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  1. Wags


    Sliders are foods that go down easy and don't fill you up. Some people also think of them as trigger foods because you can eat a whole lot of them and not get full.
  2. GG!! So great to see you back here! I still see you on MFP, but I miss your posts :-)
  3. Wags

    Hyprothyroid and SVG

    I've had hypothyroid for 20 years. I am almost 11 months out and have lost 105 pounds. Surgery date: 5/31/13 SW: 253 CW: 148 (goal was 150) Height: 5' 6"
  4. Hi Jewel, oh dear you have so much on your plate. You have received some wonderful advice from others! The only thing I can add (actually reiterate) is to take care of yourself first. It's like they say on an airplane - put on your own oxygen mask before you help others because if you can't breathe you won't be there to help the others. Please, please, please make your own health a priority. As Tamosy said, always eat your protein first. It's the only thing that can give you the strength you need to make it through. Take care of yourself friend.
  5. Hi Lisa. I have been following your posts on your website. I am so sorry for what you, your husband and your family are going through. I am also a Christian and will continue to pray for you all. Maybe you could post your link again here so others can follow your posts. God bless you. Linda
  6. Wags

    Episodic pain....gas?

    Hi Sophie, do you still have your gallbladder? Could be gallstones. Talk to your doctor about that possibility ok?
  7. Wags

    OR nurse's story

    You worked 5 days after your surgery?????!!!!!! Whoa! That is amazing!
  8. Wags

    I think I am done

    Susan, that stuck in the back of your throat feeling may be acid reflux. That is the only symptom I had when I had it. Do you take a PPI? Like omeprazole or Prilosec? When I started taking it I felt so much better. If you already are, you may need your dosage changed. I wish you the best! I feel for you!! Vomiting and nausea is soooo awful!! And that stuck feeling drives you crazy!!
  9. My hair did ok. There is some thinning where my bangs start, but overall it's not too bad. I will post a pic soon so you can see it :-)
  10. Thank you so much Lynda. Now I get to find out "what's next" !! :-)
  11. Thank you!!! I was super glad that I saw someone else who had listed their monthly weight in their signature and I copied the idea. It has helped so much to realize that it all eventually adds up!!
  12. Yes!! I did go to Cancun!! What a great memory!!! :-). Thanks so much!
  13. Today I reached my goal AND a normal BMI! Soooooooo excited!! 10 months and 1 week - 103 pounds down. Woohoo!!!!!!!

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