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What am i doing?

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I have been allowing myself pretzels every night. My surgery was in January. I have lost 106 pounds. I have to stop eating these pretzels. I never had a stall once in all these months - until 3 weeks ago when I started eating this snack. Now the scale has been stuck. I can't believe I have done this to myself. I stayed away from carbs for 7 months. Why would I do this? I have to stop - right now. Jesus please help me. Please help fight the urge to snack. I don't want this surgery to be all for nothing. I have been feeling so guilty and ashamed. I don't ever want to be fat again. Jesus, please hear my prayer.

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Ok so dont panic you havent gained anything you know what you have to do. If you need carbs which all carbs are not bad for you eat them withen one hour after you work out. the rule is no workout that day no carbs get a good hard workout in you can have some arbs but you only have that hour window . Dont beat yourself up over this you can get back on track, good luck to you.

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You have to stay away from the snack for AT LEAST 4 days for it to get patterned into your brain. Try the most water you can drink instead of pretzles. Or, go to bed...

Good luck. And praying is good, trying is good. Doing is better.

Remember what Yoda teaches:

"There is no try. There is only do or not do.

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