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  1. sorry just received unkind private message so this was deleted
  2. We stayed on the big island and hiked all over it. The best by far was a 12 hour overnight hike to and through the lava fields! I walked like john wayne the next day but it was more than worth it! I hope to visit the other island next time
  3. So regardless of how obese I am or have been I have always been in sports and loved running. now that I am 50 lbs down from highest and 30 from surgery I feel like I can become more serious about being active in these ways. The gym today was great, its always hard getting myself there but once I am I enjoy it. I love laying in the sauna relaxing afterwards too! My goal is less about weight-loss with the gym (thats what my diet is for) its is more about building lean muscle, losing inches and getting tighter. I know the skin will be an issue at the end regardless but I want more lean muscle
  4. still going strong! Past 30 and spent 7 days hiking in Hawaii. Never could have done that before:)
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    From the album: me

  7. Today marks almost the end of my first week of my 30day workout challenge. it also is the first day I was able to drink an entire bottle of Water in less than an hour. I have been thirsty like I am going to die for over a month. Water taste awful now, makes me feel very queasy and goes down "hard"no matter what I mixed it with. I decided a week ago I am not going to die if I drink it anyways and I don't want to be dehydrated anymore. I figured the worst case was I would throw it up and then drink some more. Turns out It just sucks going down and then I feel great I have only lost about 40 lbs from surgery and about 56 from my highest consistent weight but I am down from a size 20/22 to a 15/16 I am very pleased and I am hoping by focusing on getting more fluids in that the weight-loss and my stamina will remain steady a little longer. (and no I am not hurting myself by making myself drink more water than makes me feel queasy and yes my doctor knows and wants more water for me) I hike up a trail this week and it felt amazing! the ledge in the photo is where i hiked up to! it was brutal but awesome I added some current pics...I tried to find befores to add but I found myself so disappointed I couldn't look directly at the screen sorry maybe in the future.
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    Forcing the motherF***ing water down!

    Rattlesnake, one of my faves and is getting easier every time and always worth the mini view:)
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    Forcing the motherF***ing water down!

    I have tried, I prefer warmer water, ice cold taste better but my stomach is not happy when I drink cold stuff right now I love the mini water bottle idea I need to try that! You all are awesome thank you
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    Forcing the motherF***ing water down!

    I love straws and my Doctor said they are not a big deal, they help get everything down its North Bend WA
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    freezing ?

    I find I am more cold now than before but it also could be all in my head
  12. Hello everything has been going well except.... I am starving like many still, I know it will go away soon, but I don't get to really eat anything for about 2 weeks more. I absolutely cannot swallow another bit of Jello. I would go as far to say jello can go F*** itself ;)I drink broth about once a day, thats all I can handle anymore. I drink Crystal light and have SF popsicles alot as well as hot tea. My main issue is protien. I bought many many many kinds there is not one named on this site I feel I have not tried $$$$. I fell in love with isoflex. The issue is today I took 3 drinks of it and all of it came up. i waited a while and tried again and the taste and smell of the Protein make me sick..... it also found its way painfully out not only my mouth if you catch me...(this is humiliating). I am not yet suppose to have yogurt or anything to mix it with. My stomach would not stop felling like I was dying so I broke down and had some (three spoons) of almond milk ice cream that were in my fridge and my stomach settled almost immediately. I can't continue to use that as A.) I am not to that stage yet and B.) there is a smidgen of sugar and I am on the SF part still. I take all my Vitamins and prevacid 2x daily. I will be asking the fill in Dr. at my surgeons office (mines on vaca for a month). I would love any suggestions. I am worried they will move me up to puree or mushies early to make sure I get my protein in, but as nice as that sounds I want the benefit of the jumpstart weight loss that comes with the liquid diet. I have done an embarrassing amount of research and there seems to be a pattern with those losing a higher amount the first month and the diet they were told to follow. I know it all evens out at the end, but it feels like at this moment the weight will never come off and the finish-line is too far to see. I know thats not true but thats what feels like reality. Thank you in advanced.
  13. Love this info, I will share this with my Doc, This and the costco protein seems like a great next step Thank you
  14. regardless of the problems and growing pains I am having I want you to know That I in NO way regret my decision and am happier everyday. I know it is hard for the people who care about us to accept this as an option for a variety of reasons, but we have to live in these bodies and we know whats best for them. The sleeve was very hard for me to decided but I believe it has the most pros and least cons of all options available.
  15. Hey thanks, I will pick some up, and already feeling much better
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    Pardon my bluntness...

    I am disappointed by the fact that you would post something that starts with you having to say excuse you for you blunteness and be surprised by reaction. Of course its a little startling, but not as surprising as it is to be someone who has HAD the surgery and realize that no amount of planning could prepare you for the overnight change in everything bad you have trained and marinated yourself in. NO ONE is allowed the surgery without proving that you have not been able to do this alone for YEARS. The idea that after weeks of not chewing and eating something we are addicted to equally as much as the full feeling or feeding our emotions is less than surprising, it is the pure reason in many ways forums like this exist. the only thing that sucks more than being unhealthy and overweight is the 6 total weeks of clear liquids i am required preand post op. I pray that you mental will power is stronger than mine and keeps you from looking at the calendar and counting down the days or from wondering how did I get here or how could I let it get this bad or when can I just have mashed up squash. I am not offended by you post....not the first one that was you being honest and a little insensitive, the second one though.... I hope your surgery and recovery are great and that your diet goes by quickly.
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    5 and half hours from surgery!

    Thank you all so much for your kind words! I was a little surprised by how much I was in pain the first 8 hours but it has gotten dramatically better since. I notice each time I take a nap I feel even better when I wake up. and the nausea is also getting better. I think everything has gone pretty good, thank you all so much again! 100 pounds to go on my journey and I am one huge step closer today with my new tool!
  18. Wish me luck and prayers! I am nervous!
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    Diet Pills

    I am a little shocked and concerned by some responses.... Color me naive I guess. There was so much work that went into being able to get this surgery. So much planning and sacrifice and praying and wondering if this was right. It was a scary choice but one I knew was the best. I knew that it meant per ant life changes and not just in eating. Gosh I went to what felt like a million doctors apps...... All that, and you want to take diet pills? I know it's scary and we all just want it gone and off.... But those never work, never have or will and if you are considering taking them there is a flaw in your journey, I think you are brave to ask this question, but please remember all you have put into this and why. Those pills are bad for you, as bad as the horrid food we didn't stop putting in our bodies. Please be safe and find a happy place with you that allows you to be satisfied with however fast the process is. I am 26 I just ended a 3 year relationship graduated college and started grad school...I feel terrified right now. I want to be married and thought I would be already and maybe have kids in the future. Being 26 and overweight like I am and starting over in everything makes me want to run so I can understand the feeling of wanting to get this done and over as soon as possible, but please remember that long term contentment in your life will come from long term changes. God bless you on your journey and I hope it has been amazing so far.
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    Diet Pills

    Bahahaha Capt Derel this is the funniest post I was thinking this as I read the question

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