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  1. wow, you look great...I'm 5 weeks out. Day of surgery I was 183, this morning, I was 174.8. I just feel like crying.
  2. Did anyone start with a low BMI? If so, I am curious how your weight loss is going.
  3. okay, we have similar stats. I'm 5'3". i was 183 the day of surgery. After 2 weeks I was at 173, but nothing since 17 March 2017. I cant eat much either. I actually gt really naseau. I went back to work after 8 days. Im still tired quite a bit,,,,,Some days my body just shut down. Good luck...I get a little sad
  4. tizv123

    MGB weight loss stalled

    I had surgery on 3/4/2017. Sleeve to MGB. Starting weight 190, Weight day of surgery was 183. 3/10/2017 was 190..then scale stated moving. By 3/18/2017 I was 173 and I have been at that every since...as a matter of fact yesterday I was 175. I am so disappointed and scared that something is wrong...How is this? I had hoped to be at 150 by June. At this rate I wont get there. I know I am just at 4 weeks post op, but this was not what I expected.
  5. tizv123

    angry and betrayed

    wow, Im sorry that you are going through all of that.....
  6. Hmmm, I ready about the smell afterwards...I wonder why that is...
  7. you yes, this does help....I am scheduled for MGB on 4 March (Not Dr. Ponce), but I am nervous and excited. how are you feeling today....Hows the weight loss coming.
  8. I was trying to wait to get it done by Dr. R, but I never heard back from him on his availability, so I just moved forward with my plans to go to Mexico.
  9. tizv123


    My surgery is 4 March and I am having some serious anxiety...I am also terrified of IVs. Hoping they can give me something before the IV.....but oh my god this anxiety about the surgery and Mexico.....I don't know which or if it both.....hope I don't back out...
  10. tizv123

    Scared about MGB, any insight??

    curious....bikerchic...who did you go to in Mexico?
  11. I had the sleeve back in 2012 and I lost a little hair....I am headed to Mexico for a MGB on 4 March 2017. I plan to cut my hair short anyway. I went natural in 2012...my hair is very healthy, but my weight is not...so imma lose the weight and cut my hair short and let me hair grow back and work hard this time to ensure the weight don't come back as it did after the sleeve.....
  12. I'm being told that the mini RNY and the mini Gastric Bypass are the same, but when I read, it says something different...Can anyone enlighten me? "Roux-en-Y laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery, on the other hand, is much more complicated. Unlike mini gastric bypass, with RNY the small intestine is cut and two connections are made instead of one. In addition, the pouch created during the mini gastric bypass is larger ...Dec 31, 2016"
  13. Just take care of yourself. I have been working with a place in TJ for the MGB and I just read my paperwork and it says that I am scheduled for a mini RNY. i don't want a RNY. I've read the dangers.
  14. tizv123

    Scared about MGB, any insight??

    Just take care of yourself. I have been working with a place in TJ for the MGB and I just read my paperwork and it says that I am scheduled for a mini RNY. Pretty certain they are two different surgeries.....so make sure you read your paperwork and are scheduled to get EXACTLY what you request
  15. Planning to do this. Had sleeve in Nov 2012. Have gained some weight back. Never met goal. Went from 222 to 162. Goal was 145. What is your experience with recovery time? I am planning to go to Mexico. Planning to use A Lighter Me...Dr. Ortiz.
  16. tizv123

    Tighten Up

    yes, Dr. Ortiz offer our sleeve rescue. They suture over your initial staple like to tighten up your sleeve.
  17. I'm almost 5 years postop. Its been difficult. I began going through a divorce with in 3 months, then my father got sick, then other stuff started happening. I didn't stay focused and began eating bad.....I never made goal and I have since gained another 25 pounds. I am looking now at a revision or mini gastric bypass. If I had it to do all over again, I would have done the bypass first...
  18. yes. I have gained 25 pounds back and looking into a resleeve or mini gastric bypass. I never met goal so I actually have about 60 pounds tolose. One doctor that I am in touch with suggested a surgery called the OCC Sleeve Rescue where they reduce your pouch size, They say they have done many of these for patients that were sleeved in the US and Canada that have lost their original restriction with the sleeve, or never really had enough restriction.
  19. Do you all mind sharing with me which doctors you used in Mexico? Right now, I am looking at Dr. Ortiz at ALm and Dr Ismael Jonathan Vazquez at Bariatric Select. I can't find much on Dr Ismael Jonathan Vazquez.
  20. thank you. It looks like you lost about 60 lbs in 7 months. that's a good pace....I didn't have any issues with the sleeve. Sleeved on Thursday and was back at work that Tuesday...I was a little tired....but I could have gone back that Monday. I am trying to plan it out whereas I can get the surgery on a Saturday and go back to work the following Monday. Does that sound doable. I know everyone is different...
  21. This is really good to hear. I am 5'4, 186 and converting sleeve to MGB. I hear that some loose too much weight. How are you today and what is your current weight.
  22. low bmi does lose slow, but i am 13 months out and still losing....
  23. tizv123

    Breaking the stall

    Wow....My weight has been stalled for 4 months. I started at 5'5 at 218 and have been bouncing 172 - 175 for FOUR MONTHS. I know my diet needs work. My goal is 150. I was sleeved 26 Nov 2012. I was hoping to be at my goal in 1 year. Hoping to make it to 160 by my 1 year mark. It is frustrating but I know I am at fault. I do eat cheese. I notice when I drink my 1/2 gallon of water, the weight starts moving to 172. The days I don't drink the water, I stay at 174 and 175.
  24. I had surgery 26 nov 2012, I went in at 218 and today 6 Aug 1 am at 175. I have been at 175 for 3 months. It's discouraging but the weight I am at today was always the weight I maintained or would make a goal weight. I hope it moves. My goal is 155.