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  1. Happy 49th Birthday bbjerseygirl!

  2. Happy 48th Birthday bbjerseygirl!

  3. 4 years has passed since you registered at LapBandTalk! Happy 4th Anniversary bbjerseygirl!

  4. bbjerseygirl

    Anyone Else do this?

    It can be normal on an infrequent basis, but if it continues you might want to check with doctor. You also want to see how close your meal is with your lunch, what you choose to have for dinner and are you drinking with your meal. Maybe after having two meals already, you may still have some in the pouch so you may only need a few bites. Try taking a bite, chew really, really well, wait and if ok, take another. If you are eating a heavy lunch, maybe eat a little less or something lighter. Remember food stays in the pouch longer so it could just be your are still full from lunch. But again, if it continues you might want to check with doc to make sure not too tight
  5. bbjerseygirl

    Dr. Yves Manigat - Dr. Manigat

    I agree - Dr. Manigat is a great surgeon and is dedicated to his patients and takes his time with each and everyone so that they understand the procedure before and after. He is very busy and you may have to wait - but it is worth it. I have had the LapBand over 2 years with no complications and have been at goal for a long time.
  6. bbjerseygirl

    Am I alone???

    I wouldn't say you are alone - many believe that the lapband itself will do all the work. Unfortunately, I believe you were either misinformed and not properly educated by those who gave you the band. Having the lapband does mean you have to follow a diet and the band will give you the ability to do so more easily and effectively. If you do not eat properly and in proper quantities there is no way you will lose. The theory remains the same about calorie in, calorie out. You have to eat properly and exercise with the band to lose and maintain. What happens at first is the you eat the smaller quantities or better foods and lose. As time goes on, we all start slipping back into old habits and the weight will come back on - just as in our old dieting ways. Our body adjusts to the lower calorie intake and once we start eating the bad foods again, we gain. Then the snowball affect hits and we get discouraged and give up. But the good news is that you still have the band and with proper nutritional advice from your doctor and nutritionist and with a proper fill you can get back on the wagon and start over. It wasn't a waste of your time and the band can work for you - don't give up hope. Just consider a bump in the road and go around it. Talk with your doctor and tell him whats going on and ask for his help. If you don't get it from the surgeon, talk with your primary care physician and get direction. We all have to eat right and exercise and we need guidance on the right choices. Good luck!!!
  7. bbjerseygirl

    Diagnosis code

    I need help finding a diagnosis code for lapband leak and replacement. If anyone knows what it is, please post - could use the help for insurance purposes.
  8. bbjerseygirl

    Have you noticed?

    I do believe some people rushed into it without learning all the facts, but because they didn't learn the facts isn't the reason they would have trouble with the band. They may not have known those problems existed, but it isn't the cause. Also, some doctors do not give all the facts, such as band sizes, complications, pb'ing etc. I learned most of what I know from this website and from chatting and getting to know people. My doctor didn't know what pb'ing was. I had my surgery within 4 mos and have had no complications and I am out 14 mos. now. I am a slow loser and not due to lack of education and information. The band helps portion control, not metabolism so I have to deal with that. I think your theory may be correct in some cases, but not in all. Everyone should do their homework and get to know the band so when complications do arise they know how to deal with it.
  9. No problem Valentine - glad to be of help. Email anytime with any questions you may have or just to chat. Good luck!

  10. Hello Brenda :) thank you for the number to your doctor.:D have an appt for feb 10th( I was soooooo excited that forgot to give my information (lol) his receptionist must think I'm crazy.I just didn't expect to get in so soon.I will definitely keep in touch because I need a mentor and hopefully it will be you and if not a mentor well I can always use a good friend.So again thank you so much.

  11. thank you for responding to my message. I've lost 50lbs. and I also want to lose 20 lbs. I think I will make an appt. to a

    nutritionist. That may help me get a new start. Thanks again.jane410

  12. bbjerseygirl

    no longer losing/gaining

    When you had surgery - did you have a nutritionist? Maybe you should reconnect with the doctors and specialists who got you started. I don't know what your goal weight is or how much more you have to lose, but they should be able to help you. Plus, if you are vomiting alot = that is not right. You definitely need to talk to doc about that. Vomiting should rare and far between and not a norm. There could be something up with the band and causes you to eat the wrong foods. Sometimes ppl think that if they just eat small amounts they will lose weight but if you are eating the wrong foods - that doesn't help. Are you exercising? I only lost 45 myself the first year and that was in the first 6 months. I can't get the weight off myself and my nutritionist said this may be the weight my body wants to be. I have another 20 to go but no matter what I do, my scale doesn't budge. I go to the gym, eat right but nothing. So see what your nutritionist says. Good luck and keep trying. At least you are somewhat healthier. But I know that isn't always enough - go to the pros - they will have all your info and advise best.
  13. You have gotten many responses to this thread which is great and I am not going to read them all. I apologize if I am repeating myself. Your friend has had only one fill which means she has had surgery not long ago. She hasn't learned to break the bad habits yet and that comes with time. The good thing is she is aware of her mistakes and when she is ready, she will learn to implement the rules set forth for her to succeed. Sometimes it takes people mentally longer to work with the band. It is sort of like a mental game with themselves and to see how far they can challenge or push themselves. I do feel she should get another adjustment too. The first adjustment obviously did not allow her the proper restriction. I had just had my 8th and still don't have perfect restriction, but I was pretty much disciplined and have lost. I think if she gets another adjustment or maybe 2 more she will do better. You must also advise your friend even though she is not following the proper diet, it is not just a bad idea cause she wont lose weight. It could jeopardize the band and its proper placement. Overeating and eating the wrong foods could cause problems for her so she really shouldn't continue and should talk to her nutritionist or doctor. She can do this, she just needs some help and guidance. It is out there for her, she just has to seek it out and ask for it. Tell your friend no to stress herself out or get discouraged cause it will make eating wrong worse. Good luck to her!
  14. Maybe we will meet. I was thinking of attending there myself. It sounds like it could be a lot of fun and informative at the same time. It would be great to meet so many people just like us right?

  15. I was not a lapbander until this past MArch 2008. If we had met before it was several years ago.


    Guess it is just ironic that you have the same screen name (I used Maxie1215 as my sign on at that time) as someone I communicated with years ago.

    I plan on heading to the NYC conf in March, Maybe we will get to meet then