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  1. I am becoming a bit disenchanted with my WLS clinic. I'm losing at a decent rate (down 35 pounds since surgery 7 weeks ago). What I am not happy about is my clinic's mandate that I follow a diet that has me eating no more than 15g of carbs a day, less than 500 calories a day. Plus, this diet should be in place until I lose 75% of my excess weight loss (which, for me, is 100 pounds - or 65 now) I met with the dietician yesterday and came out of the meeting very frustrated. She didn't like the fact that I ate a yogurt that has 80 calories, 0g fat, and 12g of Protein - why? It has 8 carbs. "You shouldn't be eating more than 5 carbs per meal" was her reply. Mind you, when I eat that yogurt I'm not going over 15 for the day - but no, it's not good because it's more than 5 carbs for the meal. And it's because I'm going over 5 carbs a meal that my weight loss isn't as fast as other people's. I also mentioned that I'm a little tired of depending on Miralax on a weekly/biweekly basis and that I was concerned my constipation is being caused by a lack of Fiber. She said no, it's not a lack of fiber and that I just need to up my Water intake. Um, I'm already getting between 64-80 a day! And to say fiber isn't an issue is utter BS in my opinion. It's not just the NUT who says this - it's in the clinic's aftercare manual. I am really tempted to find some other doctor/clinic's aftercare suggestions and follow those for a bit and see what happens.
  2. Thank you all so much for your input! I appreciate you all very much. The doctor's office is always saying if you are having issues, contact the dietician - they are here to help you succeed. But anyone who is going to lecture me about eating an 8 gr of carb yogurt because it exceeds 5 gr and also tell me fiber isn't going to help my constipation issues just isn't high on my list of trusted sources I mean, it's not like I was asking to eat a bunch of simple carbs - I just want to boost my complex carbs in hopes of getting that fiber in. As I'm getting in plenty of Water and Protein my main goal now is to up my activity. And if doing that means I need to up my carbs/calories, then so be it. Because one of my main goals of having this surgery was to get to the point where I'm more active and able to do more things with my husband. I think I may have a cathartic burning of my aftercare manual lol Thanks again!
  3. They expect me to be doing 45-60 minutes of cardiovascular exercise 5-6 days a week. It's not happening. I'm not unhappy with my weight loss per se - it just seems like it has slowed *way* down and I was wondering if this really low carb/calorie diet could be causing it. Thanks for your input everyone!
  4. Mel1071

    December 2013 Sleevers Come In!

    There is another NUT but I doubt she will vary much - this is the standard for the clinic and is outlined in the aftercare manual. I am really tempted to do some research and find another WLS doc/clilnic's aftercare suggestions and try following those and see what that does for my weight loss. I understand staying low carb - but going excessively low carb and staying in ketosis for what could easily be a year just does not seem like it can be healthy. What happens when I do start eating carbs? Thanks for letting me vent.
  5. Mel1071

    December 2013 Sleevers Come In!

    I am just feeling a bit frustrated. She also said every meal should contain no more than 5g of carbs. I actually got lectured for eating a yogurt that is 80 calories, 12 g of protein, 0 gr of fat - all because it has 8 gr of carbs. Mind you, on days I eat that I'm still not hitting 15g of carbs for the day. Plus, we are to eat 3 meals a day - no snacking. I also mentioned I am not happy that I am becoming fairly dependent on Miralax. I suggested part of the issue is that I'm getting pretty much no fiber in. She said no, it's not because lack of fiber, it is because my water consumption isn't enough. Mind you - I get in 80+ oz a day. I'm just so frustrated. I feel like they are so hellbent on us reaching this "magical" 75% excess weight loss number that the patient's ultimate well being is an afterthought
  6. Mel1071

    December 2013 Sleevers Come In!

    Am I the only one bring told to stay under 500 calories and 15 carbs a day? I'm being told to stay at that level until I lose 75% of my excess weight (which would be 100lbs. Since 12/16 I've lost 35) It seems like my losses have slowed since I've upped my exercise. I had a meeting with the clinic's dietician yesterday and expressed my concern and she just said, well, your body really doesn't need more than 500 calories/15 carbs a day because you're still so heavy. Uh, thanks. I dunno, I just kind of have a bad taste in my mouth about the whole aftercare program.
  7. I cannot stomach multivitamins with iron in them. However my doc wants me to try a separate iron supplement. Is anyone taking one that is not completely disgusting?
  8. Jenny, you look amazing! I wanted to say thanks because you were a huge help and inspiration to me on my journey. We share the same surgeon and you were so great about answering questions. I am thrilled to say things went ridiculously smoothly. I'm a little over 3 weeks out and I've lost 24.4 pounds. From one shortie to another, thank you so very much!
  9. Mel1071

    How bad is the nausea?

    I had a patch behind the ear and also an Emend before surgery. I felt no nausea. I was sent home with nausea meds and never needed them.
  10. Mel1071

    Mexico Surgery Question

    If my insurance covered the surgery I would have *gladly* jumped through hoops. I agree with Laura - the I want it now mentality really does not mesh well with weight loss surgery. Give yourself time to put yourself in a good spot - especially if that means insurance will cover it.
  11. Mel1071

    December 2013 Sleevers Come In!

