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  1. TheCurvyJones

    5 weeks out

    My go to was pintos and cheese from taco bell or chili from wendy's. YUM. OH. At taco bell I would get a soft taco or burrito and refried beans and bring it home, then dump the insides out of the burrito or taco into a bowl and mix in some pintos and cheese. Add a lil sour cream to that. Delish. That would last me days because I couldn't eat much. I also liked broccoli cheese soup and cream of chicken soup. Nothing with huge chunks. If you like salmon, try salmon salad instead of tuna salad with pork rinds. Or hummus with pork rinds. Cheeseburger in a bowl, if you are eating solid foods. Cook up some burger (beef/turkey/chicken, doesn't matter). Toss it into a bowl with some cheese and ketchup. Instead of scrambled eggs I made deviled eggs or egg salad. I also ran some ham n bean soup through a blender right quick. Not pureed, but enough to make sure there weren't any huge chunks. All are super soft and will practically dissolve in your mouth btu are high protein.
  2. TheCurvyJones

    Any Georgia sleevers?

    My apologies, I never saw this post! I attribute my success with making sure I'm on plan like 80% of the time. The first few years I was pretty strict with myself. The longer I am in maintenance, the more confident I am in what I can eat and how it affects my body. I can look at something and just know that's not going to go well. I also NEVER push my sleeve. I don't stuff myself. At the first hint of fullness, I am done. Each time I have tried to push my sleeve I have ended up in the toilet. At 4 years out, throwing up is still gross! I don't like doing it and I don't like the way certain foods make me feel so I don't eat them. I still have great restriction and I respect my sleeve. The people that I see that have gone through regain go through a period where they just want to be normal and live normal and fall out of those good habits we established right after surgery. We are not normal. Just because you lost a ton of weight and are now thin doesn't make you a naturally thin person with a rapid fast metabolism. You are still physiologically an altered person. We live our lives by certain rules and the sooner we come to grips with that, the better maintenance will go. Not saying my eating is always stellar, because it isn't. However for the most part, I keep it high protein, lowcarb. A treat here and there. I CAN eat stuff like bread/rice/pasta... but I fill up on that stuff so fast that I can't get in any good solid protein, and then I'm hungry again too soon.
  3. Just remember: protein and hydration, take a break when you need to. You'll be great.
  4. I had my surgery Dec 21st 2012. It was at year end on purpose because I knew I would have all that time to recover. I could have honestly gone back in a week but I'm glad I had an extra week to chill. I've seen people go back in about 7- 10 days and do fine, but every person is different. Just remember to take it easy, no lifting for 10 days post op and if you need to sit and rest, do it. I felt fine but I was just tired. Around 8PM I hit a wall and I was done for the day. It took me a few weeks to really feel like myself.
  5. The thing about the sleeve is longevity and consistency. The sleeve enabled me to maintain a low carb lifestyle much longer than I would have without altering the amount of food I can eat at one time. I would have long since got frustrated and gone back to whatever I was doing before. The fact that my body processes certain foods differently, the fact that my tastes have changed and that my body works differently now has worked wonders. Also, weight loss is about much more than scale weight. Track everything... inches mean MORE than lbs. No one is going to walk up to you and say, man you look like you lost about 3lbs! They WILL notice those inches coming off! Are your clothes getting loose? Rings and watch rolling around on wrists and fingers? Unders flapping in the breeze??? My shoes started flopping off my feet and I was like... if I lose one more inch around my wrists and not a single inch off my thighs I am going to HURT someone! LOL. But it came off. Slowly but surely, this race will be won. Track and celebrate ALL of your victories, even the non scale ones. Those months when the scale wasn't moving, the inches were coming off like gangbusters and I was going through clothes like crazy. Some stuff I never even got to wear. I would go to the thrift store and get stuff two sizes down and be in them within a month. Before surgery it would take me five mins to go up and down stairs. Soon after surgery I was running up and down stairs. My back, knees, ankles didn't hurt anymore. Count all of those kinds of victories, keep a list of stuff you can do that you couldn't do before. If you can get out and walk, do so. Take it easy, no lifting, nothing strenuous, but keep your booty moving, your mood lifted, your head high and shoulders back. The endorphins will help! You're DOIN' this thing! And stay HYDRATED. Right now your biggest enemy will be dehydration.
  6. I am more than 4 years out and my Sleeve is the best thing to ever happen to me. I still have great restriction and I tolerate most foods very well. I don't count anything, by this point. I know what I can eat and maintaining hasn't been difficult for me *so far*. I am in the unique position to still lose weight here and there, even being so far out. I have lost 20lbs in the last year and a half. For the MOST part I can eat what I want. I avoid certain foods because I don't like how they make me feel. Like... I'll eat a cupcake but just the cake part because icing is too sweet, and probably not all of the cupcake. I can normally handle a bite of cake but... it's so sweet. I can look at something and just know that that is never happening. Cinnamon roll? NO. I can handle a couple bites of a waffle before it's too much. Last summer I ordered a pancake, ate half of it and needed a nap afterward. Chocolate tastes funny. Chips are salty (unless TOM is near and then I can handle chocolate and chips. WEIRD.) Ice cream.... well, I can eat plain vanilla. If it has fruit in it, the sugar is too much for me... goes right through me and it's unpleasant. I CAN eat bread, pizza crust, rolls and I love rice and pasta but I don't eat it often because it fills me up quickly and then I can't eat anything else. And tho I don't worship food I do still like to eat. It also makes me sleepy. I eat beef and pork, I eat chicken, LOOOOVE seafood. It's less dense so I can eat more and an excellent source of protein. I also love veggies (I stick to green veggies and try to avoid the starchy ones though I am a sucker for corn!) and I eat salad about twice a week. There is nothing like a crisp, cold salad, especially a caesar or one made with romaine lettuce. I hate iceberg and bib lettuce. And arugula. Ick. I eat until I have eaten all the chicken or steak and cheese out of it and then I am done. I don't snack often. I eat twice a day. I was never a big eater (getting fat was more about hormones and physiology and laziness than about the amount of food I ate). I don't like to eat in the morning, but since I like to eat dinner by at least 8PM, I am usually feeling empty by 11Am-ish ( I have been known to drag it out until 2PM) so I eat a hearty portion. I can eat about a cup of food, depending on the day. Right before TOM I am ravenous. Some days, esp during the summer, I am drinking protein smoothies because I just cannot with food right now! Then I head home and have dinner by 8. I am rarely hungry, so I don't skip meals but I don't shove food into my face when my body isn't asking for it. For me, I needed to get rid of that worship of food, that waking up in the morning and dreaming of what I am having for dinner that night, that feeling that stuff isn't fun if food isn't involved and I needed to stop eating my feelings and my boredom. I'm still a nighttime mindless eater, so if I have snacky foods in the house, I will eat it. So I don't bring it home. I don't think about food unless it's a meal time. But f I am going out to eat.... I'm staring at the menu for about two hours before we even meet up. I have a small amount of real estate and I fill up quickly. I want the best option I can get for a reasonable amount of money (Tired of spending $30 on a plate of food I'm not going to finish). Sometimes that means ordering a couple of appetizer and calling it a night!
  7. TheCurvyJones

