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    Scylla reacted to Bufflehead in Worst heartburn!   
    You should definitely get in touch with your surgeon or PCP about this. Untreated heartburn can cause serious problems! They may want to change your PPI, up the dose, etc. If you have been in touch with one of them and they haven't been able to help you, get in touch with another physician. You shouldn't have to suffer with this.
    A few things you might want to try to see if they help you (assuming you haven't already):
    --don't eat, or drink anything other than Clear Liquids, starting 3 hours before bedtime
    --cut back on coffee and acidic (tomatoes are often a problem for people) and spicy foods
    --sleep with the top portion of your body elevated - get a wedge pillow designed for this -- and/or sleep on your left side
    --if you sleep wearing pajama pants, undies, anything with elastic around the waist -- stop!
    --go for a walk after dinner
    Good luck!
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    Scylla reacted to kpay10 in Getting depressed because of my slow loss!   
    Hi Scylla.
    I am a little over 2 weeks post op and have lost 7 lbs. I know exactly how you feel! I was on a 1200 calorie diet beginning in November and then the 2 week liquid diet pre op. I lost 51 lbs. pre op and I truly believe that the people who are losing massive amounts in the first few weeks are losing Water weight, which we have already lost. My doctor told me not to worry, as long as I am losing. I <3 him!
    By the way, I put away my scale and am now only going to weigh once a week. I'm trusting the process and trying not to compare myself to others, as hard as that is at times!
    Good luck!!
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    Scylla got a reaction from PdxMan in For the love of sweet Jesus.....   
    I think the reason people post the same question over and over is they want to express their feelings/frustrations/joys and want a personalized response.
    I'm guilty of that myself--I posted something about a 3 week stall yesterday. I did search beforehand, and voraciously read a good number of threads about stalls. I didn't feel that it was appropriate to just add my post as a reply to someone else's prior post.
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    Scylla got a reaction from lialove in Getting depressed because of my slow loss!   
    Thanks for the comments, everyone. You've all made some very good points. I think I am going to move my scale to my basement bathroom--I don't go in there very much and won't have to stare at it every time I use the bathroom! I don't need that little black raincloud ruining my day and messing with my head!
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    Scylla reacted to SparkleCat in Restriction   
    Seriously???? Do you think I just eat whatever I want without regards to my instructions??? Did I somewhere ask for an opinion or a lecture about my diet??
    I am following the plan set out my surgeon and his team after diligent follow up.
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    Scylla reacted to Jacqueline Marie in Getting depressed because of my slow loss!   
    Get rid of the scale! When I had surgery I was on the scale 24/7. I stopped going on the scale because it was making me depressed and I only started going on the scale once a week and after the first 3 months I would only go on once a month! You are losing, that is something to be proud of and happy about. Before surgery we weren't able to lose... we would gain. As long as you are losing ... slow or fast... YOU ARE LOSING! Your body also needs to adjust to this big mix up. It is used to food all the time. It will catch up to you... stay positive!
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    Scylla got a reaction from lialove in Getting depressed because of my slow loss!   
    Thanks for the comments, everyone. You've all made some very good points. I think I am going to move my scale to my basement bathroom--I don't go in there very much and won't have to stare at it every time I use the bathroom! I don't need that little black raincloud ruining my day and messing with my head!
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    Scylla reacted to PRINCESSM in For the love of sweet Jesus.....   
    Meaning someone else already had this rant a year ago. You mean you didn't do an exhaustive search to find it, before posting on it again? Tsk tsk
    Sorry couldn't resist. :-) ????????
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    Scylla reacted to RJ'S/beginning in For the love of sweet Jesus.....   
    Not everyone on this site have the intellect that you do my dear. Nor do they have the ability to put so elegantly your rants. Some people like myself are somewhat computer illiterate and I make exceptions for that....
    I am not tired out of answering questions that I feel need to be addressed over and over again. I hope that maybe the way I reply might, just might be the right thing said to ease someones mind. Or answer questions. Most people today can wield a computer like a sword never miss anything and have all the ins and outs covered...I wish I were them, but I am not....
    So I try to do what I can with the limits I have until one day I get brave and fit in some boring computer courses....hmmmmm...
    You slay me Revs. Please don't ever change......Just reading your threads make me smile!
