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    tizv123 reacted to Oneyearout in Natural Hair and Bariatric Surgery   
    One year out this month. Lost 100 lbs. I did shed hair but I also had it cut lady June which probably wasn't the smartest move. It's getting thicker but I hated that I once had long thick hair and now short and thinner. Comparing some Hair loss and losing 100 lbs I WOULD STILL HAVE THE SLEEVE! How I feel, the energy I have, knowing I can wear skinny jeans and look great.... means so much more. Jogging 4 miles a day!!! Not even close to being a diabetic anymore means so very much more.

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    tizv123 reacted to Vinasu in Just revised from Sleeve to MGB   
    You can make your own. Google the recipe. I go through so much I need to economize.
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    tizv123 reacted to NuHorizons in Just revised from Sleeve to MGB   
    Wow! I didn't know that. Thanks for sharing!
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    tizv123 reacted to NuHorizons in Just revised from Sleeve to MGB   

    I chose Dr Ponce de leon due to his expertise. Many doctors including Dr. Illan have trained under Dr Ponce. He's very skilled and he's stays on top of the latest technology and techniques by attending conferences. Him and a few other Doctors were chosen to work with Dr Robert Rutledge(the creator of MGB) during a live Mini Gastric Bypass operation this past Dec 2016. That says a lot about his character and his expertise.
    I chose the MGB over the RNY due to the complications of RNY, plus I've known many people who have been hospitalized for various reasons after getting the RNY. It's considered the Gold Standard in the USA, but Doctors abroad are performing the MGB and sleeve more than RNY. Other countries are very receptive to the MGB. The only complications that I have been able to find were low Iron and occasionally bile relux in less than 1% of surveyed patients. The bile reflux can be prevented during surgery with the Carbajo Stitch technique. Only skilled surgeons know about is technique. There are surgeons performing the MGB in Mexico, but I wouldn't let just anyone operate on me, especially those who didn't bother to attend the MGB Conference in Tijuana this past December 2016. Every Surgeon who does MGB should have been there to learn the proper technique.

    I hope this helps.
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    tizv123 reacted to NuHorizons in Just revised from Sleeve to MGB   
    My previous surgeon didn't reduce my fundus properly, so that left me with a larger sleeve. I always wondered why I nevered experienced the "honeymoon phase" now I know why. My stomach was too big and it allowed more food to fit in. That's why my weight loss was slow and I never reached my goal.
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    tizv123 reacted to NuHorizons in Just revised from Sleeve to MGB   
    Getting ready to get my drain removed. I only have 3 incisions and 1 small incision for the drain

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    tizv123 reacted to NuHorizons in Just revised from Sleeve to MGB   
    Dr Ponce training with Dr Rutledge
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    tizv123 reacted to NuHorizons in Just revised from Sleeve to MGB   
    I got my Sleeve to MGB revision surgery done yesterday in Tijuana, MX by Dr jaime Ponce de leon. I'm surprised at how well I am recovering right now. I'm doing way better than I did when I got my Sleeve in July 2010.
    Dr. Ponce has been doing the MGB for years and in December 2016 he was trained first-hand by Dr Rutledge the creator of the Mini Gastric Bypass during a conference in TJ.
    Dr. Ponce was only going to bypass me as recommended by Dr Rutledge in sleeve revisions, but he found a larger than usual fundus which my previous Dr. is known for creating. He reshaped my pouch and bypass 7ft of intestines. I had a little gas discomfort after surgery, but I'm up walking comfortably on my own.
    I'm thankful for this forum! All of your stories have been an inspiration to me during these 9 months of researching. I'm looking forward to helping others as I recover as well. If you have any questions please don't hestitate to ask.

