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  1. CassieWNY

    Personal Trainers & gyms

    Similar to some others, I enjoy the personal accountability of a trainer. Mine is also a PT so I do appreciate the fact that he can help me avoid injury and keep me on track if I do get injured. No, it is not cheap but there is no gym overhead for him or me so that does cut the cost. The cost is going to be area specific so if you go this way, do the research. I started about 8 weeks after my sleeve. I switched trainers about 6 months later. Much happier with my current one. At first I had a few people say to me that it was not a sustainable model to have a trainer. But I got rid of that guilt and negativity and it worked. I do cardio on my own but I am sitting here almost a year from surgery and 2 months short of working out at least 3 times per week for a year. I wish you the best - bottomline - do what works for you. Focus on getting fit, using my fitness pal, getting in your protein and the weight will come off.
  2. CassieWNY

    My surgeon

  3. CassieWNY

    Light Headish/ Tingly

    I had the same issue the other day - turns out it was sinus pressure. I am sure it could be one of a number of things. If it persists, definitely see your doctor.
  4. Seela - My recovery was similar to yours. I was cleared for exercise at 4 weeks and I started walking. Started out a more thorough personal training regime approximately 7 weeks post-surgery. I did not want to start out too early, hurt myself and get scared off. How about making a call to your surgeon and asking what you can add in? Just a thought. Best of luck to you on your journed.
  5. http://hip2save.com/2013/11/03/groupon-one-year-sams-club-membership-20-gift-card-and-3-fresh-food-vouchers-only-45-85-value/
  6. Not sure on the price but I saw a Group On yesterday for a Sams Club Membership....might want to check that out in your area. The RTDs may be pricier but if you have a hectic lifestyle and still want shakes - then consider them. The 30g in Protein is just amazing. I have been using them exclusively since the end of month 2 (I am now month 4) and taking my Vitamins... No hair loss. Previously I was using the Bariatric fusion brand - which was very good but found it so hard to get the RTD - I just got tired of making shakes. Drinking a premier RTD now as I head off to the gym. Best of luck on your journey!
  7. CassieWNY

    Working out post op

    I was cleared for all exercises 4 weeks out but I started with cardio for weeks 5 and 6 post-op. The first month I had only walked. At 7 weeks post-op I started with a trainer. Cross-fit is intense (and addictive I hear) so I would suggest that you talk with your surgeon and/or PCP about what is involved and what your specific limitations are for crossfit. Best of luck. You'Ll do great!
  8. Yes you will be able to eat more than one...but I found that I was pleased with eating just one. My attitude towards eating and feeling :"full" has completely changed for the better. At a few weeks out, I did feel strange about not being able to eat like before (I was still on liquids then) but it dissipated. Over 70 lbs down since then and I feel great about having one meatball. Wishing you the best!
  9. CassieWNY

    Ablation, sleeve, now periods? What gives?

    I had Nova in April 2012. No periods after that until one small period after I was sleeved. Since then, back to nothing/spotting. gomekast is correct when she says that you can still get your periods after as many women do. Your ob/gyn will likely have some good information for you.
  10. CassieWNY

    Protein drinks

    Love the premier and 30g of Protein.
  11. CassieWNY

    100 poounds down in 6 months

    GREAT NEWS! This is my current goal too. I went down 67 in 3 months and want to do 100 in 6 months!! Thanks for sharing with us!
  12. I have both the hiatal hernia and asymptomatic reflux. My physician had me take omeprazole by prescription for 2 weeks prior to the surgery and 3 months after. It did not change my date or insurance submittal. Best of luck on your journey.
  13. FANTASTIC! Keep up the hard work!
  14. CassieWNY

    150 lbs lighter

    WOW!! Hard work really paid off for you. Congratulations on hitting your goal.
  15. CassieWNY

    Anyone From Buffalo, Ny Out There?

    Frankly - there are waits on the other side of the surgery that are hair pullers too. I keep trying to remind myself that I will not be a size 8 when I wake up tomorrow. I keep thinking "Patience is a virtue". It doesn't always work....
  16. CassieWNY

    Frustrated and a little embarrassed

    Judys - You know in your heart that you are following the rules so you should lose soon. If not, consider talking to your nutritionist and your surgeon again about increasing your metabolism and testing to determine if there is something else interfering. Above all, remember, we are on a marathon not a sprint. Next year at this time...I bet you will be worrying about what to do with all the clothes that are way too big. Take good care.
  17. CassieWNY

    Anyone From Buffalo, Ny Out There?

    Hang in there QueenCityGal - It is worth the wait (I know...the wait is miserable!!).
  18. In all likelihood they will not drug test you for THC (marijuana). They will ask you many times about drug use of all kinds for use by the anesthesiologist. Before going in you may want to give some thought to your answer so you are not caught offguard. There are very effective products at cleaning your system of THC indicators for urine tests. If you are going that route, then I would suggest doing so in the next 24 hours while you do your pre-op. As I understand it, the products do not work well for clearing your system of THC indicators where you have a blood test. Saying that, the reliability of a blood test for THC is questionable beyond 72 hours and highly questionable beyond 7 days. If you anticipate a blood test only, then quitting two weeks ahead of time is ideal. Best of luck on your surgery and your continued journey.
  19. CassieWNY

    Best and worst "compliments"

    Blue - I am laughing with you for sure. Some people just come up with the craziest things!!!!!
  20. Poolguard - Keep taking the jabs at me. Baseless finger-pointing, name calling, blatant denials of your rude behavior. Go for it. I can be your punching bag forever. Especially if it keeps your poor attitude away from the others. Keep taking your best shots. I stand by my earlier comments.
  21. Another thing to do - to keep your mind off your fears - is to look at Before and After photos of other posters. Very enlightening.
  22. Poolguard - I would much rather have you continue to attack me personally than add further fuel to the fire for those who chose to ridicule and belittle the original poster. In fact, I encourage you and these other posters, the alleged "iron willed", to use me as your punching bag. Leave this original poster and her supporters alone. I have no expectations for postings other than they abide by the rules which clearly (see cathy above) do not encourage these kinds of postings. I also respect that we should be polite to others. I can agree to disagree. Let's leave the people looking for support to the ones that can support them. Clearly the message from the original poster is she is looking for something you are unable and/or are unwilling to give.
  23. CassieWNY

    Was I too Open?

    What a fantastic approach and such a positive outcome for you. Like Indigo, I do believe it is a personal choice on how to approach telling people and who to tell. This is personal medical information so it has a right to be kept private. Saying that, I have read so many positive stories about people who share with everyone. You are now taking that a step beyond and leading by example in an area of the country that seems to have less exposure. Bravo! Congrats on your success to date and I wish you the best on your continued journey!
  24. Awwww...Fred....soooo sweet. Very nice to say. I am so pleased that these posters are looking for answers to the hard questions. Makes it much more easier after the surgery when you have this sorted out!

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