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    AnnaBanana got a reaction from Zuzureed in Nervous - I Begin My Pre-Op Diet Today   
    You can do this girl!!!!!
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    AnnaBanana reacted to Tink22-sleeve in I Think I Found My Transfer Addiction....   
    Now to experience the hot mineral springs!
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    AnnaBanana reacted to Donny in I Think I Found My Transfer Addiction....   
    It's me! I have found myself doing all sorts of health&beauty things since I had my surgery. I'm a 26 year old guy that in the last week has gone to the spa for manicure, pedicure, facial, and massage. I bought all sorts of fancy face scrubs. I had a lady friend fix my straggly eye brows. Spent a ton of money on a fancy electric tooth brush and whitening things. And go to the gym every day. What the heck happened to me!?!?!? I guess I'm feeling better and way more confident and decided I need all of this??? I never would have done all this pre op lol! I can't help but to laugh at myself.
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    AnnaBanana reacted to Tink22-sleeve in I Love This Forum And Chat Room   
    I just love this forum and chat room. I have found friends and comrades where I least expected to find them. I have stayed up late at night to chat when I am feeling low, or just cant sleep, or when someone else needs a friend or information. I have laughed out loud at our conversations in the chat room. In the chat room and from the posts, I have learned what to expect and not expect from this surgery.
    Most of all I have found a place where I belong- A place where I can be heard. And that is a special thing, indeed.
    Thank you for walking this path with me. I hope we meet along the way.
    See you in the chat!
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    AnnaBanana reacted to DanaMomto3 in Letter Of Support From Family Md.?   
    My surgeon gave me a letter with my info all my Dr had to do was print it on her letterhead. Super easy
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    AnnaBanana reacted to Heyher in Letter Of Support From Family Md.?   
    Typically they are looking for clearance and approval from the PCP. Example:
    To whom it may concern
    I, Dr so and so, have been treating paitent xyz for the purpose of weight loss and bariatric surgery. At this time I would recommend surgery for xyz to help with yada yada yada. I feel they are a good candidate for the procedure.
    More professional of course. But just an idea.
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    AnnaBanana reacted to notmeanymore in Server Sleep Apnea Sleevers?   
    Hey Sweety,
    I have severe sleep apnea too. I stop breathing 58 times an hour. Im still having surgery. My surgeon and pulmonologist know all about it. Ive had it for at least 4 years. A good majority of overweight people I believe have sleep apnea. Does that help?
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    AnnaBanana reacted to Strangefruit in Cheated On Pre-Op Diet   
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    AnnaBanana reacted to Squisha in Awwwww....you Don't Need That Surgery. You Aren't Big Enough.   
    I have told everyone, friends, family, random strangers. I have recieved nothing but postive feedback from everyone I told. The only people I haven't told are my husband family because they have been super critical and judgemental of my weight in the past. We will see my husbands mom for the 1st time in 5 years in June and I will be 15 months out. I have no intention of telling her just gonna tell her it was diet and exercise.
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    AnnaBanana reacted to diamondkized in I Cannot Wait To Wear_______(Fill In)   
    I just want to wear underwear that doesnt have to be folded when doing laundry. My kids fold them like they are damn towels
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    AnnaBanana reacted to Jenny LaJoye in I Cannot Wait To Wear_______(Fill In)   
    I can't wait to wear NOTHING!!!!!!
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    AnnaBanana reacted to notmeanymore in I Cannot Wait To Wear_______(Fill In)   
    I cant wait to wear cute pin-up girl style dresses. Oh and shorts!! I wear long pants and long dresses in summer. I cant wait!
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    AnnaBanana reacted to BewhoGodcreatedmetobe in I Cannot Wait To Wear_______(Fill In)   
    Oohhh I love Victorias secret sweatsuits! I cant wait to wear Them!!! Ahhh! i cant wait to go to VS and not get dirty looks. pshhhhh! and Heels!!! High High Heels!!!
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    AnnaBanana reacted to julielle in I Cannot Wait To Wear_______(Fill In)   
    Not something to wear but I'll be happy when I stop getting claustrophobic just trying to fit into my bathtub.
