging. :/ Any replies of comfort or advice would be appreciated. You can reach me faster through my email at law8486@hotmail.com Thanks! -Laurel
  9. law8486

    7 1/2 Months Out....need Help

    Thanks. Only problem is I dont have insurance right now so I cant see my doctor :/ Have you done that "reset" thing? Does that actually work? And I didnt have much of a preop diet...just like 2 days of liquids. Ive had a bad back for 2 weeks....so my exercise is limited. I was thinking of doing weight watchers or something.
  10. law8486


    If ur job requires physical stuff I would get put on light duty wen u get back. My doc told me not too lift anything over 50lbs til 2 months. Trust me the ffirst time u try to do sumthin physical its not always comfortable
  11. law8486


    I didnt overly prepare lol. Ive had wls surgery before and I prepared the same way and had no complicarions. Its the luck of the draw. A month in the hospital was worth it to be down almost 60lbs in 4 months
  12. law8486


    I did months of mental prep and reading positive books and statements. Did alot of praying. And had the doc read positive statements to me while i was under. And i still had complications. I am a perfectly healthy young adult. They were shocked i had all the problems i had. But i still dont regret it.
  13. its been 3 1/2 months since surgery and i have lost 56lbs and im now 199! finally into the 100s. I hope to never see the 200s again! it feels amazing! with the lapband it took me a year to loose that much. feels so good to reach my first goal in such a short time! this is the best thing i ever did rny 4/6/12 <br />hw 255/cw 201/ gw 137
  14. law8486

    100+ To Loose

    Yea my doc never gave me a goal weight. He said thats up to me. Im 199 now and ive gone from a size 22 to a 14.. Id be happy at 150 rny 4/6/12 <br />hw 255/cw 199/ gw 137
  15. Well thats unfortunate. My bf is the same way but hes never relapsed. Hes like the poster boy for aa and church lol. Hes a much better person and bf than he was 3 yrs ago tho and good luck to ur mom and her siblings one day at a time! rny 4/6/12 <br />hw 255/cw 199/ gw 137
  16. law8486

    100+ To Loose

    Yea i think 120 is a bit extreme. You want to look healthy not sick lol rny 4/6/12 <br />hw 255/cw 199/ gw 137
  17. law8486

    100+ To Loose

    Congrats. How tall r u? cuz the weight range for my height is 120-130. but i kno ill look sickly that skinny. Dont go crazy. My goal is 150 rny 4/6/12 <br />hw 255/cw 199/ gw 137
  18. law8486

    I Hit Onederland!

    If the ins covers the surgery they will cover the fills. But like i said ive had the band. Its not worth it. It was a much quicker n easier recovery. (back to work in less than a week) BUT u dont loose as much weight and its much easier to gain it back. My doc doesnt even do them anymore cuz so many ppl have had it revised to gastric. rny 4/6/12 <br />hw 255/cw 199/ gw 137
  19. U deff took my post the wrong way. And trust me ur granny would meet her match but i was only comforting the ppl who r rethinking surgery cuz they think they will need a revision. Not everyone needs a revision and it shouldnt be assumed that we will all need it. I for one did this surgery planning to loose the weight n keep it off. I have no intention of lettin the weight come back. Btw u should be careful talkin about ppl relapsing. My bf has been sober for 3 yrs. Its a sensitive subject you might offend someone. rny 4/6/12 <br />hw 255/cw 199/ gw 137
  20. law8486


    Yes no regrets!!! rny 4/6/12 <br />hw 255/cw 199/ gw 137
  21. law8486


    Yes i had pain in my chest. Turned out to be pneumonia. Call ur doc asap! rny 4/6/12 <br />hw 255/cw 199/ gw 137
  22. law8486


    Im glad everything was ok!! better safe than sorry rny 4/6/12 <br />hw 255/cw 199/ gw 137
  23. law8486


    Hey i was in the hospital for a month! i was in ridiculous pain i wanted to die. Trust me ur not the only one. And i was a healthy 25 yr old with no prior health issues besides bein fat rny 4/6/12 <br />hw 255/cw 199/ gw 137
  24. law8486


    Yupp its gross rny 4/6/12 <br />hw 255/cw 199/ gw 137
  25. law8486


    Yea fast food really isnt worth it. Its not even real food rny 4/6/12 <br />hw 255/cw 199/ gw 137

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