    LADIES ONLY- monthly issues.

    YES. .YES. YES. My body lost its ever loving MIND. At first I was regular for the first time in my life. Then about six months out, I missed a period. Then it came back. FOR THIRTEEN HEAVY DAYS. OH MY GAH I thought I was DYING. Then it was regular for awhile and then it would skip. It took a while to regulate to every 28-30 days but now I can even use a period tracker so I can be ready. Before it would just come whenever and I would never know when, except my cravings for sugar and salt would go up. I also have a fibroid, so my periods have stayed heavy but they did regulate eventually.
  8. TheCurvyJones

    African American Sleevers

    My hair grew back the same but I was always permed. I lost my "edges" and my hair grows slowly. As well my face is much thinner now so long hair looks weird on me. I wore a wig while my hair grew back, then I cut it short and keep it cut as it is easier to maintain. It does grow back though. My scars did not keloid. In fact they have faded so much you can't see them. Surgeon did a great job on the incisions.
  9. I lost VERY slowly. the first few months are kind of a crapshoot. But... the sleeve WORKS. Hang in there, stick w the program! try not to compare yourself to others. Your body is yours, your history is yours, your experience is yours. And if you are deeply concerned, call your surgeon/team. I lost 8lbs the first week and then never more than 2-3lbs a week thereafter. I will be 5 years out in Dec, down 139lbs. it works.
  10. Flew into San Antonio Thurs. Overnight in Eagle Pass TX. Driver came to pick us up Fri morning. Drove over the border to doc's clinic. Surgery around 10:30 AM. Checked out Sunday afternoon. Flew back to Atlanta same day. Hit my front door around 8:30PM. Could have stayed an extra day but my folks were coming into town.
  11. Likely, no one here is going to be able to answer your Q's. Important that you see a doc right away! One of my friends had her sleeve re-done because the original surgeon made mistakes. FIRST make sure everything is medically okay
  12. TheCurvyJones

    NO Carbonated beverages- FOREVER!

    Also, I drink carbonation very sparingly. I almost NEVER finish a drink though.
  13. TheCurvyJones

    NO Carbonated beverages- FOREVER!

    I tried them but I don't FEEL enough of a difference to keep spending money on them. I am looking into liquid vitamins because those are the only vitamins where I actually feel a difference.
  14. TheCurvyJones

    African American Sleevers

    I will be five years out in December. Living my VERY BEST life. I am 139lbs down. I weigh 133.9 (started at 273). I write books, I travel, I live well. All is well over here!
  15. TheCurvyJones

    Never eating soup again

    I eat soup twice a week. Love it! LOL. You really do get over these intial OVER IT feelings eventually. Except for protein shakes there's not much I push away because I just can't do it anymore. Maybe eggs. But I'll still eat them.