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  1. NancyDec20

    Extra skin?

    well.. Im down 118lbs and yes there is some extra stuff floating around the midsection... according to my doc.. my insurance might pay for that tummy tuck.. if he can prove its a health issure.. for infection and other not so nice stuff... so Im gonna go see the tummy tuck surgeon..and see what he says.. .50% of the time.. my insurance will pay.. so Im hoping.. will let you know.. good luck on your journey.. mine has been a blast for sure.
  2. NancyDec20


    In the beginning yes it was hard to swallow.. but thats why they tell you to sip sip sip til your stomach heals..and you also had a tube down your throat.. so pain is normal for that. Im almost 8mo out and I drink a lot better than I did in the beginning. I used to think is this ever going to be normal? and the answer is Yes it is.. cant gulp like I used to .. but thats ok... cuz it does hurt to do that... and hurts my stomach. so im still careful about drinking too fast... but everything does get better for sure.. .I get people asking me all the time.. do you eat regular food? Im like no I eat alien food.. of course I eat food. lol. I said and i chew it just like you do too.. and omg I swallow too.. and other people go what do you eat? im like food.. what do you eat? People are so funny LOL.. but all will get better I promise... just sip sip sip til you get healed... best of luck to you in your new journey... mine has been fabulous.. in 8mo im down 110lbs and 26lbs from my goal wt.. not bad.. not bad at all..
  3. NancyDec20

    Any husband and wife sleevers?

    I see my hubby already posted here lol.. but at that time we were 100 each.. he is now at his goal wt.. im 29lbs from mine.. we were done a week apart.. we are each others best support team.. we work out together and do everything together... it has been the greatest thing ever. ive lost 107lbs... and he has lost like 116. men lose faster than women. But all in all its been a great journey and will continue to be a journey for the both of us. I think having someone that is or has been thru the same thing as you helps having them there with you all the way.. they understand how you feel and what you are going thru.. a good support team is a must.. he keeps me on track for sure... I love him to death for being there for me..and I for him... best of luck in your journey.. we were close before and even closer now....
  4. I have heard that too.. my year will be in dec.. Im hoping to have it done then.. Im only 29lbs from my goal wt... and 7mo out.. so in the next 5mo I should be stable and at my goal wt..
  5. I eat atkins chocolate chip bars. .they are yummy.. and I believe 17 gr of protein. I sometimes eat the nature valley protein bar that is 10 gr of protein.. also yummy. I usually eat plain chicken breasts.. but if its in a burger.. I take the chicken out and just eat that.. I cant eat the whole thing tho.. too much.. and congrats on the weight loss.. keep it up.. its a great journey.. .Im not fond of the protein shakes either.. every now and then I have one.. but im so far out now I can get most of my protein with food.. and a lot of atkins bars lol. I was sleeved dec 20th 2012. Im down 107lbs and im 29lbs from my goal wt..and 7 months out... its been a fabulous journey. I love all my new clothes ive boughten..and love to shop now.. before I hated it..now I find im buying more clothes and jewelry too.. and a new found love of purses.. my poor hubby LOL. best of luck to you.
  6. NancyDec20

    Just beginning my journey

    I originally was going to do the band too.. but the more I looked at it and researched it.. the more I found I could cheat so much on it.. I needed something permanent... so I changed to the sleeve.. I am so glad that I did... its been 7mo and ive lost 106 lbs... im 30lbs from my goal... and happy I got the sleeve... so many great things have happened.... Im no longer the big girl. I fit in normal clothes.. I dont need an extra belt on the plane. I can fit in a booth... I can go on amusement park rides.. ride a horse on a tour in Hawaii... I couldnt before because I weighed too much. so things are great.. I got to buy new clothes.. more than once cuz I keep shrinking.. but hey thats a good thing.. best of luck with your new journey... its the ride of a life time.
  7. NancyDec20

    Worried about Quality of Life PostOp

    Hi, I cannot tell you how much I love what I have done.. in the beginning it is hard. total lifestyle change food wise... I was afraid at first .. I was like OMG what if it doesnt work? I came to this site and all those fears were normal.. Have I regretted anything? yes on thing.. that I didnt do it sooner. I am 7 mo post op.. and let me tell you.. Ive got 32lbs to go for my goal wt.. Im 5`8. I was 296lbs... ive lost 104lbs.. I now shop for reg clothes.. no longer plus sizes... I love shopping now. I love shoes.. I love purses.. my poor hubby LOL. He had the sureger too.. he has lost 112lbs and is at his goal wt in 7 mo.. we have done exceptionally well Im told my my doc.. I even bought a bathing suit.. I go to the gym 3 days a week for cardio and wt training.. .life is the best ever.. I eat normal foods... I watch what I eat tho. No fast food.. once in a great while I will.. but I dont eat much as it is.. I watch my potein and fluid intake.. but other than that I eat like others.. I go out to eat.. I bring most of it home but thats ok.. I fit in booths.. I can go to the amusement parks and fit in all the rides.. no extra belt when I fly... I even got a smaller car.. a sporty 2013 Veloster. I get compliments left and right... about how great I look..and I even get called skinny I reply not yet but im almost there. Every one at both my jobs have been soo supportive.. but most of all.. my hubby has been the best.. so great things are in store for you.. and most of all . Im healthy.. I was before but overweight.. I had no health issues.. my hubby did.. high blood pressure and diabetic.. he came off both meds the day of surgery.. and does not need them anymore.. so you see.. this is helping us be healthy and we are doing the things we love the most.. traveling... best of luck to you.. you will be normal.. we are.. just like everyone else.. only skinny now
  8. NancyDec20

