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  1. We stayed on the big island and hiked all over it. The best by far was a 12 hour overnight hike to and through the lava fields! I walked like john wayne the next day but it was more than worth it! I hope to visit the other island next time
  2. still going strong! Past 30 and spent 7 days hiking in Hawaii. Never could have done that before:)
  3. The redhead


  4. sorry just received unkind private message so this was deleted
  5. The redhead

    Forcing the motherF***ing water down!

    Rattlesnake, one of my faves and is getting easier every time and always worth the mini view:)
  6. The redhead

    Forcing the motherF***ing water down!

    I have tried, I prefer warmer water, ice cold taste better but my stomach is not happy when I drink cold stuff right now I love the mini water bottle idea I need to try that! You all are awesome thank you
  7. The redhead

    Forcing the motherF***ing water down!

    I love straws and my Doctor said they are not a big deal, they help get everything down its North Bend WA
  8. Today marks almost the end of my first week of my 30day workout challenge. it also is the first day I was able to drink an entire bottle of Water in less than an hour. I have been thirsty like I am going to die for over a month. Water taste awful now, makes me feel very queasy and goes down "hard"no matter what I mixed it with. I decided a week ago I am not going to die if I drink it anyways and I don't want to be dehydrated anymore. I figured the worst case was I would throw it up and then drink some more. Turns out It just sucks going down and then I feel great I have only lost about 40 lbs from surgery and about 56 from my highest consistent weight but I am down from a size 20/22 to a 15/16 I am very pleased and I am hoping by focusing on getting more fluids in that the weight-loss and my stamina will remain steady a little longer. (and no I am not hurting myself by making myself drink more water than makes me feel queasy and yes my doctor knows and wants more water for me) I hike up a trail this week and it felt amazing! the ledge in the photo is where i hiked up to! it was brutal but awesome I added some current pics...I tried to find befores to add but I found myself so disappointed I couldn't look directly at the screen sorry maybe in the future.
  9. So regardless of how obese I am or have been I have always been in sports and loved running. now that I am 50 lbs down from highest and 30 from surgery I feel like I can become more serious about being active in these ways. The gym today was great, its always hard getting myself there but once I am I enjoy it. I love laying in the sauna relaxing afterwards too! My goal is less about weight-loss with the gym (thats what my diet is for) its is more about building lean muscle, losing inches and getting tighter. I know the skin will be an issue at the end regardless but I want more lean muscle
  10. The redhead

    freezing ?

    I find I am more cold now than before but it also could be all in my head
  11. Love this info, I will share this with my Doc, This and the costco protein seems like a great next step Thank you

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