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    Scylla reacted to Mom10 in Gastric Sleeve or Gastric Bypass, to a Bander?   
    I chose the sleeve because I did not like the thought of them rerouting my insides. also because with the sleeve they remove the part of the stomach that produces the hunger hormone. But be aware it is not easy you need to change the way you eat and how you think about food.
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    Scylla reacted to Anselee in Getting depressed because of my slow loss!   
    It seems that that scale always seems to lurk over our heads if we let it. It reminds me of the little black rain cloud that always followed Winnie the Pooh from my childhood books. Before I started on this journey I would have never though about stepping on the scale daily. (you would have had to drag me kicking and screaming just to get on it in the first place).
    Every program and every doctor and ever NUT advise is different. I can share mine if it helps. We are told to try to eat 6 times a day and drink at least 32 ounce of Water. I had my surgery on 4/28/14 and I am on blended food at the moment. We are told to try 1-2 two oz make two of our six meals Protein shakes to assist with healing. I hope this helps.
    Try to be kind to your self my program only had us on a strict diet 1 week before surgery not 30 but we all needed to loose weight and change habits prior to approval.
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    Scylla reacted to PdxMan in Getting depressed because of my slow loss!   
    I know a lot of Dr recommend to not weigh yourself at all in the first month. It has to do with Fluid retention. I also believe your coordinator is spot on about comparing yourself to others. Some folks may have been on different diets than you, so there is going to be variance there. If you just keep following the guidelines as closely as you can, you will lose weight. And as has been mentioned, your body will hit plateaus. It is a good thing as your body has the ability to go into starvation mode. That is a normal, healthy response. It will pass as you continue to follow the guidelines.
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    Scylla reacted to RJ'S/beginning in Getting depressed because of my slow loss!   
    I think that you are concentrating on numbers instead of healing and getting stronger so that you can tackle the so called stalls. Your stomach is still raw. it is not healed yet and your body is still flushing out the poisons that they put in your body while during the surgery and afterward to avoid possible complications.
    Not eating enough calories will slow your progress down. Right now I think you are probably dead on.
    I have never looked at stalls as stalls. i call it body at rest....That is when my body needs a break and stops losing to catch up with everything you are doing to it. If it feels threatened. It will shut you down. Once it feels safe again...It starts to lose again...We are an amazing machine. Your machine is different then mine.
    Stop with the numbers game. Take the scale out back and hit it with a sledge hammer until you can feel the difference in your clothes and how you feel. Then step on your doctors scale. You will find it much easier to stay positive when you don't weigh yourself too often...
    I have never had a gain or a stall yet. And you know why! Because I have only weighed myself 5 or 6 times in 18 months. I never weighed myself when I was fluffy. I don't see the point now. I follow the program spend time learning and changing my thinking and eating habits and have confidence in my tool....
    you have the option to make numbers the main concern or your health the main concern.....
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    Scylla reacted to LilMissDiva Irene in Do you feel weird telling people exactly how many pounds you've lost?   
    It depends on my mood at the time. Sometimes I tell them the truth and sometimes I tell them something outrageous on both spectrums. Like I've lost 10 Lbs or I've lost 250... It's funny and makes them laugh, but they also get the hint and leave it alone.
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    Scylla reacted to Sassy Pants1 in Has anyone tried "rev" pre-made Wraps with 19 grams of protein?   
    I just looked at those at the store this morning. It's a pretty thick wrap with what looked like one thin slice of meat and one slice of cheese - mostly wrap. I passed on those and bought the P3 Portable Protein snack by Hormel. 170 calories, 11g fat, 3g carbs and 14g protein. It's a pretty small snack, but seems just about right for a sleever.
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    Scylla reacted to Debi Amador in Getting depressed because of my slow loss!   
    I think you just hit a plateau. Your body has been losing so much that your body is fitting extra hard to hold on to it. I know it sounds crazy but allow your self a bite or two of a "treat" it reminds your body that it will still get some fats and that it is OK to let go of the fat it is holding on to. I didn't believe my husband when he told me to do that but when I finally gave in it worked. Just remember 2 bites are good, 20 bites are bad, LOL!
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    Scylla reacted to purplegerber in Getting depressed because of my slow loss!   