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    tizv123 reacted to pinkbunies in Anxiety   
    Ask your doctor for Xanax. Go through with the surgery no matter what. It'll be the best thing you ever do.
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    tizv123 reacted to libertylady49 in Anxiety   
    I haven't had surgery yet but you should be premedicated to relax. I'll pray for good outcome...
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    tizv123 reacted to _Kate_ in Anxiety   
    I am hopless with IV's so I asked for medication prior to going into the pre-op room. They gave me a little gas too and I was out before they put the line in. You could check before hand if they could do this for you too
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    tizv123 reacted to Newme17 in Status Updates   
    Ya'll going to put the status updates back on the main page like before or will we need to go to each individual follower to see what they've posted, if any? I've noticed many don't post statuses anymore. Posters tend to post their quick statuses as a thread instead.
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    tizv123 got a reaction from Hollyhock in Anxiety   
    My surgery is 4 March and I am having some serious anxiety...I am also terrified of IVs. Hoping they can give me something before the IV.....but oh my god this anxiety about the surgery and Mexico.....I don't know which or if it both.....hope I don't back out...
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    tizv123 got a reaction from Hollyhock in Anxiety   
    My surgery is 4 March and I am having some serious anxiety...I am also terrified of IVs. Hoping they can give me something before the IV.....but oh my god this anxiety about the surgery and Mexico.....I don't know which or if it both.....hope I don't back out...
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    tizv123 reacted to Sleeve1stFitNext in Natural Hair and Bariatric Surgery   
    Are there any natural hair woman whom have gotten Bariatric surgery? I would like to know about your Hair loss and did your hair change.
    After almost 4 years natural, I am just learning my hair and I am wondering will it change or fall out? If, so how long did it take to grow back?
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    tizv123 reacted to bikerchick519 in Scared about MGB, any insight??   
    I've had both the sleeve and the revision to mgb in Tijuana. With the sleeve my father was so worried about me going there (I was 42 years old) that he went with me. He was very impressed with how clean everything was and how well I was taken care of. He and my daughter were also very well cared for. So when I returned for the mgb he felt ok about me going there again. My fiancé had refused to go the first time because he was so worried and didn't want me doing it there but he went the second time after hearing how great it was. Do what's best for you and don't let anyone stand in your way. This is your life and your health. If you have acid reflux go with the mgb and if you have a good Dr. in the U.S. he will support you. If he doesn't, get a new Dr.
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    tizv123 got a reaction from Dr. Jalil Illan, FACS, ASMBS in Scared about MGB, any insight??   
    Just take care of yourself. I have been working with a place in TJ for the MGB and I just read my paperwork and it says that I am scheduled for a mini RNY. Pretty certain they are two different surgeries.....so make sure you read your paperwork and are scheduled to get EXACTLY what you request
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    tizv123 reacted to Band07 in Planning to go to Mexico for sleeve revsion to MGB   
    I had revision from sleeve also, surgery was Thursday night, I flew home Saturday and went back to work Tuesday. My energy was very low but I managed. I ended up with double pneumonia (prob from the flight home) but had it not been for that which kept me feeling crappie for about 4-5 weeks I would have been fine.
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    tizv123 reacted to bikerchick519 in Planning to go to Mexico for sleeve revsion to MGB   
    I had the sleeve in 2011 and lost 88 pounds. Then I gained about 40 and had really bad acid reflux and could not lose the weight. So I went back to Mexico in March 2016 and had the revision to mgb. I will say the sleeve was a breeze and I felt like I didn't even have surgery. The mgb was not bad, just a little discomfort. The main difference I noticed was with the sleeve I had plenty of energy and with the mgb I was really tired for about 2 or 3 weeks. I'm a police officer at a hospital/university and I walk several miles a day and frequently have to fight or restrain mental or drugged out patients. I took 3 weeks off with the mgb and I was fine. If you have an office job you could probable take 2 weeks off and be fine. My starting weight with the sleeve was 257 and it was 199 with the mgb. I'm currently about 160. My goal was 150 but I work out a lot and I've went from a size 16 to a size 8/10 since the mgb so I'm pretty happy if I stay where I am.
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    tizv123 reacted to Band07 in So many questions about MGB   
    I'm an original band patient (2007) then revised to sleeve (2013) and MGB April 2014 so I'm 1 year 1 month post op. I'm very happy with my MGB, I haven't had any issues with malaborption so far and I'm honestly not great with my Vitamins. I take a couple one a days and B12 when I remember it. My bypass is around 9' and I was only 189 the day of surgery. Dairy and high sugar give me TERRIBLE gas and high fats make my dump but really everything I eat goes through me pretty quickly. I'm happy to answer any questions.
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    tizv123 reacted to Peggy D in Had Sleeve 3 yrs ago and now being offered DS - What to do?   
    I've posted my story in several threads here. Here's a short version written several months ago.
    To make the long story short(er), I had my sleeve 8/22/2013 & then on 12/29/2015 a revision of the (dilated) sleeve & the single-anastomosis duodenal switch. I also had my hiatal hernia repaired at the second surgery. A hiatal hernia can certainly be a cause of reflux symptoms.

    Personally, I would not have a gastric bypass. I don't like the artificial opening from the stomach pouch to the intestine. The duodenal switch (classic or SA-DS) has the sleeve gastrectomy that leaves you with a fully-functional stomach, just much smaller.

    I chose not to have a DS at the time of my original sleeve because the amount of malabsorption scared me. But 2 years later I was still at a BMI of just over 35, on 4 insulin injections a day, Metformin, atorvastatin (Lipitor) & 3 blood pressure meds so I decided something more had to be done. I am now 2½ months post-op & am off all insulin & the atorvastatin. One blood pressure med is discontinued & the other (a combo) is half what it was & I will probably be off of it by the end of the month. We did try decreasing the Metformin, but that didn't work - yet.
    Now, nearly 10 months post-op, I am off all medications for diabetes, high blood pressure & high cholesterol. As a matter of fact, my PCP has removed those diagnoses from my problem list.
    This one is a long version & here's another.
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    tizv123 got a reaction from MsK1972 in This is probably a stupid question but here I go   
    low bmi does lose slow, but i am 13 months out and still losing....
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    tizv123 got a reaction from Tink22-sleeve in Breaking the stall   
    Wow....My weight has been stalled for 4 months. I started at 5'5 at 218 and have been bouncing 172 - 175 for FOUR MONTHS. I know my diet needs work. My goal is 150. I was sleeved 26 Nov 2012. I was hoping to be at my goal in 1 year. Hoping to make it to 160 by my 1 year mark. It is frustrating but I know I am at fault. I do eat cheese. I notice when I drink my 1/2 gallon of Water, the weight starts moving to 172. The days I don't drink the water, I stay at 174 and 175.
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    tizv123 got a reaction from HopeFaith in Successful Slow Losers Please Respond   
    Oh, I am super slow too...I was at 188 (29lbs down) and I got up the other morning and I was at 190...WTF....I get tired of looking a the number on the scale but it is what makes my day...At times, I feel that paying almost 16k to lose weight at this slow of a pace is riduculous...I really expected to be atleast 180-185 by now.....I am 3 months post op and stated at 217...Is that wanting too much...I am praying to be at 185 by the end of this mon the month....lower will be nice.....REAL NICE!
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    tizv123 reacted to Smwtwins in 5 months out 52lbs gone plus the 16 i lost before surgery   
    you are doing awesome!! This gives me hope. I'm 8 weeks post opp tomorrow with only 5 lbs lost in the last 30 days. Hard to keep your chin up. Thanks for sharing and good luck!