    100 LBS gone!

    I was sleeved dec 20 I was 296.. Im currently 194lbs.. Ive lost 102lbs.. all within 6mo.. this is such a great journey.. congrats to everyone and keep up the good work.
  9. NancyDec20

    Protein bars

    I eat the atkins ones..
  10. NancyDec20

    Totally Off The Wagon

    ok back to square one with you missy.. get back on the protein shakes... get off of the slider foods... you have control of this situation.. no matter how much stress you have.. I have had so much stress in the beginning... my son was killed on the day of my surgery.. my mom died 5mo before that.. in jan after wt loss they found some masses in my legs.. had them removed.. they thought they were cancer.. but they were not thank goodness. with all this going on.. not one time did I fall off the wagon... we have control of our lives.. we cannot blame this on anything but ourselves.. you have to take responsibility of your actions.. you can do this.. you did it before.. you can do it again.. get back on the protein shakes.. get all the crap food out of the house.. I even managed to lose 4lbs on a cruise no less.. if I can make it thru this.. you can too.. im on my way to wonderful things.. im 3/4 of the way there... I did it by making smart choices.. do I eat things im not suppose to? once in a great while I treat myself.. but I dont let it get out of hand.. I stop.. I dont want to go back to the title of being Obese.. not one I enjoyed at all.. im not longer the fat girl anymore..and never never will I go back to that.. my life means much more to me now... im healthy and I look great now.. never have I ever been able to tell myself that.. I have very low self esteem.. low.. never thought much of myself... but now I have that chance.. a do over if you will.. im not screwing this up... I love my life now.. you will too if you just get back on track.. dont let food rule you.. you rule your life..not food.. re direct.. get back on track.. get to the gym.. call a friend.. come on here to chat we will get you back on track.. if I can do this.. so can you.. best of luck to you
  11. personally.. I dont think Ive stopped losing.. slowed yes.. but my body is adjusting to all of this.. im 6mo post op..and down 100lbs.. needless to say my doc is so very proud of me.. heck Im proud of me too.. I try not to live my life by the scale and numbers.. I just want to be healthy and not have to have an extra belt on the plane LOL.. for which I have achieved.. my doc made me set a goal.. so I picked 160.. im 36lbs from that.. when I get there.. Im still gonna keep on the path im on.. eating right..and exercising.. I dont let that scale rule me.. just so happens that doing what the doc said.. has gotten me this far..and im going to keep on this path and not give up.. only thing I hate it the hair loss lol.. but thats another can of worms lol..
  12. my doc doesnt sell anything either.. Im not sure why your doc says his stuff only.. I made my own protein shakes..and ate store bought sf stuff.. and Ive done very well.. above and beyond he said.. this is what happens when you follow the instructions of the sleeve... 6mo and down 99lbs and in onderland..cant ask for more than that.. im 37lbs from my goal wt.. Im stoked
  13. NancyDec20

    Onederland! YEA

    Congrats.. I got to onederland last week.. nor did I think I could do it either. but wow here it is.. im 197 right now.. close to losing 100lbs.. 1lb more and it will be... I cant believe I weigh that much.. been a great journey too.. only been 6mo.. cant wait for the rest to come off.. only like 37lbs more to my goal.. for once I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.. best of luck to all the newbies on this journey.. you can do this.. I did.
  14. crackers really are a slider food.. you dont seem to get full with them.. but yet they do swell.. you will hurt your tummy eating solids before your tummy is ready for them.. follow your doc and he will steer you in the right direction.. stick to your protein shakes and protein foods in the puree stage.. and rice is very hard on the tummy too.. I didnt get that food until I was like 4mo out. and even now.. I cant do lettuce.. and pasta is hard on the stomach... I dont eat that either.. too much for me. I eat about a cup of food a meal..and some good snacks.. but on the puree stage I sure didnt feel like eating much.. be careful those first few months.. takes awhile to heal all the way.. you can do this.. the doctor has given you a great tool.. and this is your do over in life.. take care and best of luck to you
  15. NancyDec20

    uh oh-TMI- my lady bits are shrivling up! lololol

    poor me the cup size was the first to go LOL. then omg hair loss.. hate that cuz it lasts longer than anything.. Im gonna be bald I just know it.. but I guess bald is better than obese.. I dunno.. maybe I will look good in a new hair do. just depressing is all..

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