    So, looking at your tracker I see you have lost 64 lbs already... THAT IS AMAZING!!!!!!!
    I won't lie, I come on here and often come on and see the gigantic drops and get upset with my 1-2 lb loss a week (this week I lost 0 so far). The one thing I try to remember (and this is hard) that this is my journey and nobody else's, I am not in a competition with anyone and everybody's body is different. I didn't get this overweight over night and it is crazy for me to think it will magically go away overnight. I tell myself this on a daily basis, some days it is more effective than others.
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    Scylla reacted to Teachamy in Getting depressed because of my slow loss!   
    Get off the scale and go by how you feel and how your clothes fit. Weigh no more than 1X/week. I know it is tempting to base your loss on the experience of others--believe me, I've been there. But this is not like it was pre-surgery. You won't fail this time. This is not a race and there is no finish line. You will get there. Believe in yourself and your very brave decision to have this surgery. You got this!
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    Scylla reacted to Sunnybaby in Ladies: How much loss 1st week?   
    I had my sleeve on 4/30 and was down 12 pounds the first week. After that I got on the scale a couple of days and there were small gains! I was super discouraged so I decided to weigh myself once a week from now on.
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    Scylla reacted to Kindle in Ladies: How much loss 1st week?   
    I gained the first week postop. Fluid weight. The most I ever lost in a given time frame was 22 pounds in 16 days PREOP. Everyone is different, and you will drive yourself crazy trying to compare yourself to others.
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    Scylla got a reaction from staceyhearn79 in Down 31 lbs! Surgery 4/21/14   
    You lost 31 pounds since 4/21?!
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    Scylla reacted to Miss Mac in Biggest regrets about getting the sleeve?   
    I wish I had gotten my sleeve before I had a stroke in 2010. My weight was 185 at the time and I had gained up to 235 by August 2013. My blood pressure was crazy. My primary set me up with the bariatric program at Loyola University Medical Center for a lapband. During the orientation process, I found out what a sleeve was. The bariatric physician said I was a good candidate for that, so we set the process in motion. I had my seeve on 12/23/2013. I will be honest....it is a lot of work and the committment has to be 100%. I am so happy for my progress so far and am looking forward to meeting the new me.
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    Scylla reacted to Sleevie J in Biggest regrets about getting the sleeve?   
    I forgot one....
    I regret initially obsessing over the numbers on the scale. The scale can mislead and deceive you into believing you are not as successful as you really are. I now put my trust into my measurements and how my clothes fit.

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    Scylla reacted to dfwtxmissy in Biggest regrets about getting the sleeve?   
    I am going on 3 months post op. I am down 40 pounds. I do not regret getting the sleeve. My only issue is eating seems to be more of a chore than enjoyment but I am sure that will change in time. There are "good" food days and "bad". I laugh and just say to myself my stomach is a fickle female. Can eat something one day and be fine and the next day not so much but that's ok. I will get better.
    I am enjoying the shopping tho mostly resale because I am going thru clothing so quick. I am enjoying the gym and knowing I can do anything there I want to. My fav is the eliptical machine and am working up to a Zumba class. I am enjoying finally seeing the difference in the mirror. I enjoy the compliments I get at work and my family.
    There are so many pluses to this surgery. Wish I had done this sooner than wait till I was 50 to finally take this step.
    Don't give up!
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    Scylla reacted to jen1211 in Biggest regrets about getting the sleeve?   
    I am over 4 months out now and I definitely had doubts initially post-op like "oh my, what have I done to myself?" lol My honest answer is this...there are negatives, I am losing my hair and occaisionally I take that one bite too much of something and feel like crap, I have to take antacids and Vitamins daily, and sometimes I want something and just can't do it because I am afraid my sleeve will not approve, or sometimes I do eat that something and it doesn't taste as good as I remember. The first 4 weeks post-op is a pretty rough time as well! Considering these negatives, I still have not one regret, I am 95 pounds down and my quality of life has improved immensely and so in turn has my family's! My health is better, I have no problems breathing, I quit smoking for surgery and have not started again, I can get up in the morning and go, I take my son for walks and to the park and to the mall. I can come home from work and not need to sleep for 2 days because I am exhausted! The list of positive things in my life is much longer than 4 months ago and I wouldn't trade it for the world!

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