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    Would you do it again?

    I would do it again -absolutely
  2. melissa130


    so loaded with sodium
  3. melissa130

    Why can't I Sleep?

    i too have had this annoyance. i will wake up around 3am after being asleep for only 3 or 4 hours. UGHHHH> As soon as my eyes open I know dreamland is over. I will stay there still as can - but the brain doesn't shut down and my eyes would not shut. Frustrating- I hope it passes- for you too.
  4. melissa130

    Any regrets?

    What complication did you have with the sleeve?
  5. melissa130

    What am i doing?

    I have been allowing myself pretzels every night. My surgery was in January. I have lost 106 pounds. I have to stop eating these pretzels. I never had a stall once in all these months - until 3 weeks ago when I started eating this snack. Now the scale has been stuck. I can't believe I have done this to myself. I stayed away from carbs for 7 months. Why would I do this? I have to stop - right now. Jesus please help me. Please help fight the urge to snack. I don't want this surgery to be all for nothing. I have been feeling so guilty and ashamed. I don't ever want to be fat again. Jesus, please hear my prayer.
  6. slim fast has shakes that are 20 grams of protein
  7. melissa130

    pains but I can feel my bones.

    That doesn't sound normal to me either. I couldn't feel or see my bones till I was under 200 pounds. No pain. Please see your doctor.
  8. melissa130

    Insurance run around...Take 2

    does your bariatric doctor have your old insurance plan on record???
  9. I don't regret my decision at all. I could have never lost over 100 pounds without this surgery. For 10 years - I went back and forth trying to decide what to do and I let everybody's opinion effect me. If I could go back that 10 years I would have just DONE it. Don't let other people make this decision for you. It is all you. You are the one that has to eat different and live with your choices. The people that love you will support you - but only you should make the determination.
  10. I work with several people that have had it -- and I have stuck to keeping my business private. I tell everybody that I cut out fast food and junk food, cut out carbs, drink lots of water, and exercise my ass off. All of this is true. I love that I kept it to myself. Because I don't want my food to be inspected every day at lunch and I don't need everybody discussing my decision- as I have heard so many judge the folks I work with that are open about their business. I love that it is my secret. I still have done all the hard work.
  11. melissa130

    Ok ladies ive got a ?

    I felt "well enough" to engage 1 week post-op. I felt really up for it about 5 weeks post-op. In fact my hormones were raging. I couldn't get enough.
  12. melissa130

    My psychologist exam no clear answer.

    You are not doomed. So many people need a bit of help via medication and counseling. I started psych counseling with my pre-surgical eval. I never quit going. I go twice a month and believe that is why I am so successful. Just because you need a little "mental" help - should not disqualify you for surgery. I would recommend getting a second eval done if you are not comfortable with what that person gave you. Not all the "professionals" get it right every time. Good luck.
  13. melissa130

    reaching weightloss goals

    Congrats!!!!! Nothing feels better huh?!!
  14. melissa130

    seekin buddy

    Well there are lots of folks here. Do you have a question?
  15. melissa130

    Toss the box? A NSV with a problem

  16. melissa130

    It's contagious!

    I have no support and it sucks. But - I am transforming myself into a strong, beautiful woman- that my kids will adore and appreciate having me so active in their lives.
  17. melissa130

    My Goals

    This blog was meant for to read today! I weighed 264 the day of surgery. 6 months later---- I lost over 100 pounds and weigh 160. Mentally something snapped in me though. As soon as I hit 160 - I got lazy and started eating foods that I shouldn't. I feel inspired just reading your blog. I know I have to reorganize my thoughts and set some new goals. THANK YOU for your blog!!!!
  18. melissa130

    Grams of protein

    Greek yogurt packs in quite a bit of protein.
  19. melissa130

    Before and after pictures!

    You look awesome.
  20. I wish my husband would show a little jealousy. Not a lot -- just a wee bit would make me happy. Crazy to hear that huh? Maybe we should go out more. Anyways- I don't think he is being dumb. He has been hurt before. Counseling is the best route. Get a professional to help you. You wouldn't want the situation to get even worse.
  21. melissa130

    Clothes, clothes, and more clothes

    what does DH stand for? I see that a lot but don't know what it means.
  22. melissa130

    DAD is Thin (well, not yet)

    I am very touched by your story! How awesome that you will be able to be truly engaged in the lives of your children. That is what I look forward to with my young children. I am so glad I didn't wait until their childhood was gone. I just lost 100 pounds since January - 6 months. I am almost at my goal weight and already at my goal of being a more engaged and active mom! Good luck - keep us posted on your journey.
  23. melissa130

    Uh-Oh, I Said Too Much

    Tell them you had a hernia repair or your gallbladder out. Or whatever you are comfy with..
  24. I have that F@#$%^! bulge!!! LOL I was a size 24 this past xmas. Today i am in a size 6. Yep - size 6 . Holy **** -right. Well unfortunately--- that bulge is still annoyingly there. I have started a new DVD -- called Ab Assault by Gunnar Peterson. For the next 12 months - I am going to give it everything I got to deflate that area. And then - I am going to consult with a plastic surgeon. If I keep this weight off-- I want my tummy to look good and look good in clothes.
  25. Sorry if you feel that way. I don't appreciate people coming on here and scaring others with statements that are unfounded and simply not true. I have held back hundreds of times on this site.. but that post really got to me. There are people that come to these posts and believe everything they read. That first post was horrible---giving out advice that shouldn't be given. I really am sorry if my post would prevent you from sharing your story. I just want people out there to know that when they read stuff on here- IT IS NOT ALL TRUE. And everybody should do their own extensive research and consult the surgeons. Not base their decisions on what patients on this site write. Come to think of it- I don't want anyone to base their decision on anything I write. Again- sorry to you.