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  1. OMG Newbie, I am sooo excited for you! I am still waiting for ins to approve or dis.. Congrats, good luck and keep us informed!!
  2. Hello Missi, Such a long road. Have they submitted to your ins yet? What part of AL are you?
  3. Hi Sandy, I know you have to be nervous and excited! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you! Please keep us informed! Hi Boo1. I am waiting for them to call and let me know they got all the paper work to send out! How has your process been? I have been through everything that could go wrong has..They lost my file, they aren't getting my records from my phycians office. They sent them twice so far! I just need to know how your's is coming along, Please!
  4. LindaLeevsg

    Almost 4 weeks post-op

    Congratulations on your surgery! Keep up the good work! Was it hard eating the pureed foods..I am afraid I will have a problem with that!!
  5. LindaLeevsg

    Bariatric Surgery Do's And Don'ts

    Thanks LMD! I am waiting for my ins approval now..I will let you know when and if! You truly are an inspiration! :wub:
  6. Hi Sandy, I am also in Alabama! I am waiting for the ins to approve mine, but it sure has been a long road! Congrats on your surgery! I am in Daphne AL and Dr Hannon will be doing my surgery!
  7. LindaLeevsg

    Annoying Psych Eval

    Ok, I just talked to my surgeons office and the Psych did send in a good assessment and she will send that off to the INS this week, she said she is backed up but will def send mine in this week since I have been waiting so long!! Keep your fingers crossed for me Please!!
  8. LindaLeevsg

    Annoying Psych Eval

    I am going to continue with my Psych also!! I really do like him and I feel so much better seeing him!
  9. LindaLeevsg

    Annoying Psych Eval

    Thank you and Good Luck to you as well!!
  10. LindaLeevsg

    Annoying Psych Eval

    I had to do the 6 month's with my family Dr first! So I had my seminar last July! Good Luck!!
  11. LindaLeevsg

    Annoying Psych Eval

    Yes, I was honest! I seen him 3 times in 1 week, the thing I said and didn't realize is I told him when I lose some weight I will start working out. If I would have told him I have already started he would have approved that day! I have started Water arobics and he wrote me a new assessment!
  12. LindaLeevsg

    Annoying Psych Eval

  13. I would love to learn to belly dance, and just be able to get on an amusement park ride with my 10 year old son!!
  14. LindaLeevsg

    72 pounds gone for good!

    Amazing!! You are gorgeous! I am going to wear my arms with pride! I heard it takes 2 years for your skin to get where it will be, so we all might have to wear sleeves for a while! But you look amazing!
  15. LindaLeevsg

    My surgery was two years ago

    Thanks for sharing your story, it is good to hear someone has been out 2 yrs and still going strong!!

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