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  1. Mrazzi50 that is not the right attitude to take to people who've been hurt. At all. Your first post here? Says a lot. Please leave.
  2. swimbikerun

    Need advice...trail half marathon

    Different surgeries, but it is well worth it to get yourself in the best shape possible before surgery. Its been a few years, but CB and the beans were usually a lot less of a hit than anything else. There is at least one other kind I got at a bike store, but the taste wasn't as good. We have a huge running store, two of them, owned by the same local runner, been around for years. If you can find that, or even drive to one an hour or so away, it would be worth it. They would have a lot of tips specific to runners that you can kinda tailor. I swim now so that is another avenue for you. It would work the parts of the body more so that don't get worked now (legs). I tried triathlons and was hooked.
  3. swimbikerun

    Need advice...trail half marathon

    I did a 10K 3 weeks and a day out. Then again I was quite in shape. LOL. Did I get this right? You had surgery on 10/11/17 and are looking to do a half 5 months out from that surgery? One, you need to start training at least 3 months ahead, which if it is March, you are down to 2 months. You're still healing. Did the MD surgeon approve you doing this? The good thing is that it is in the cooler periods. Still sip sip sip. You're going to need decent nutrition. You can try seeing if any of the gels help. Carb Boom has always been a stand by for years. Most of these will hit you like no tomorrow. Where are you at in terms of training, having tried the gels, food, etc.?
  4. swimbikerun

    Coffee after weight loss surgery?

    Decaf'er here. No problems.
  5. swimbikerun

    Fixing Posture

    All I've heard is strengthening the ab and back muscles. Swimming is also good for this.
  6. swimbikerun

    100 miles in 100 days fitness challenge

    Ok I did 4.5 to 5 hours last week. I had a swim meet yesterday.
  7. swimbikerun

    100 miles in 100 days fitness challenge

    Depends. Reason why I say that is it depends on what your 100, 200, and 400 times are. You can not flip turn and have bad technique and turtle and it take 1 1/2 min to do a 50 SCY lap. You can do some fly and no matter what you do, that's a good work out. Swimming has a lot more variability than running does.
  8. swimbikerun

    What are your favorite workouts???

    Problem with the Y's here is that they don't remove kids above 4/5 years old in the opposite sex locker rooms. Boys at 5 ft high were in the women's locker rooms.
  9. swimbikerun

    Getting back into things

    Congrats! Swimming is a lot easier when you are smaller.
  10. I am on B1/B12 shots every months. If I didn't, I would be low. B1 is NOT the vitamin you want to go low on. My liver giving me a fit, and the fat solubles are an issue now. I have gastroparesis, reflux and IBS. Together all of them give me a whammy. I actually was tested, did a liquid vitamin, and went lower on 2 vitamin/minerals. That's when something else happened and we figured it was the liver. I also have food problems that cut out a lot. Most people do not have my problems. The bigger deal is what are you eating and drinking? I have not touched sodas, caffeine, or McDonalds' or the like since my surgery. If you are eating lean meats, veggies/fruit, you are more than likely doing good. If you are back to pizza/McDonalds/crisps, that's another story.
  11. swimbikerun

    Who does races?

    I used to race. Did you find a local running club? They can help. You can look on the web for suggestions. All those can supplment what you have. Best of luck! You can do this.
  12. swimbikerun

    What defines a good surgeon?

    As one who has been burned and suffering the problems of getting burned by their surgeon, there are questions you can ask about them to find something more about their personalities. Errors, how they solve them, etc are some of the biggest ones. Talk to people that had not so positive experiences, and what their rates are of dealing with all sorts of oddball problems.
  13. swimbikerun

    Long term vsg implications

    I have gastroparesis and they use the bariatric surgeries for them. I have neuropathies, etc. because of when I get food in, what, etc. I still have the gastroparesis, developed reflux/GERD and IBS. It happens. You can still live, you just might be visiting the doctor more than you thought and eating differently but its survivable.
  14. swimbikerun


    Yes. I used to drink it like sodas.
  15. swimbikerun

    HIPAA violation: What would you do?

    Did you get it all straightened out? The problem is that the HIPAA people don't always do a 'by the law' job.

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