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    AnnaBanana reacted to Diamondeyed in I Cannot Wait To Wear_______(Fill In)   
    #1. Dresses without people saying "you dont have long now, boy or girl"
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    AnnaBanana reacted to COsleeveDude in Did My Boobs Just Get Bigger?   
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    AnnaBanana reacted to Mini Me Wanna~Be in Did My Boobs Just Get Bigger?   
    Not to burst your bubble but I have had this happen to me before and I figured out Bra's are made by different manufacturers just like other clothes we buy, how many times have you tried on a certain size within a certain brand and you always wear that size but if you go to a different brand that size you've been wearing no longer fits. Go back to your original brand and see what size works for ya. I hope what I said was understandable.
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    AnnaBanana reacted to CowgirlJane in Before And After 90 Day Results   
    Wow, I bet you wake up each day feeling like a million! Great job.
    And no, I am not jealous that it took me twice as long to lose that much weight.
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    AnnaBanana reacted to Repoman in Before And After 90 Day Results   
    100 pounds gone...... Sorry about the first pic I just woke up
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    AnnaBanana reacted to GeauxForIt in Cheats   
    We are SO STRONG, y'all! We are brave and strong and WE CAN DO THIS!!!
    Don't let one weak moment get us off track!
    Don't let the food control US...we are BADASS WEIGHT-LOSING WARRIORS!!!!!
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    AnnaBanana reacted to ProudGrammy in Finally Decided On My Self-Reward For 1 Year Out And 100+ Pounds Gone   
    Virginia hi there, lookin' good
    you are a well deserved purchase
    be good to your nice owner, she's worked hard and successfully til she finally decided to buy you
    Lissa & Virginia
    you deserve each other
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    AnnaBanana reacted to WLJourneyJ in 3 Months. 60 Lbs ( Pic)   
    I love that I did this for " me". I'm 3 months and a week post op. about 2 lbs a week losing which is great. The only side effect is my hair. But it's not horrible. Thankfully I have lots of hair. It still looks fine . Otherwise i couldn't be happier
    At my heaviest I was a 20. This week I went into a fancy boutique and tried on lots of things. That fit! I grabbed Xl ( before I'd pray they'd fit. Usually didn't). This time I got all large. Xl was too big. It's so strange. I'm a 14 now pretty consistently. It's crazy.
    I rewarded myself witn a membership to a super fancy gym ( I was working out In our complex gym at work and it is great but small. Now I get steam room whirlpool etc. rewards for workouts). And I'm going to start yoga and Pilates
    This is the best thing I've done truly for me ever. Znd my family is benefitting too happier mom

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    AnnaBanana got a reaction from GeekyGamerGrrl in Richmond Virginia Sleevers Around?   
    Alicia and geekgamergirl... I too am in the process of trying to get sleeved. I have Medicaid insurance so I have a check list I have to complete. I had to go to a weight loss seminar which I did on Wednesday.
    Dr. Bautista, at St. Mary's hospital was the speaker that night so he is who I am going to use as well. I see them Nov 1st. Then I have my phyic evaluation Nov 15th. And I don't know when my nutritionist appointment is. Dr Bautista secretary has to make that after I see them on Nov 1st I guess. Then they will turn my stuff into insurance. I am 320 pounds. I am married with three kids and I live near Fredericksburg Virginia. And geekygamergirl I am a girlgamer as well. Call of duty baby!!!! Lol wishing u lots of luck Alicia on ur surgery on the 31st!!! and geeky I am so happy you finally lost enough weight to get ur surgery. High fives all around.... now it's my turn for the waiting game
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    AnnaBanana reacted to AliciaA122 in Richmond Virginia Sleevers Around?   
    wow, can't believe you're sleeved already! Yay.
    How did it go? Had you ever had surgery before?
    Let us know how you're doing.
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    AnnaBanana reacted to GeekyGamerGrrl in Richmond Virginia Sleevers Around?   
    Well, I am currently still awaiting a call from Dr. Mahers office. I am thinking I will just call tomorrrow I'm so freaking ready! I am so freaking tired of WAITING!

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