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  1. Happy be-lated Birthday!!
  2. ReDbEaN

    January fitness challenge

    30 min MMA
  3. ReDbEaN

    I remember when.....

    I choose not to make the family adhere to my new eating habits. Sure they get some of my new habits but not totally. I've been reading just not really posting but thankya for missing me:)
  4. ReDbEaN

    I remember when.....

    I still cook a lot. I love to cook. I must say I do not bake near as much as I used to but I cook almost every night and it's always meat, (one)rice/pasta/potato, and at least 2 veggies. It doesn't seem to affect me though...I eat protein first and then veggie - sometimes the carb but not normally. It amazes me how much they eat compared to me but they still have a whole stomach.
  5. I eat soup often. My NUT never said it's taboo. I'm 4 mos out and honestly the only issue I have is not being able to finish all of the broth but I can live with that.
  6. ReDbEaN

    January 2013 Ab Crunch Challenge

    Totally SUCKING at any of my goals! URGH! Congrats to y'all who are diligent with yours.
  7. Aww, you look great! I imagine you feel even better than you look. Congrats to you:)
  8. ReDbEaN

    January fitness challenge

    No joke!! Hurricanes are not fun for sure although the kids love the missed school days. Lol
  9. ReDbEaN

    January fitness challenge

    One of my dear friends lives in Covington. We are only about 45 min away from there. Good luck on getting your date
  10. ReDbEaN

    Before and after pictures

    So excited for you!! You look great and must feel it too:)
  11. Hah true that...my saying to folks about fat is "I may be fat, but you're ugly and I can lose weight!" :-)
  12. Wellllll, Laura - your face is soooo pretty!! :-P
  13. URGH. Been there too many times to count!!!