    I had to do two days clear liquid before the surgery and absolutely nothing to eat or drink after midnight.
  12. Mel1071

    *Gastric sleeve diet* (without surgery)

    If you want it done ASAP, I'm sure it will not be hard to find a doctor to do it if you pay cash. At my consult with surgeon I asked him when I could look at scheduling and he said when do you want to go? This was in August and I wanted surgery in December so I got my choice of date and time. Having said, I am thrilled to have had those 4 months to research and get my mind ready. I went into surgery with a Zen-like calm because I felt completely prepared. I know how it feels to want things started now. Just, please, research your options and if you need to take some time to save up $$$ to get the surgeon of your choice
  13. The whole straw thing cracks me up. I was given straws in the hospital and still use them. It is in my surgeon's manual that they are fine to use. And yet straws just set some folks off lol. Since day one I've been getting in at least 64 oz (some days closer up 120). My surgeon is thrilled with my progress and so am I.
  14. Mel1071

    December 16th sleever

    Merry Christmas! Things are going really well. Virtually no pain (haven't had any pain meds including Tylenol for a few days), incisions are healing great - now just kicking back on my full liquid diet. Would love to chew something - but I have to wait until mid-January until I get to start real food. At least I can go puréed in about a week. Based on my scale ii'm down just iver 17 pounds! Thanks for asking!
  15. Mel1071

    Post op puree

    Protein will coagulate at 140 degrees - that probably is what made it so nasty. Keep your food/beverages under 140 when mixing protein powder in.
  16. Nope, didn't see the need. Kind of weird - I expected to see myself pigging out but I just didn't feel the urge.
  17. $18,034 with Dr. Hugh Houston at Centennial in Nashville. Phenomenal experience. Top notch all around. Literally could not have asked for better! He is the king of making sure his patients are well taken care of. I had zero gas pain, no nausea, no vomiting. Nurses at Centennial pampered me. Would recommend to anyone!
  18. Mel1071

    Any Tennessee Sleevers Out There?

    Overall I'm feeling pretty darned good. Had mine at Centennial with Dr. Houston. Cannot say enough good about him and the staff at Centennial - especially the nurses.
  19. Mel1071

    Any Tennessee Sleevers Out There?

    Just had surgery on Monday in Nashville. Went phenomenally well. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
  20. Mel1071

    December 16th sleever

    Hi Christine, I was also sleeved on 12/16. Overall things went really well. I was fortunate in that they found pain meds that worked well from the get-go. I got liquid Tylenol in my IV every 4 hours and a shot of Dilaudid whenever I felt like I needed a little something more. I was released yesterday and have been taking things easy ever since. I got sent home with some dilaudid pills, Prilosec, and some anti-nausea drug that I haven't needed. I am on Clear liquids and will then move to full liquids then puréed foods and then on to soft foods. There are a few really good recipe sites out there - I really like "The World According to Eggface" and our own Gamergirl here has a great blog with lots of tasty recipes. Plus, you can search "VSG" on Pinterest and find lots of stuff. Melissa
  21. Mel1071

    December 16Th Sleeve Date, Who's With Me?

    Overall I feel pretty good. Came home yesterday which was nice . Kind if feel like I've done 1000s of sit-ups. Haven't take any pain meds since yesterday but that may change. I have dilaudid tablets but I think that is one if the big things causing me to be constipated. I just feel like if I could have one good BM I'd feel lots better!
  22. Mel1071

    December 16Th Sleeve Date, Who's With Me?

    When my throat was really sore and I'd fall asleep I did that wake up coughing thing a few tim - it does suck! Getting in liquids is going pretty well - surgery on Monday and on Tuesday and today I'm already over 64 . Not getting in as much Protein but my doc told me he is very happy with the liquids intake and to keep that up. Next week he wants me getting in the protein and my Vitamins Overall, knock on wood, things have gone really smoothly!
  23. Mel1071

    December 2013 Sleevers Come In!

    Best of luck to you! It will be over before you know it! May your surgeon and the rest of the staff taking care of you have talented hands and compassionate hearts!
  24. Mel1071

    December 2013 Sleevers Come In!

    Your story sounds a lot like mine. Got in at 6a, surgery @ 8, I think the surgery took 1.5, stayed in recovery for a bit and the got my room by 11. Pretty sweet! I've had no nausea (thank you Emend and the scopolamine patch given to me before my surgery), no gas pain, my incisions are do ok but it's still kind of a pain to move. When I got back from walking the halls last night? I felt really good. But when I say on the bed the incision on my left side let me know it was there and I let out a yelp. Scared my poor hubby half to death. Will hopefully see my surgeon tomorrow at 7a and at that point we'll see if I will still need the catheter. Hope all is going great for you and the rest of the 12-16 folks!
  25. Mel1071

    Before and After Pics

    Holy moley - you have stunning legs )everything else looks great too, but man, those legs look so toned. Are you hitting a gym, walking a lot, or just genetically blessed

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