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  1. AFB

    Lap Band Removal

    I think I was going through the same thing you are going through, the acid was sooooo bad i was throwing up in my sleep and i just kept coughing like I was sick. I had to sleep sitting up or i would choke. I'm taking Phentermine and i can said it does help me. I was banded in 2012 lost about 70 pounds. I'm good with weight now at 150 pounds I just hope to stay here. I'm 46. When the band was removed in the bed next to me was a lady who had the sleeve and i dont understand how but i overheard she had a leakage and need surgery too
  2. AFB

    Lap Band Removal

    Thank you for your respond, Within 2 days of the removal im feeling 150% better, but I do feel hungry when i went back to see the doctor and i told him my feeling he gave me a pill so to control my hunger which is working, but i have not gotten on the scale. When i do eat i just make believe i still have the band. Keep me posted on your removal. What is your situation if you don't mind me asking.
  3. My band was removed on Nov 6,2017 and i am scared to death i'm going to re-gain the weight back. Anyone else out there in my shoes if there is, What are you guys doing to keep the weight off.
  4. Happy -- Birthday AFB!

  5. AFB

    Got My Lapband June 4, 2012

    Hello, Welcome to the lapband family. I was banded on March 2, 2012. I have lost a total of 30 pounds doesnt seem alot but I'm happy I started at 220 so i guess its ok.I also didnt tell anyone i had surgrey so losing it slow is good. Well my first week i had aolt of liquids, ice pops, chicken broth. 2nd week sceabled eggs and creamy spinach. I got filled twice. the 1st one was uncomfortable and 2nd one was fine going for my 3rd June 28. I would like to lose another 30 by September. I will try.... Feel free if you have any questions. AFB
  6. AFB


    Hello, Hope you are doing well. I was banded March 2, 2012. Talk to you soon...
  7. Went for my 2nd fill on May 31st. Much better then the 1st. Doing great now.

  8. Went for my 2nd fill on May 31st. Much better then the 1st. Doing great now.

  9. after my 1st fill on Thursday, I just got sick and i feel horriable.

  10. lost 22 pound and 1st fill April 19th, cant wait

  11. Hey there just wondering how everything is going? Its been awhile how are you feeling ect.

  12. AFB

    Useful Information

    Thank you, Alot of information there...
  13. My doctor told me no lotion, whrilpool noswinning for 6 weeks. That's why i ask 6 weeks for everyhting?
  14. All good After 6 weeks . What you think? For everything if you know what i mean. :wub:
  15. I add you as a friend.